Mental Health Monday: Self Care Can Be Hard [VIDEO]


My wife works for an incredible pet care business called, KEEN On Pet Care. They’re a fantastic organization if you ever need your fur babies watched! From time to time, she goes away to Riverton or Chatham (amongst others) for a weekend to stay over to watch peoples animals. I realized these past two weekend, when she goes, I have a hard time getting out of bed.

I believe the kids are calling this bed rotting? Anyways….

When she was gone these last two weekends, I found myself finding it hard to stay productive. I stayed pretty lazy, and ate terribly. This is definitely recipe for depression. At least for me.

I couldn’t bring my self to clean, I was throwing things on the floor, eating fast food a lot with zero physical activity. After a day of this I realized I had to get out and at least see the sun. It made me think –  if I didn’t have my wife, how I would fair? If these last two weekends were any kind of indication, I need to address this.

I don’t ever plan on not being without my wife, but I also need to take more stock in taking good care of myself. It’s a problem to me if my wellbeing is so tied to my wife being around or not.

This gives me a goal, which is always good to have. I’m going to really try to concentrate on being a little less co-dependent. I’m not going to tell my wife about it, but rather see if she notices any changes on her own.

If you feel like its tough to get out of bed from time to time, you’re not alone. We just have to stay on ourselves to be accountable for our own wellbeing.

As per usual, I’m always here if you need to talk. Shoot me an email at Rocki@WNNS.COM.

Please enjoy this weeks duper fun happy time video, brought to you by the 2023 Oscars:


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