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Thirsty Thursday: Don’t Make Assumption On Cypress Grove Brewing [VIDEO]

(Kyle Hutchinson/MWF)

I love beer, and I’m pretty sure it loves me back.

One of the first things I noticed when my wife and I came to Central Illinois is the fact that this area has some amazing beer. Now, one thing I hate is when people say, “if you’ve been to one brewery, you’ve been to all of them.” Breweries are like people, each one is unique.

One of the beautiful things about these watering holes, most dive deep into their history. At least if they are worth their weight in hops.

The mission of Thirsty Thursday is to show you what the breweries in our community are doing and where you can find them.

Special thanks goes out to Phil and Carolyn Corzine at Cypress Grove Brewing.

Cypress Grove Brewing

1414 North 2400 East Road
Assumption, Illinois 62510

Hours Of Operation:
Saturday: 11AM-6PM (Fall/Winter)
Saturday: 11AM-8PM (Spring/Summer)

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