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Foo Fighters Album Complete, Bizkit Tour, Another Teaser, and New Flyleaf

Foo Fighters album complete


They’re done recording! Producer Butch Vig took to Twitter yesterday to announced that Foo Fighters have officially finished their new album with 23 days of mixing and, quote, “IT’S EPIC!!!”




The band has been traveling the country recording in different recording studios in various cities like Nashville, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, D.C. New Orleans and elsewhere. They also have been followed around by film crews from HBO for a documentary series titled Sonic Highways. It’s unclear when the album or the documentary series will be out, but expect to see some action this November.


Bizkit tour


Get ready for Limp Bizkit to travel the country side. The band will be touring with Machine Gun Kelly beginning in California mid September. They’ll make it out to Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom without Machine Gun Kelly September 28th. September 30th the band will be at The Pageant in St. Louis with Machine Gun Kelly. The band will release a new song titled “Endless Slaughter this Friday at their official website. That’s from the forthcoming album Stampede of the Disco Elephants which doesn’t have a release date quite yet.


Another teaser


Where there was once just one, then two, three and four teasers … a fifth has been added. Head over to Slipknot’s website to get yet another bizarre and increasingly creepy teaser of the band’s forthcoming album. The latest teaser includes more graphic imagery flashed on the screen with the occasional guitar riff pumping through the speakers. Did you miss out on the other teasers? No worries. The website has a navigation at the bottom of the bottom of the page that allows you to cycle through the five different teasers. Maybe you can put them all together for a mini album, as effed up and nightmarish as that may be … There’s still no word on when the new album will come out. We’ll keep you posted.


New Flyleaf


There’s a new Flyleaf video out for the tune “Set Me on Fire”. The forthcoming album featuring a new female lead will be out September 16th. Titled Between the Stars, the album features Kristen May. Pre-order the album on iTunes.



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Love Wants to Produce, More Teasers, New Box Set, and Rock's Glass Dong

Love wants to produce


Not sure if it’s a way to distract people from other films questioning her involvement in his death, but Kurt Cobain widow Courtney Love says she hopes to put out a Cobain biopic soon. In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Love says she wants to begin production on the project within the year and says she’s willing to work with her dead husband’s former band mates. Love also says she wants her daughter Frances Bean to be involved. But, this isn’t the first time Love has batted around the idea of making some Cobain centric production. She talked about making a Cobain musical. Meanwhile, another film that’s outside of Love’s control delves into the mysteries surrounding Cobain’s death, including interviews with investigators hired by Love that question how she may have been involved. Soaked in Bleach still has yet to post a release date, but it’s expected to come out some time this year.


More teasers


Another day, another teaser at Slipknot’s website. The latest footage is much longer and creepier, features some more drum elements and other ambient or ethereal sounds. Head over to Slipknot’s website where you can choose from four different teaser clips. Careful, it’s not safe for work.


New box set


Ozzy fans will have to make plans on picking up Memoirs of a Madman. That box set features a CD full of Ozzy’s greatest tunes. There’s also a DVD set with tons of the dark princes music videos, including live performances dating back to 1981. Expect to pick that box set up this October 7th.


Rock's glass dong


Kid Rock has been subpoenaed to produce a glass sex toy he got as a gift from a former Insane Clown Posse employee as part of a sexual harassment case. The Detroit Free Press reports the wrongful termination and harassment suit against ICP’s Dirty Dan Diamond includes testimony that Dirty Dan tried to give a female employee the piece only to be denied. Dirty Dan then gave it to Kid Rock. Kid Rock has 14 days to turn over the … uh, phallic in question.


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Another Onstage Proposal, New Nonpoint Tune, and Corgan Finishes Recording

Another onstage proposal


It’s either really cheesy or it’s super romantic, either way it’s getting in the way of the rock! Another couple got engaged on stage at a rock show … this time it was during an Avenged Sevenfold show in Denver at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. This is a few weeks after a couple got engaged on stage during a Machine Head show. In the most recent instance at the A7X show, the groom-to-be arranged with his now-fiance to watch the band from the side of the stage. While the band took part in the ruse, the groom-to-be took his love out and proposed. Yes, there’s pro-shot video of the proposal, including that of M. Shadows talking about how they wanted to do something different and asked for a volunteer, taking the girlfriend out onto center stage, blindfolding her and then lifting the veil to the groom-to-be. It’s so sweet it makes me want to puke!





