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Scorpion Jailed in Dubai, More Drama, Another Letter Discovered, and Corgan's Childhood Home

Scorpion Jailed in Dubai


Apparently, being a rock star from the 80s won’t keep your butt out of jail in Dubai. Scorpions drummer James Kottak has been sentenced to a month in jail in the wealthy middle eastern country for “offensive behavior.” State run media in Dubai says that the drummer was convicted of insulting Islam, raising his middle finger and being under the influence of alcohol in Dubai’s airport … Sounds like a typical day in good ‘ol America! Kottak was enroute to Bahrain from Russia when he was arrested earlier this month. Kottak admitted drinking but denied being insensitive to Islam or flipping the bird. Though the Scorpions are a German band, Kottak is American.


More drama


Speaking of bands from the 80s, there’s more drama on the Queensryche front. Even though recent legal wrangling over the naming rights of the band and Geoff Tate saying he’s done with the band, Queensryche will tour. And, this will be the last tour. It’s being dubbed “Queensryche Staring Geoff Tate – The Farewell Tour” and kicks off July 30 in California.


Another letter discovered


A letter found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet found by Seattle Police 20 years ago has surfaced in the public for the first time. CBS obtained a copy of the note. In handwriting, the note seems to mock wedding vows with Courtney Love. It reads, in part, “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife, even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all money for doping and whoring …”. This is separate and a bit contradictory from the suicide note found at the scene that reads in part “I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy …”. The legitimacy of the suicide note is called into question with a forthcoming documentary about the singer’s death titled Soaked in Bleach.


Corgan's childhood home


Meanwhile Billy Corgan’s childhood home is up for sale. The four bedroom, two-and-a-half bath in Glendale Heights, Illinois, is going for $175,000. Corgan tweeted the listing and even shared details about the bedroom he shared with his brother. Aside from being a rock star, Corgan also dabbles in real estate.


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New Crue Tune Coming, Register Today, Track Listing Reveals Collaborators, Case Settled and Book Out in October

New Crue tune coming


It’s very likely Motley Crue will feature a new song when they take to the road this summer. Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars were hanging out at Guitar World magazine and they discussed their plans for a new track. Mars revealed the title of the tune as “All Bad Things Must Come to an End” and said the tune is about half finished … they’re just waiting on Vince Neil to drop some vocals and for Mars to lay the guitar solo down. As for a new full-length album, there’s still nothing official. Sixx says they’ve got their options open. As for the “final tour,” Sixx and Mars say they hope it encapsulates their legacy.


Register today


Time is ticking for you to register for a chance at joining QLZ’s bus trip to see Motley Crue’s last tour down in St. Louis. If you’ve never been on a QLZ bus to a concert, you’re missing out! Get to Disc Replay on Veterans and Happy Daze Gift Shot on N. Grand Avenue East to register today! They’re only taking registrations until Thursday. We’ll draw winners Friday! You gotta be 21 or accompanied by someone who is 21. Hope to see your ass on that bus!


Click link for details on registering to win a trip on the QLZ bus to Motley Crue!


Track listing reveals collaborators


Linkin Park have released the track listing for their forthcoming album The Hunting Party. With the track listing comes a list of people the band worked with like Helmet’s Page Hamilton, Rakim, Daron Malakian from System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. The Hunting Party drops in June.


Case settled


There seems to be some resolve in the Queensryche dispute. At issue was who had the rights to the band’s name. Some of the original members were battling with singer Geoff Tate about who could use the name. Now it’s being reported that original members Eddi Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton will get the rights. Meanwhile, Tate will have rights to perform from albums Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Mindcrime 2. The suit’s been going on for a few years.


Book out in October


And Anthrax’s Scott Ian will tell all in a book about his life. I’m the Man will cover his dysfunctional child hood, and how heavy metal saved his ass. Expect to pick that up in October.


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Jumping Ship, Detroit Area Festival, and New Manson on TV

Jumping ship


There’s been a shakeup at Team RATT’s headquarters with front man Stephen Pearcy stepping down. In a public statement last week Pearcy said he’s exiting the band because of the constant turmoil and personal attacks. Responding to the news, RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer says that the band is bigger than the sum of the parts. Not sure what he means by that. For some bands, it’s all members or none. Apparently for others it’s whoever’s allowed in the band for whatever reason … hey it’s business. The latter is much more prevalent. The former is damn near a rarity. As for RATT, Blotzer mentions the back and forth Pearcy had since he returned to the band in ’07. Meanwhile Pearcy says he’s open to making another album with the band as they’re contractually obligated. Wait … that’s like not in line with quitting the band. Gotta love the rock star drama. What a mess.


