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Check Out the New Falling In Reverse Single, “Zombified” [VIDEO]

Falling In Reverse have followed up one of the biggest rock songs of the decade, “Popular Monster,” with a new track.

From their upcoming EP “Neon Zombie,” the Ronnie Radke-fronted band have released “Zombified” as their next single and music video.

You can stream and download the track here:

Falling In Reverse are currently on tour with Wage War, Hawthorne Heights, and Jeris Johnson and will be performing in Chicago on January 25th.




the monsters aren’t living under your bed,
they are the voices in your head

Zombified by the lies they’ve said
We’ve become the walking dead

Oh no they’ll never let go,
Of something you said 10 years ago
They’re cancelling you,
And they won’t stop till everybody’s

They’re pumping us with lies
Like it’s formaldehyde
their dead inside
It goes on and on
Let this go
When it stops we’ll never know
We’re hypnotized
And they won’t stop till we’re

you better shut your mouth And bite your tongue
Cause you don’t wanna piss off anyone

We’re traumatized by the damage done
Welcome to America.

They’re feeding off your broken mind
They won’t die they multiply
We’ve become so fucking blind
They won’t stop till we’re
ZOMBIFIED[Falling In Reverse][YouTube: Epitaph Records]

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