New Nonpoint tune


Ready for some new Nonpoint? The band has a video streaming online featuring the new tune titled “Breaking Skin.” This is on the heels of the revelation the band parted ways with guitarist Dave Lizzio and was replaced by BC Kochmit. The change up, and the new song are indications the new album The Return, the band’s eight studio album, will be out soon. How soon? Well, September 30th soon!



Corgan finishes recording


Speaking of new albums … Smashing Pumpkins have announced they’ve finished recording their new album Moments For an Elegy. Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan says Elegy will be the first of two albums the band plans to release and features Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee on drums. Corgan says that the album has big choruses, probing lyrics and odd twists of melody and guitars. It’s unclear when the album will be out, or what a second album will be titled or even recorded, but it’s sure to make any pumpkins fan’s day.


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Metallica Outtakes, Fred Durst Directs, and New Album Early Next Year

Metallica outtakes


That funny ESPN Sports Center spot featuring Metallica has some outtakes and you can watch those over and over again online. The spot promoting the ESPN show dropped a few weeks ago to much acclaim. The blooper real shows the same scenes as the actual spot, but alternate lines from the various band members. Start your morning with some ‘tallica bloopers today! However, don’t start your morning with cocaine! That’s one thing the drummer Lars Ulrich gave up a decade ago, because of an interview he read with a bloke from the UK. Lars recently told The Daily Mirror, admittedly an ironic source to share details about a cocaine habit, that he read an interview with Oasis front man Noel Gallagher that inspired him to quit the hard drug. Ulrich said he’s never had an addictive personality so one morning he just woke up and said “enough.”



Fred durst directs


No, it’s not a parody … it’s a real eHarmony commercial and Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst directed it. At first you may think “is this a joke”? which is exactly what I thought, but it’s a legitimate, true-blue commercial for the internet dating website. All told, Durst actually filmed three spots for eHarmony, a couple of which are expected reach a larger audience in August. Durst recently released a short mockumentary he directed and starred in about a evangelical self-help guy.



New album early next year


Ready for some new Three Days Grace? The band is already out with their latest tune “Painkiller” but it will be just a bit longer before they release a full blown album. Bassist Brad Walst reported that the new album is expected to arrive sometime in early 2015. That’s still months away. The band has been hitting the studio when they’re not on the road. Fans checking out a Three Days Grace set this summer may hear some of the new material. Bassist Walst says the new music is quite heavy, sonically and lyrically. Looking forward to hearing more!


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New Godsmack Song, Heart Surgery, Canceled Show, and Getting Some Support

New Godsmack song


Godsmack have released a new song online. Titled “Generation Day,” the track will be on the new album 1000hp which comes out August 5th. Front man Sully Erna says the nearly six and a half minute tune has some cool textures and colors and is drifty and trippy, fat and cool … not sure what other adjectives he can attribute to the song, but that’s plenty. Godsmack is out on tour for the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival mid August. They’ll be in Peru, Illinois August 16th.



Heart surgery


Drummer Tim Alexander is recovering after suffering a heart attack and then going through surgery. The Primus and Puscifer beats man went through a successful surgery this week to remove a blockage from his heart. Primus posted to their Facebook page that there were no complications from Monday’s surgery and “all signs point to a glorious and speedy recovery.” Primus is out on the road for Riot Fest this September. They’ll be in Chicago September 12th through the 14th.


Canceled show


Ted Nugent ain’t brining his intensities to a Native American tribal area in Idaho after the Coeur d’Alene Tribe canceled an August 4th show. The tribe’s elder described as Nugent’s “racist and hate-filled remarks.” There was no specification for what remarks the Nuge made that tipped the Native Americans off, but they may just be upset that Uncle Ted called President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel”. Nugent has since apologized for those remarks and instead called Obama a liar who violates the constitution.


Getting some support


Eddie Vedder is getting some support from Nirvana Bassist Kirst Novoselic. Vedder took to a stage during a Pearl Jam show in England earlier this month for a profanity laced rant apparently slamming the ongoing conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas militants. Vedder said that he understands war as a last resort, but there are some people who just want land and will kill for it. Novoselic wrote that our world is more connected than ever before but you have places still building walls. He also says that things can change.