Detroit area festival


Plan on being in the Detroit area later this year? You may be around for Chill on the Hill September 6th and 7th. The two day festival at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights will feature Bad Religion, A Day to Remember, Chevelle, AWOLNATION, Rise Against and The Offspring. The Offspring will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Smash album this year and that means performances of some of those classic tunes. Tickets for the two day event go on sale May 2nd. Presale begins Wednesday. Details at ChillOnTheHillFestival.com.


New Manson on TV


Waiting for some new Marilyn Manson? Well, while he puts together new music for an album, be sure to check out the intro for WGN’s latest series dubbed Salem. The opening sequence features some really eerie fonts with grainy footage of a variety of creepy things and Manson singing something about pounding the which drums. If you caught the debut last night, surely you saw the opening title sequence. Manson says the song is the latest song he finished for a new album.



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Fourth Inning, It's The Illest, GN'R Was Late, and Knotfest With Korn and Bizkit

Fourth inning


Sometimes rock stars gotta break things down in the most simple way possible to get fans to understand where they are in the album creation process. Metallica’s Lars did just that recently when he said the band is in the Fourth Inning of the new album process. That’s the fourth inning, not fourth base … just so we’re clear. What’s really fascinating though is how the drummer for one of the biggest metal bands on the planet is a Danish native who came to this country to become a tennis star used a baseball (America’s pastime) reference when talking about finishing an album. Head scratcher …


It’s the illest


Speaking of new albums … It’s sick, man. It’s ill, yo. It’s the sickest, most illest ablum yet. That’s the word from Papa Roach front man Jacoby Shaddix. Loudwire caught up with the Papa Roach front man during the Revolver Golden Gods awards ceremony to find out about the forthcoming album and Shaddix said it’s fiery and the sickest, most illest P-Roach record to date. He guarantees it!


GN’R was late



Apparently we won’t have to wait to see the Revolver Golden Gods awards … or at least some of it. The nearly hour long set from Guns N’ Roses, which featured original bassist Duff McKagan, can be seen online right now. The highlight of the show is right at the beginning when Nicolas Cage takes to the microphone to announce the band to a cheering crowd. That’s the highlight because well before that the stage crew was still doing mic checks for around 10 minutes which means Guns N’ Roses were late to their set. Surprised? Reports indicate some in the crowd actually started trickling out of the venue, but there were a few that stuck around for the set.


Knotfest with Korn and Bizkit


Get over to Japan this fall if you want to see Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit on the same stage. Knotfest, scheduled for November 15th and the 16th in Tokyo will feature all three bands. More could be added.


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Golden Gods Spoilers, Hearing Opens Wounds, and Remembering Brockie

Golden Gods spoilers


Though we won’t be able to actually watch the Revolver Golden Gods awards show until late May, the Internet has spoiled it for us. And the winners are … for Best Vocalist, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. Rob Zombie got best live band. Avended Sevenfold’s fans got elected Most Devoted. The Paul Gray Best Bassist Award when to Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch. Avenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance got the Dimebag Darrell Best Guitarst award. Avenged Sevenfold’s drummer got voted the Best. The Album of the Year was Black Sabbath’s 13. Joan Jett got the Golden God Award and the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award when to … wait for it … Axl Rose (jeapordy theme). The ceremony was held yesterday in Los Angeles. There were performances from Slayer, A Day to Remember, The Pretty Reckless Joan Jett and Guns N’ Roses. The show will air on VH1’s various music channels May 24th. Check your local listings.


Hearing opens wounds


Painful memories are being dug up in an involuntary manslaughter trial of the doctor who treated late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray. The 2010 death in Iowa was deemed drug related. Gray’s widow took to the stand to talk about his final days dealing with addiction. Doctor Daniel Baldi faces charges of carelessly prescribing heavy drugs to not just of Gray, but 8 others who died from OD. It’s unclear how long the trial will take.


