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10 Things To Serve During Your Super Bowl Party!


Super Bowl LVI is this Sunday (February 13) at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, matching up the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show will feature an all-star lineup of Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar.

Whether you’re watching for the football, the commercials, or the music – chances are you’re going to be enjoying the copious spread of food.

Here are some staples your Super Bowl Party must have to be considered legit. Also, go FOOTBALL – may the best team win!




Whatever Super Bowl Party you hit up — this is the dish that appears at pretty much every single stop. Now, each one is unique. Some are extra spicy, some are super cheesy, others include bleu cheese or ranch and some have chopped onions (white and green) in the dip!



Just like the Buffalo Chicken Dip, this is a standard at any Super Bowl shindig. Every house seems to customize it — IE: some add more cheese, tomatoes, or black beans. Whatever your recipe calls for, make sure to have plenty of Beano in the medicine cabinet and stock up on toilet paper (which seems to have been what some folks have been doing for the past couple of years).



Dips are great but sometimes you need a little something ‘meatier’ — and that’s where meatballs and weenies, also known as Lil’ Smokies. We love mixing our meatballs and weenies together with BBQ Sauce and Welch’s Grape Jelly. The flavor combination between the BBQ and grape jelly is amazing! But you can’t go wrong with brown sugar and BBQ sauce.



A charcuterie board is sure to fancy up your Super Bowl party. Pair up your selection of meats, cheeses, and olives/pickles with a nice bottle of wine. Wine is enjoyed by men and women — there will be plenty of ladies at the party with Eminem and Snoop scheduled to perform at the halftime show.



If your party needs some spice… consider throwing some jalapeno poppers into the oven or air fryer. Want to make them even better? Consider wrapping them babies in bacon.



Hot dogs and brats are easy. You can have fun with your condiment choices — mustard, cheese, onion, relish, chili — the possibilities are endless. Just don’t put straight ketchup on your dog, please.

Check out these Easy One Pot Beer Brats.



Another simple thing for any Big Game Party is pizza and wings. Sure you can throw in some Tombstones but how about supporting some of our local pizza places like Mario’s Italian Restaurant & Pizza, Little Italy’s, or Antonio’s Pizza.

Need some wings? Pizza Hut, Wings, Etc. or Buffalo Wild Wings are easy places to order enough for your party. You can always throw in some wings onto the grill or into the oven if you’re feeling extra — don’t feel bad if you just want to pick something up!



Well, there is plenty of food at your party but what about drinks? Football and beer go together so make sure your coolers are full of your favorite domestics like Miller Lite and Coors Light. While the those are standard at every party, I’d recommend picking up a few local brews from Anvil & Forge, Buzz Bomb Brewing, Hand of Fate Brewing, or Springfield Beer Company.

The boys will be drinking the beers and the girls can enjoy some wine from Danenberger Family Vineyards.

And since everyone won’t be drinking adult beverages, make sure to have plenty of Pepsi, Coke, Lemonade, Iced Tea, or water for the remaining guests. Don’t forget the ice and if you’re drinking alcohol, please drink responsibly.

Check out some of our local craft breweries with our Thirsty Thursday Series with ROCKI.



For those that need a little light snack option – you can never go wrong with some basic chips and popcorn. Lays or Ruffles in a bowl, throw some French Onion Dip in the middle of the spread and you’re good to go!

Either pop some instant microwave popcorn or pick-up some delicious cheese and caramel mix from Del’s Popcorn Shop.



Cookies, brownies, puppy chow are all good choices to have on the dessert table — the place everyone seems to hit after the Pepsi Halftime Show is over. If you want to make the cookies festive, make them in the shape of footballs or decorate them with team colors.

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