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Another Slipknot Teaser, As He Lay in Prison, and Riot Fest's New Colorado Home

Another Slipknot teaser


If you head over the Slipknot’s website you’re in for a creepy treat. The band has posted another teaser to their website that features some woman in a high vaulted cell of sorts. The woman, covered in grimy makeup and what appears to be blood, pull back a sheet and grabs some horns and then holds up two severed goats heads. The 20 second clip features very little by way of music but it’s another indication that the band is nearing closer to a new album. Last week the band posted a different set of teasers to their various websites.


As He Lay in Prison


Meanwhile, As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis will have to stick it out in prison. He was denied a request for a reduced prison term. The singer was given a six-year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife. Lambesis was asking that he get credit for time he’s already served under house arrest and during the trial but a court in San Diego said nope! Should have thought about the ramifications before you handed over an envelope full of cash to an undercover cop, idiot.


Riot Fest’s new Colorado home


Riot Fest has a new home in Colorado after it was uncertain the three day concert would find a new spot. Riot Fest organizers were in a mad dash to find a new venue after their original site in Byers was denied because area authroties couldn’t promise the level of security they felt would be necessary. So, they are now set to have the Riot Fest and Sideshow September 19th through the 21st at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. Concert organizers are going to recreaste the Byers May Farms at the new location and there will be free parking, plus public transporation access. Tickets you already bought for Colorado’s Riot Fest will be honored at the new venue. Can’t make it to Colorado’s? No worries! You can catch the festival in Chicago September 12th through the 14th at Humboldt Park. Riot fest will feature Slayer, Rise Against, Weezer, Social Distortion, Sublime With Rome, Primus and more.


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Criticizing Singing Competition Shows, Vedder Responds, and Manson Screenshot

Criticizing singing competition shows


Well, somebody had to say it! And, by golly, it just had to be Dave Grohl! Really, he just adds to the chorus of criticism over TV singing competition shows. The Foo Fighters front man said the popular prime-time programs are “not what music’s about”. As he is in the throws of a documentary series on HBO about Foo Fighters’ new album, he’s addressing his concerns of how TV misrepresents music. He also says the competitions provide a false sense of what it takes to be a musician. At a press even for TV Critics Association Grohl said he doesn’t want his daughter to think you need to stand in a line to get some celebrity judge’s approval. Grohl and Foo Fighters are the focus of a forthcoming HBO series called “Sonic Highway” about the band recording their new album in various studios around the country.


Vedder responds


Eddie Vedder is defending his onstage anti-war rant from earlier this month. Vedder took to a stage in England during a Pearl Jam concert to says if war is the last resort, he gets it, but says there are people out there determined to take land that doesn’t belong to them and kill innocent people in the process. The veiled comments seemed to hinted at the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. After being criticized for the comments, Vedder took to a blog titled “Imagine That – I’m Still Anti-War”. Vedder says with a dozen assorted ongoing conflicts in the news everyday, and the horror behind them, it becomes unbearable. He also quoted John Lennon’s "Imagine" throughout the post.


Manson screenshot


Ever wonder what Marilyn Manson looks like in a prison get up? Well, you can check out his Twitter page where he posted a screenshot from a prison scene from the upcoming season of “Sons of Anarchy”. Manson plays the role of Ron Tully, a white supremacist prison shot caller. The Twitter post says “Tough acting like you want to kill your favorite character”.




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Engaged on Stage, Guest Mentor, Explicit EP, and Insurance Getting in Way

Engaged on stage


“Remember that time we got engaged at a Machine Head show and the lead singer told us what our vows should be?” That’s what a beautiful newlywed couple will be saying years from now, if they don’t get divorced that is! Video from a recent Machine Head show features a darling couple getting engaged on stage and then front man Robb Flynn being quite graphic as to what the couple should promise for eachother in their newfound life together. Sound advice for all couples, really. Watch the NSFW nuptials as offered up by Robb Flynn below:





Guest mentor


If you watch “The Voice” on NBC, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you have better things to do? Anyways, this year Gavin Rossdale will be a guest mentor. The deal is that he’s teaming up with his wife Gwen Stefani of No Doubt who will be a guest coach. Rossdale said everything came together really quick and that he will do his best to be a mentor for contestants while letting Gwen say and do what she needs to say and do. If you care, Season 7 of “The Voice” airs September 22nd on NBC.