Remembering Brockie


The Dave Brokie Memorial Art Show is shaping up to be quite the affair. Beginning May 3rd 100 artists will deisplay their GWAR-inspired work for a month-long event. The MF Gallery in Brooklyn will host the array of artwork. Plus there’ll be all kinds of other GWAR-related memorabilia. The band still plans to host the 5th annual GWAR-B-Q the day before the art show opens. Plus there’s the Dave Brockie Foundation that hopes to raise money to create a statue in Brockie’s honor. Brockie died March 23rd. A cause of death has not been released yet, but the case is being investigated as drug-related because of evidence found at the scene.


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Zach's Side Project, Wrong Logo, New Love Tune, and Investing in AFL

Zach's side project

While we wait for any possible prospects of a new Rage Against the Machine record … don’t hold your breath … Rage front man Zach de la Rocha will be apart of a hip-hop duo’s disc later this year. Instagram photos from Killer Mike, one of the members of Run the Jewels, shows Zach hanging out in studio with the engineers. Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker also could be part of the Run the Jewels project. As for RATM’s future … they announced their LA Rising Festival would return this year, but no sign of a new album or another tour. Again … don’t hold your breath.



Wrong logo


The organizers of a community Easter drama in Salem, Virginia, may have inadvertently gotten a bunch of metal heads to their production because they used a Lamb of God logo on the promotional material. The metal band had nothing to do with the production. The collective of churches that produced the drama confirmed they didn’t fully vet the graphic before putting on promotional material. That’s rich!


Lamb of God Play uses wrong logo


New Love tune


She’s back in the music scene. The real question though is … will anyone care? Courtney Love has released the song “You Know My Name” via a YouTube video. The quick paced song sounds very much like a heavy punk tune and Love actually belts out some raspy guttural screams. The tune is part of a release titled Wedding Day that will be released ahead of Love taking to the UK. It’s unclear when the release will be available. What does seem to be clear is this is no Hole, but rather just Courtney Love.



Investing in AFL


Call it a good investment that could bring on a new kind of rock rivalry. Motley Crue’s Vince Neil has dropped some coin on an Arena Football League team. The singer is now part owner of the Jacksonville Sharks. Neil may not stop there. There are plans to bring an AFL team to Las Vegas. This is after KISS became the first band to launch their very own AFL team, the LA KISS. Could we see rock star football teams going head-to-head? Watch out primetime TV!


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New Hellyeah Single and Lineup Revealed, Teasing New Linkin Park, Heavy Metal Fracas, and More McKagan

New Hellyeah single and lineup revealed


The new HellYeah is proving to be quite bad ass, even if it’s a different lineup. The tune “Sangre Por Sangre” from the forthcoming album Blood for Blood is definitely an anthem for the anarchist, for the fed up, for anyone needing to vent about all that ails society. Outside of revealing the new music video, which is definitely worth checking out—the band answered the question as to who is taking the place of original guitarist Greg Tribbet and bassist Bob “Zilla” Kakaha. The answer: Chrisitan Brady and Kyle Sanders. You can expect to pick up the new HellYeah album June 10th.



Teasing new Linkin Park


Speaking of new albums—Linkin Park are touting their rock roots in a trailer for the forthcoming album The Hunting Party. A trailer for the album shows the band in studio laying down the opener for the song “Guilty All the Same.” And then various members talk about how excited they are for the new album. The Hunting Party drops June 17th.



Heavy metal fracas


A heavy metal rock show in Cleveland Saturday night turned bloody after a stabbing and gunfire erupted outside a night club. Five victims were taken to Cleveland hospitals and one victim was reported to have wounds consistent with being struck by a machete. The club’s general manager took to Facebook over the weekend to ensure people that the violence had nothing to do with the rock scene present at the club. He says that it was a beef between two different groups that led to the violence. Police report taking 23 people into custody.


19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports


More McKagan


Duff McKagan isn’t just hooking up with his old band Guns N’ Roses for a show in South America, as had been previously reported, he also will perform with the band during the Golden Gods Awards tomorrow. The Golden Gods show will stream via Amazon, and several VH1 websites and cable channels May 24th. Current GN’R bassist Tommy Stinson is out doing a reunion tour with The Replacements.


