Beardstown Going Viral With McDonalds Order [VIDEO]


I love pranks. I’m always just too scared to pull them off. Especially in this day and age. I feel like people are walking down the street these days, just hoping someone will mess with them so they have an excuse to wile out. However, I do love a prank. I’ve been into them since the early days of prank shows.

I have definitely tried pranks, but none of them have ever really gone too well. There was the time my good friend and college roommate was going through a tough break up. He had begun drinking his sorrows away on a nightly basis our first semester and we all were a little mad at how effected he was by losing his girlfriend at the time.

As he woke up from a BIG night of drinking alone in his bedroom listening to Dashboard Confessional, he was in worse sorts than usual. I could hear him squeak out my name for help. I took my time getting to his room and as I approached him, he looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and asked, “Will you please get me some water.”

As I said earlier, we were over his moping. It had gone on far too long. My brain thought the best decision was to fill a glass up with ice and Bacardi Silver, which some of you might know, looks exactly like water without a mixer in it. I brought it to the room and gave it to him. With out hesitation he began to guzzle the liquor down as if it were the ice cold water he had asked for.

Needless to say, he felt worse, as did I. A total backfire…

Well, our friends in Beardstown, IL pulled off a prank that went viral recently, and I’m not sure if they made this up or heard it, but its GOLD JERRY!

As you can see the story is laid out through this blog, BUT below you can click that link and watch the actual video. It has spread like wild fire garnering over 1.7 million views. Thanks, Beardstown!

VIDEO Of McDonalds Order

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