Explicit EP


Buckcherry is coming out with a new EP with a title I can’t say on the air. Let’s just say the name of the effort contains some of the same letters you’ll find in the word FiretrUCK. What makes the EP even more explicit is each of the six songs features the F word in the title and surely in the song. Expect to pick that up August 19th. Plus, the band will be out on tour beginning early next month and part of the Uproar Festival thorugh mid August into late September. You can catch Buckcherry and Uproar in Peru, Illinois at the Illinois Valley Regional Airport August 16th.


Insurance getting in way


Tommy Lee has bigger plans for his “Cruecify” drum coaster … he wants to take a fan on the ride with him. Lee is out on Motley Crue’s so-called “Final Tour” where select venues that can handle his contraption will see the drummer and his set taken along some coaster tracks. As for when a fan plucked from the audience will be able to go for a ride, Lee says they’re still working with the insurance company on the whole idea.


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Slipknot Tease, New Hellyeah Vid, and Tool Lawsuits

Slipknot tease


After months of website and social media silence, Slipknot has posted an update. Head on over to where, if you’re patient, you’ll be shown some creepy images and treated to some very brief musical blips. There are also a couple of pics posted to their Facebook and Twitter pages of a woman doing lord knows what … all of this is a big tease for fans who have been patiently awaiting a new album.







There was an actual teaser video posted to the band’s YouTube, but even that was taken down shortly thereafter. A fan capture the clip, but that too was taken down shortly after being posted. The band hasn’t updated fans on when exactly a new album will be out, but these teasers seem to hint that it could be very soon. We’ll keep you posted.


New Hellyeah vid


There’s a new video for the Hellyeah tune “Moth”. The song is from the band’s latest album Sangre Por Sangre and shows some woman pinning a moth to a board, plus some kinda gross larva crawling around. It progresses from there. Watch it today!



Tool lawsuits


Ever wondered if there was something more to the delay in getting a new Tool album? Your suspicions are spot on. In a recent interview, guitarist Adam Jones said that it’s time fans understand what’s going on. Jones revealed that in 2007, one of his associates accused the band of using artwork without giving due credit. Things were made even more difficult when an insurance company the band hired turned around and sued the band. The back and forth litigation has kept the band at bay and there could be some action early next year. Jones tells Rolling Stone that the legal wrangling drains the creative energy, but they’re fighting the good fight. As for new Tool, drummer Danny Carey says one song they have nearly complete is over 10 minutes long and more metal than typical songs. Good luck in the lawsuits, gentlemen, and get us new music when you can!


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KISS Residency, Halestorm to Tour, Metallica Being Goofy, and Filter Hits the Road

KISS residency


KISS will follow the lead of Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue and set up a residency for Las Vegas. The band will perform nine shows through November at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino making it more apparent that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It’s reported that the venue had tried to secure KISS for some time. Front man Paul Stanley says the shows will be “KISS on steroids, this is a double dose” because the crew won’t have to tear down every night and travel to the next venue. Tickets will be right around $50.00. That doesn’t include a buffet.


Halestorm to tour


Halestorm will make it to Peoria’s Civic Center November 21st. That’s just one date in a tour that’s expected to span over five months. And, yes, the band is working on a new album. Meanwhile, Lzzy Hale has been working with a couple of different artists as of late. You’ll be able to get your fill of Hale when she joins electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday morning.


Metallica being goofy


You know what goes good with sports? Metallica! That’s what! The band makes a cameo in a promo for Sports Center. As is the case with most Sports Center spots, humor is the objective and the band brings an awkward level of humor to the Sports Center offices, including a consulting session where a shredding Metallica riff is being pitched for a golf broadcast and Kirk Hammett proclaiming “The first lesson’s free” to a gentlemen who unknowingly uses Hammett’s guitar lessons flyer to dispose of his gum. It’s worth a couple of views.