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New Single Soon, Scantlin Loses It, On Stage Video, and No Hard Feelings

New single soon


Get ready for some new Godsmack! The band has revealed that they’ve completed work on their sixth studio album and Sully Erna is promising that the release of the first single will surface soon. The album has been front and center for the band since November … of 2013! This past Sunday Erna took to his Facebook page to declare that the record is done being recorded and it’s bad ass. It’s also being reported by Erna that the band has 15 new songs which they’re trying to parse down to 10. There’s still no release date for the first single or for the new album, but we’ll keep you posted.


Scantlin loses it


Oops … he’s done it again. Wes Scantlin has made music news, and not for being awesome or for putting out new music. Nope! Video of the Puddle of Mud front man loosing his cool at a show in Dallas last week where it’s reported a fan got injured when Wes through a broken faulty microphone into the audience. TMZ provided video shows scantling yelling at fans, all kinds of liquids flying and Scantlin taking his shirt off to leave the stage declaring he’s the hottest m’n’effer in the building. Way to keep it classy! (By the way ... this guy has a key to the city of Springfield)



On stage video


Forget about fan-shot video ... Ever wanted to be on stage with Nine Inch Nails as they perform the tune “March of the Pigs”? A new pro-shot video of just that from a show in Australia is available online. The band posted the video touting a new 4K video camera. The band is on tour through Europe and the UK and also will be in the US this summer and a show at Tinley Park with Soundgarden.



No hard feelings


Word is that Queens of the Stone Age have welcomed back Nick Oliveri to the band … at least for a performance with the band in Oregon. The original bassist and co-vocalist was fired back in 2004 for reasons that were never made clear. Front man Josh Homme says even though the split was nearly 10 years ago and in spite of past problems, they’ve remained on good terms. Queens of the Stone Age wrapped up a tour of Australia with Nine Inch Nails last month.


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Malcolm is Out, Veruca Salt is Back, and Get your Kix

Malcolm is out


AC/DC have final broken their silence and come out with it … there’s a little bit of truth to all sides of the conflicting reports—Malcolm Young is sick … But that doesn’t mean they’re breaking up! The band issued a statement yesterday saying that the 61-year-old guitarist will take a break from the band for health issues. They didn’t go into details. Media rumors indicated he had a stroke. Aside from updating fans on Malcolm’s status, they also updated the status of the band. They do plan on making more new music, but a close friend of Young’s, Mark Gable of the Choirboys, tells Australian radio that he doubts Malcolm will ever record again. Again, thoughts and prayers with Malcolm and his family. A statement from the band says that Malcolm would like to “thank the group’s diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support.”


Veruca Salt is back


A couple of reunions on the horizon: Chick fronted Veruca Salt are picking the instruments back up. The four original members of the band will kick off a tour June 22 and they’ll also release a limited-edition vinyl with two new songs on one side and their famed single “Seether” on the other side. You can snatch that up during Record Store Day Saturday, check your local independent record store for offerings. A tease on the band’s website indicates there’s much more to come.


Get your Kix


Also on the reunion beat—Kix plans to release new music … uh, who? The band got their start in the early 80s and had some success with the album Blow My Fuse and Hot Wire. They’re definitely a big hair, tight jeans, leather vests and scarves kind of band and front man Steve Whiteman actually had some influence on one current rocker—Lizzy Hale of Halestorm. Whiteman gave her music lessons back in the day. Kix will release a new album July 22nd.


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Rumors Young Had a Stroke, AC/DC Visited Springfield in '79, and Moving On

Rumors Young had a stroke


Throw out any notion that AC/DC was gonna take to the studio and a possible world tour. Word is that Malcolm Young had a stroke … and that’s why he’s back with his family in Australia. The story, being reported by an Australian journalist, is that the band got together earlier this month to rehearse, but Malcolm couldn’t play like he used to. But these are still just rumors and nothing has been confirmed. It’s also been put out there that the band has a pact that they wouldn’t continue without all the members. But again, all of this could be just second hand rumors because the band’s management refuses to confirm anything. Earlier reports indicated the band wanted to record a new album to celebrate their 40 year anniversary and coincide that with a 40 city world tour. Again, time will tell what’s for real and what’s rumor. Either way, if Malcolm is seriously ill, we wish the best for him and his family.


