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So you want to dig deep in the mind of Edge, huh? – Music lover, gamer (xbox360, zeroskater720), skateboarder, skydiver, motorcycle rider and adrenaline thrill seeker. If it’s dangerous, count me in. Concerts and live music are where it’s at. Foo fighters and Staind are my top favorites as far rock music goes. And your mom probably knows more about sports than I do.

Keeping you company during the weekends you can expect: Music news, tech updates, concert updates, news that will make you cringe and somewhat paranoid and anything that I feel you need to know to get you through your weekend.

 Doc Noyes

Saturdays – 3:00PM – 6:00PM

Eventually he’ll write something for us to put down about him… Then again we’ve been saying that for months now…






 LA Lloyd’s Rock Countdown

Saturday – 9:00PM – 11:00PM

Hosting the show for over 20 years, LA Lloyd is joined weekly by special guest to countdown the Top 20 rocks songs in the country. For more, check out the Rock Countdown homepage.

The Rock Countdown is powered by SKY APPLIANCE at 1401 North 28th Street in Springfield.




 Shut Up & Rock Sundays

All Day Sunday


ALL ROCK, NO TALK – That sums up Sunday on 97.7 QLZ. We don’t talk while the extended sets of rock play on. So enjoy your ‘day of rest’ with the best rock in Central Illinois.

It’s all thanks to THE ROCK SHOP on West Jefferson Street in Springfield. Check out their selection at http://rockshopguitars.com/