Filter hits the road


It was Star Wars weekend at Logoland Hotel where Filter’s Richard Patrick recently had holiday. Filter is back on the road with Helmet and Local H for the “Anti-Fold Revival Tour in Drop-D”. Patrick says the tour is a way to end the madness of increased use of banjos, mandolins and accordions in pop music. He also told the Associated Press that he recently reunited with former band mate Geno Lenardo to do some songwriting. The tour will be at The Mad Magician down in St. Louis July 29th.


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Tommy Ramone Dies, Hammett Doll at Comic Con, Ian's Book Deets Announced, and Change of Venue

Tommy Ramone dies


Rockers from all corners are coming out to share their condolences after the passing of Tommy Ramone, one of the founding members of the breakthrough punk band. Markey Ramone replaced Tommy back in 1978, but that didn’t keep Tommy from being remembered the gentle smart guy he was. Chad Smith from the Chili Peppers says “we’ve lost one of the greats.” After leaving the band’s stage, Tommy continued on co-producing their albums. Andrew W.K. said he was “one of the most groundbreaking drummers and producers ever.” And Garbage calls him “the last of the unique neurotics.” Ramone died Friday at the age of 65.


Hammett doll at Comic Con


Speaking of neurotics—Kirk Hammett will be out at the San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks where he plans to bring out a Famous Zombies Jr. figurine based on his likeness. Only 300 of the little figurines, which shows Hammett with green skin, white-out eyes and zombie scars on his face, will be available.


Hammett the zombie ...


Ian’s book deets announced


Anthrax fans will surely pre-order the book as details about Scott Ian’s autobiography come out. The book is slated for an October 14th release. The book covers his personal story as he grew up in Queens and the first time he discovered the power of music. Titled I’m The Man, the book will also review his dysfunctional upbringing, and the complete history of Anthrax from the beginning roots to the historic Big Four performance at Yankee Stadium with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. Ian says his book is different than other rock and roll books because his story will show that you can come from nothing to accomplish great things.


Change of venue


Were you planning on heading out to Denver for their Riot Fest? The show was going ot be at a farm in Arapahoe County but officials there announced they wouldn’t grant the temporary-use permit, so organizer are scrambling to find place that will host the three-day lineup featuring Rise Against, Weezer, Pimus, Slayer, Die Antwoord and more. Officials said they weren’t comfortable in providing the proper security that would be needed to make it a safe event. Without specifics, event organizers said they will find a nearby alternative location.


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Godsmack Webisode, New Papa Roach Next Year, STP Selfie, and House of Flea's

Godsmack webisode


Godsmack is teasing fans leading up to their new album release with a series of online videos to show the making-of their 1000hp album. The first episode, hosted by front man Sully Erna, shows the behind-the-scenes of the redesign to the band’s headquarters. One thing Erna says about the headquarters is that it allows the band to improve their art. The tour video shows the stripped workspace, and what the HQ looks like after all the redecorating. Erna also highlights all of the band’s key memorabilia on the walls of the HQ’s live room. Godsmack is out this summer with the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. The new album 1000hp drops August 5th and pre-orders begin July 22nd.



New Papa Roach next year


Speaking of new albums, Papa Roach have revealed their follow up to 2012’s The Connection. Appearing on an Alaska radio station, Jacoby Shaddix says the album is called F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise. He also said that the album should come out early next year.


STP selfie


So what if a new Linkin Park album just dropped, Chester Bennington has other things to do! Including writing new music with his other band Stone Temple Pilots … ‘er, wait, have they figured out the whole Scott Wieland ordeal? You know, where the band was suing Scott and Scott was suing the band all while the band was recording and playing shows with Chester? Anyway, a couple of posts on STP bassist Robert DeLeo’s Twitter shows Bennington in a studio with the band writing new material. Oh, and the band had to be even more pretentious and post a goofy-ass selfie.




House of Flea's


Want to buy Flea’s house? Not, a house infested with fleas … I said Flea’s house! The Red Hot Chili Peppers Bassist is selling his $7 million Los Angeles home in the Griffith Park neighborhood. If it sells for what Flea is asking for, he’s set to make more than $2 million.