AC/DC visited Springfield in ‘79


All the back and forth and uncertainty of what will happen with AC/DC brings back memories shared on a blog out of St. Louis about AC/DC’s 1979 album Highway To Hell getting an advanced preview in Springfield back in the day. A blog post to the fan site ümlaut a couple of years back goes into how a couple of friends from the St. Louis area made the journey to Springfield to see UFO with AC/DC opening up. The band, fronted by Bon Scott before his death, hooked up with the friends and even gave them backstage passes. Plus there are a ton of great vintage pictures of AC/DC’s tour bus and even the party after the show at the Bel Aire motel. A great read for any fan of rock and roll! Check it out!


Moving on


They’re moving on! The remaining members of As I Lay Dying are done with that band and are revealing the new project Wovenwar. Shane Blay joins the members As I Lay Dying to form Wovenwar and they’ve already scheduled a release date of April 21st for their debut single “All Rise.” As I Lay dying is still technically active, but singer Tim Lambesis pleaded guilty to murder for hire charges and is gonna be sentenced sometime this summer.


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Conflicting AC/DC Reports, Stanley Continues the Drama, and Smith Sounds Off On Torture

Conflicting AC/DC reports


A few weeks ago it was reported that AC/DC were gearing up to enter the studio for one more album, which could have resulted in another world tour. Great news for fans of the Aussie rockers, but there’s another report that the band is set to retire without putting out any new music. There’s obvious a conflict here. Which is true? Well, the report about the band retiring without a new album or tour may have some credence as front man Brian Johnson is quoted recently saying the recording a new album has been delayed due to a band member’s illness. That, in combination with word that Malcolm Young is returning to be with his family and may not continue with the band … makes the rumors of them retiring almost more certain. But that all may be hogwash as another rumor put out there that the band has booked studio time for a new album builds up fan’s hopes. Plus Johnson said earlier this year that the band would put out a new album. What’s the truth? Who knows? Only time will tell!


Stanley continues the drama


It seems to be a battle of who can have the last word. The drama surrounding KISS’s induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t seem to have an end. It was reported over the weekend that the Rock Hall CEO said there’s no beef between KISS and the Rock Hall, or at least there shouldn’t be, even after they denied inducting anybody but the original members. Joel Peresman says that there’s no hard feelings for the drama and for the band not performing. That high road went too far! KISS’s Paul Stanley fired back and instead of going after Peresman, he took aim at Rock Hall of Fame co-founder Jann Wenner, saying he’s a “spineless weasel.” Paul, um … I think that’s what we call being ungrateful.


Smith sounds off on torture


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith isn’t happy about the band’s music reportedly being used during torture session with the CIA. An interviewer from TMZ posed the question and Smith on the streets where Smith says “our music is supposed to make people feel good … that’s very upsetting to me.” Smith also says jokingly that “’Under The Bridge’ on a continuous loop would be torturous,” and “they shouldn’t be doing any of that s**t.”



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Chi Remembered With Smile, Oderus Monument Proposed, Raunchy New Steel Panther Video, and Zombie Judging Demon Tattoos

Chi remembered with Smile


It’s been a year since Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away after being in a comatose state for five years. To remember the bassist and his work with the band, Deftones have released a never before released tracked titled “Smile.” Front man Chino Moreno posted that the song is from the band’s shelved album Eros. When Chi got in the car accident that left him in a coma back in 2008, the band was finishing up their work on Eros. The band decided not to released the disc. The track, streaming online, is one of the last tunes recorded with Chi on bass.



Oderus monument proposed


Speaking of honoring the fallen, GWAR wants to erect a monument to honor their late front man Oderus Urungus, also known as Dave Brockie. The band started a foundation in his name and they hope to generate enough funds to put a statue up in Richmond, Virginia, to honor Brockie. Brockie was found dead in his home last month.


Raunchy new Steel Panther video


Just when you thought the band couldn’t get anymore over the top, Steel Panther have gone and done it again with their song and video for “Gloryhole.” There’s not much we can say about the lyrics of the song, because we’d get fined by the FCC. The video, though, shows the band performing in a dingy, gross-ass bathroom with all kinds of holes cut in the stalls and characters ranging from clowns to a Jesus figure, to a Rabi, a monk, and even a hermaphrodite. But that’s about all we can tell you. It’s definitely a Not Safe For Work video. Watch with caution.



Zombie judging demon tattoos


Expect to see horror rocker Rob Zombie Spike TV tomorrow. He’ll be using his keen eye to judge tattoos on the show “Ink Master.” The reality competition for tattoo artists pits some of the best against the best. Tomorrow’s edition will feature demon tattoos that Zombie will then judge. Check your local listings.