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AC/DC Done Recording, Cruecify Drum Coaster, Love Acts for Sons, and Reacting to Headbanger Injury

AC/DC done recording


Probably the biggest rock news in a bit … AC/DC have finished recording their latest studio album. That’s the good news! The down-note is … because of his ongoing health issues, founding member Malcolm Young was unable to contribute to the new album. But, they’re keeping it in the family as Stevie Young, Malcolm’s nephew, picked up the guitar to fill the void. Brian Johnson recently said that recording the new album with Malcolm being absent was difficult. He even said he wanted to call the album Man Down but noted that’s a bit negative even though it was straight from the heart. We’re not sure what the album will be called or when it’ll be released. The new album is the follow up to 2008’s Black Ice.


Cruecify drum coaster


Motley Crue performed last night in St. Louis and some QLZ listeners got their chance to see the band on their last tour. The band is out touring with opening act Alice Cooper. Most venues are able to feature Tommy Lee’s “Cruecify” drum coaster, but Lee put out a Tweet saying not all venues can handle it.


Love acts for Sons


Move over Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love has a role on Sons of Anarchy. The Kurt Cobain widow and Hole front woman be part of the cast for the seventh and final season of the hit cable TV drama about an outlaw motorcycle gang. That marks her acting debut on a TV drama. Love has had acting gigs in the past, including the biopic about Larry Flynt. In Sons of Anarchy, Love will play a preschool teacher of one of the lead characters’ sons. There’s reported to be some fireworks in the mix for Love’s role. It was reported earlier this year that Marilyn Manson is also playing a featured roll in the show. Dave Navarro participated in several seasons as a tattooed gang member. The show’s final season premiers September on FX.


Reacting to headbanger injury


Motorhead’s drummer is reacting to the recent headbaning injury of a fan saying he feels for the guy and is sorry that he had to get a drill to the head, but says that’s proof that Motorhead is the heaviest band out there! And, the will send the injured fan a hockey helmet.



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ACLU to Appeal ICP suit Against FBI, New A7X Video, FFDP Lullabies, and Nails Soothes Baby

ACLU to appeal ICP suit against FBI


Hey Juggalos—Law enforcement can throw more than just the book at you, you could be denied the ability to serve the country, and in general still be considered a member of a violent gang … that’s after a federal judge tossed out a case from the Insane Clown Posse and the ACLU Tuesday. ICP said a 2011 FBI report sent out to law enforcement around the country included their fan base as violent gang members. They said that violates Juggalos' free speech and due process rights. How is being on an FBI list as a violent gang bad for ICP fans? Well, if someone got a hatchet man tattoo when they were younger and then later in life were picked up for a petty drug offense, they could be deemed a violent gang member and given stiffer charges … just because of the tattoo. ICP says it also has the potential of cutting down on their fan base, and in turn their livelihood. The ACLU says they will appeal the decision to toss the challenge out. We’ll keep you posted.


New A7X video


You’ve been hearing the song on the air for weeks, and now Avenged Sevenfold’s tune “This Means War” is available online for your viewing pleasure. The live performance video, mixed with scenes of a riot outside and moshing inside is a nice mix. Be sure to request the tune on air and call the video up online.



FFDP lullabies


Want to get your kids into the melodies of metal? You should check out the latest from the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star” collection. The most recent edition includes the music and melodies of Five Finger Death Punch. You can find a few version of FFDP songs turned lullabies including the tune “Battle Born.” Also available in the collection “The Bleeding,” “Lift Me Up,” “Bad Company,” Under and Over It,” and much more.


Nails soothes baby


Don’t want to water down the music for your kid? Maybe the latest Nine Inch Nails will calm their nerves. A video circulating online shows a very young infant barely standing while holding on to an adult’s leg. The baby is crying. But the moment Nine Inch Nails’ “Copy of A” begins, the crying stops and you can see the power of the music wash over the child. It’s actually quite fascinating to see the child’s first experience with the music of Nails.



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Rossdale Tweets Album Updates, Heavy Metal Head Drill, Murderer's Appeal Denied, and Honorary Degree

Rossdale Tweets album updates


One interpretation of a message posted to Gavin Rossdale’s Twitter would be that his band Bush is finished recording a new album. But, another Tweet a few minutes later would indicate that the band is moving forward with a new album. The messages follow the news in March that the band has hooked up with a producer at Dave Grohl’s studio. The first relevant Tweet said “One minute it’s an idea … some time later you finish your record.” The next Tweet said “now we do all the set up. So totally extremely definitely on our way.” No further details about a release date or title have been announced.


Heavy metal head drill


Careful how much you headbang. A 50-year-old German Motorhead fan developed a blood clot and needed to get a hole drilled into his scull to drain the bleeding after a headbanging episode at a Motorhead concert. This was a rare instance, according to the specialist, though he said if the patient had gone to a classical concert this would not have happened. Screw classical music. We want more rock!


Murderer's appeal denied


Losing your mother to a murder is a tragedy no one should live through, but Dave Navarro did years ago. The rock star guitarist’s mother was murdered when Navarro was only 15 years old. Her estranged boyfriend John Riccardi was later convicted of killing Constance Navarro and her friend Sue Jory and Riccardi was originally given the death penalty. That sentence was taken back and he got life in prison without parole. But that was being appealed. Riccardi’s sentence of life without parole was recently upheld. It took 8 years for Riccardi to be caught, but eventually was apprehended after being featured in an “America’s Most Wanted” episode.


Honorary degree


AC/DC’s Brian Johnson is being bestowed a top honer from a University in England. Johnson will receive an honorary doctorate from Northumbria University from the engineering and environment degree programs. Not sure what that has to do with rock music, but OK. Congrats on the degree, Brian.


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Knotfest USA announced, New Faith No More tunes, and New Pink Floyd

Knotfest USA announced


You can’t see California without Marlon Brando’s eyes! Knotfest USA has been announced for Bernardino, California, October 24th through the 26th. And the bill is the who’s who of heavy metal. Through the three-day event you’ll be able to see Miss May I, Butcher Babies, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, DevilDriver, Suicide Silence, The Devil Wears Prada, Hellyeah, Hatebreed, Atreyu, In This Moment, Testament, Black Label Society, Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch Danzig and even Slipknot, just to name …. uh, a few! Slipknot will actually be headlining the Saturday and Sunday bills of Knotfest with difference sets expected each night. Plus there will be a VIP event you could squeeze yourself into for the right price. Something else that’s really cool out the California Knotfest … if you purchase tickets for the October shows, you’ll get the hookup on a digital download of the new Slipknot album. That pretty much guarantees that the new album will be out later this year! Early bird tickets go on sale today, so get your travel plans in order!


New Faith No More tune


Faith No More performed their first new song over the holiday weekend at London’s Hyde Park. The band, featuring the eclectic Mike Patton on vocals, were opening up for Black Sabbath and took to the stage to perform “Leader Of Men,” a song expected off a new album, which would be the first from the band in 15 years. Though no details about the new album are available, the new music performed is expected to find its way onto a new album in the near future. Faith No More performed another new tune in Poland over the weekend. Fan shot video of the songs are available online. Watch the entire Hyde Park set below:



New Pink Floyd


And, speaking of new albums … It’s being reported that Pink Floyd is working on their first album in 20 years! The music for a forthcoming album is actually going to be gleaned from 1994 recording sessions, but the news comes fans can expect that collection of tunes sometime this October. Titled Endless River, the album will feature various Pink Floyd members, but it’s unclear if Roger Waters will be contributing. He left the band back in 1985. There’s definitely more to come on this story!


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Debut Album Soon, Sharing a Stage, and He's Upset

Debut album soon


You’ve been hearing Royal Blood on air with their tune “Out of the Black” from the EP with the same title. Now the blokes from the UK have released details of their debut album and with the announcement comes a new single available to stream online. Expect to pick up the self-titled debut album August 25th. The new song “Figure it Out” can be found through Soundcloud. The band will be out on tour later this month in North America with a few dates in Chicago July 31st at Lincoln Hall and August 1st at Lollapalooza.


Sharing a stage


A recent Hellyeah show in North Carolina featured special guest Randy Blythe of Lamb of God joining the stage. Hellyeah was performing their self-titled tune when midway through Blythe came out on stage to share the mic with front man Chad Gray. You can find the video circulating online. Most notable from the performance is Blythe’s hair growing out. Blythe cut his hair when he was successfully fought manslaughter charges over in Prague a few years ago.