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Stanley slams Rock Hall, Nirvana inducted, Chili Peppers torture, GWAR's Message

Stanley slams Rock Hall


KISS’s Paul Stanley took to CNN before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to slam the credibility of the Rock Hall saying it’s a small group of guys who do what they want all while making the public think they’re the authority. A response from the Rock Hall about KISS’s induction of only the original members said that “outside of GWAR” there’s no other band that dresses in costumes (uh … yeah there is … Slipknot!). The statement went on to say that the other members of KISS play the music written by the original members. Stanley said that’s a smoke screen and people see right through it. The original members of KISS were inducted last night during a ceremony in New York where they did not perform.



Nirvana inducted


Also during the induction last night, Nirvana got the honors. It’s reported that Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love joined the surviving members of the band where she shockingly hugged Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic and said she wishes “Kurt was here to do this.” As for Nirvana’s performance, it was thought Joan Jett would join the band on stage. She did, but so did several other female performers including pop star Lorde.



Chili Peppers torture


Another CIA torture story, another band’s music thrown into the mix. Foreign media reports that the CIA used Red Hot Chili Peppers music on repeat during their “enhanced interrogations” of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay. They should have just busted out some habanera pepper juice … that would have done the trick. Pervious stories in years past indicated that music from Metallica, Demon Hunter, Skinny Puppy and others were used during interrogations. Some of the artists aren’t too appreciative. Not sure if it’s because they don’t want to think their music is torturous or if they’re just looking for a royalty check from the government. Skinny Puppy actually sent the government an invoice for the use of their music.


GWAR’s message


The remaining members of GWAR took to video without their costumes to talk about their pain in losing their front man and friend Dave Brockie. They also shared their appreciation for the fans who are their family. They encouraged their GWARmeat to join them in Richmond August 15th for a memorial service during the 5th annual GWAR-B-Q. Brockie’s death is being investigated as being drug-related due to evidence found at the scene.



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Induction Ceremony, Teasing Fans, and As I Lay Dying Dead

Induction ceremony


There could be some magic, fireworks and even a fistfight tonight … no we’re not talking about some third-rate circus in some backwoods town down south … We’re talking about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! The bell is sure to ring when KISS takes the stage. There’s been a ton of bitter words back and forth between the former and current members of the band for years but it picked up intensity the closer we got to the induction ceremony. KISS will not be performing. Meanwhile it’s being reported that Dave Grhol may have tapped Joan Jett to perform with him and Krist Novoselic for Nirvana’s induction. That should be something worth checking out! Linda Ronstadt will be inducted, but not present at the ceremony because of her struggle with Parkinson’s disease and Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates and Cat Stevens are all set to be inducted. Can’t be in New York tonight? You’ll have to wait to see it on HBO in late May.


Teasing fans


Linkin Park are teasing fans with tidbits from their forthcoming album, tough no new audio quite yet. The band took to the web to post artwork from the new release. They also gave the titled and release date. Expect to pick up The Hunting Party June 17th. Mike Shinoda says that they came up with the title of the album before actually laying down tracks, which makes it sound as if it’s a concept album. It’s also being reported that the band used less electronics and focused more on guitar, bass, drums and heavier vocals. Linkin Park released a video for “Guilty All The Same” late last month.


As I Lay Dying dead


A statement posted to As I Lay Dying’s website seems to put the band to rest. The post says that the actually official members of the band were Tim Lambesis and their drummer. The other members have since departed and starting a new project with Shane Blay. Lambesis pleaded guilty to murder for hire and will be sentenced later this summer.


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Revealing Cobain Death Documentary, New Video, and Tour Dates Announced

Revealing Cobain death documentary


From conspiracy theories to accusations of police incompetence, a new documentary about Kurt Cobain's death is said to force fans to question what they believe happened 20 years ago this week. Titled "Soaked in Bleach," the documentary not only raises questions about the police investigation but also explores the question about Courtney Love's involvement in Cobain's untimely death. A trailer for the film says it’s based on official case files, actual audio recordings and expert testimony. A focus of the film is a private investigator who was hired by Courtney Love to quote “find her missing husband.” Cobain was then found dead. There are also other experts, including a forensic pathologist who testifies in the trailer that he had never seen a case so poorly mishandled. The documentary is a mix of archival footage and reenactments with actors playing Cobain, Love and other figures central to the story. The trailer simply says that the documentary is coming soon. Stay tuned to the documentary’s Facebook page for updates.