He's upset


Drummer John Dolmayan may be working on a crowd-funded album full of cover songs as part of the These Grey Men project, but when it comes to his other band System of a Down … he says he’s not happy. In an interview with Loudwire, Dolmayan said it’s not okay that the band hasn’t put out any new material in years. He even revealed that when the band does get together for the occasional show, it’s not comfortable up front. He also notes that the band hasn’t been in the studio together since 2005. Dolmayan also said there are some positive personal reasons with the band keeping things from moving forward that he’s not at liberty to discuss at the moment.


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Saying Nickelback in Public, Back at Work, Motion to Dismiss and Helping a Fan Out

Saying Nickelback in public


“I heard him say nickel-sack” the officer said. “No, I didn’t … I said Nicklelback” the detained man says. A video posted on YouTube shows several police officers talking with two men in a van at a gas station accusing them of being involved in the illegal drug trade. The two cops use harsher language than just talking about Nickelback, but they do say “what I’m worried about is your partner talking about drugs.” The two men deny any of the accusations they’re involved in the drug trade, regardless of one of them having a stack of cash. Granted; the video only shows a small 5 minute window of the incident, so it’s unclear what the ultimate outcome was, but it just shows how much trouble you could get in for saying Nickelback in a public place.



Back at work


Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley is back at it after a stint of detox for too much alcohol. In a post to the band’s Facebook page over the weekend, Whibley is shown setting up a mic to begin recording.





Motion to dismiss


The Misfits are back in court to try to get out of court. Here’s some background: Glen Danzig filed suit earlier this year against Jerry Only over rights to the merchandizing deal the Misfits have with Hot Topic. Now Only has filed documents to have the case dismissed. It’s a pretty typical legal move and could go nowhere or it could get the case thrown out. Danzig’s case is characterized as “sour grapes” by Only and he says it’s based on outrageous allegations.


Helping a fan out


Coheed & Cambria have a reciprocal relationship with at least one fan. The band stepped up to help super-fan Cyndi Crouch pay off the mortgage to her home. Crouch is the mother of three and has a fourth kid on the way. She shared her story on a GoFundMe, a crowd-funding website. Her story was that the family was in a bind and about to get evicted. With a goal of $3,500, they got way more including a pledge of $3,000 from Coheed & Cambria. Crouch just so happen to be a regular contributor to the band fan site Colbalt & Calcium. They said Cyndi has been there for them for so long, this was a way to show their appreciation.


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PM5K's Latest Video, New Living Colour, Simmons Wets Himself and New Tool

PM5K’s latest video


Powerman 5000 have a new video out for the tune “How To Be Human” and it’s appropriate for any techno punk ready to pump fists and rock out! PM5K just finished a tour this past May but they’ll be out with a few shows in September and October and one date in November. They’ll be out with a special show at Rob Zombie’s “Great American Nightmare” in Arizona September 19th. This is a nice reunion as Zombie and PM5K front man Spider One are related. Powerman 5000’s new album Builders of the Future is out now.



New Living Colour


Speaking of new albums … Living Colour, the band that brought you “Cult of Personality,” is set to release a new album and embark on a tour! The album Shade will be out sometime this fall. That’s about the same time the band takes to the road with a stop at Park West in Chicago September 20th and at the Duck Room on Blueberry Hill in U-City, MO, September 24th.


Simmons wets himself


Clearly something trickled down Gene Simmons’ cod piece while on stage, but was it pee or water … that’s the question! A Twitter message from KISS_KOLLECTOR asked GeneSimmons “You peed onstage?” Simmons responded that he poured water down the front of his outfit to get rid of the fake blood that was sticking to him. The moment is captured by a fan with a camera. Watch for yourself and you make the call.



Meanwhile Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will be part of a reality show all about their arena football team. They’re the owners of LA Kiss. If you have AMC you’ll be able to watch the show called “4th and Loud” which airs August 5th.


New Tool


Is it new Tool? It’s the closest we’ve ever gotten in years! A video from Tool guitarist Adam Jones shows a close up on the neck of his guitar as he plays the riff that is uniquely Jones. The Facebook post includes the message that he often records new riffs and ideas on his phone to remember them. And we thank him for that!





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