New video


Queens of the Stone Age have a new video out for the tune "Smooth Sailing" and it’s a gem! The video shows the singer Josh Homme with several Japanese gentlemen enjoying some sake at a Japanese bar and then, in suits, drunkenly stumbling through what appears to be some kind of hotel mall or something. There area also shots of the band at a karaoke bar getting even drunker plus the addition of some illicit drug use. There is also obscene dancing and several fight scenes, grand theft auto and more debauchery. Watch with caution, and if your kids see it, tell them that if they want to go to prison for a long time they should emulate what the video portrays! Check it out today!



Tour dates announced


Get ready for one of the biggest shows of the summer. Dates for the Aerosmith and Slash tour have been announced. The Let Rock Rule tour kicks off in July and will be at Tinley Park’s First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre July 25th. Tickets go on sale April 12th through LiveNation.com.


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Lambesis Band Mates Tease New Music, Stanley: Ace and Peter Are Anti-Semites, and Streaming Online

Lambesis band mates tease new music


Their singer pled guilty to murder-for-hire charges, but that’s not keeping them down. Member of As I Lay Dying have posted several clips of new music (a few examples below) and a unique logo online. The clips were posted to the Instagram pages of each member of the band outside of the now convicted criminal Tim Lambesis. It really was one of the more fascinating stories of 2013.: A blooming heavy metal singer with a diehard fan base accused of hiring a hit man to murder his estranged wife … he pleaded guilty in February. Though the remaining members of the band haven’t announced a new vocalist, you’ve gotta think it’s almost certain because Lambesis will be sentenced in May. A singer stuck in prison isn’t attractive for a band that needs to tour to pay back the record companies. It’s still unclear if the new music and new logo means a new band entirely, or if it will be recalibrated As I Lay Dying. We’ll keep you posted.




Stanley: Ace and Peter are anti-Semites


Can’t you feel the love? As we get closer to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, so do we get closer to the long-awaited Paul Stanley autobiography Face the Music: A Life Exposed. That drops on shelves today! In the book, people may find some startling accusations towards some former members of KISS, including Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. In Stanley’s book he says the two former members are anti-Semitic and makes the claims based of “years and years of interactions.” Stanley also says that Ace and Peter “tried to sabotage the band” because, as Stanley writes, the former band members though the band was being manipulated by “money-grubbing Jews.” This will make for a wonderful Rock Hall induction!


Streaming online


Test it before you buy it! The Birds of Satan’s self titled debut is streaming online. The project from Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins drops in stores next week, but your chance to test drive the album is right now. Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and others make cameos on the album. Stream the album today, pick up a copy next week.


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Tool to the Studio, New Halestorm Tune, Will Nirvana Perform, and Jesus Christ Superstar Tour

Tool to the studio


Could it be? Yes it could, but is it? Yes it is! Tool is back in the studio working on new material. A post to the band’s website says now that they’re done with a mini-tour they’ll continue to work on new material and the post alludes to a new album in progress. Did the tour delay that song-writing process? The post goes into how during the recent mini-tour the band was together and that is really where the song-writing process kicked up a gear. The band “spent a considerable portion of … time experimenting with new tunes … [and] might have actually sped things up a bit. But then again, this snifter of cognac is half full.” It’s unclear when a new album will be out, but this update will surely ease fans’ concerns that the band is idle. Clearly, they’re not!


New Halestorm tune performed


Speaking of new music, while performing over in the UK Halestorm performed their new tune “Mayhem,” which quickly was accepted by fans in the audience and online. Fan shot video of the performance is currently circulating online. For how long? Not sure. Check it out today! The band says their getting closer to a new release though there’s no solid timeline.



Will Nirvana perform


Will Nirvana perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony? The CEO of the Rock Hall is keeping mum. It’s typically the case that if a band gets inducted, they get to perform. With Kurt Cobain out of the picture, how could they pull it off? Could they bust out a hologram? Not sure, but Bassist Krist Novoselic tweeted that he’s been practicing. The closely guarded secret about what to expect for Nirvana’s induction is too much. I can’t take it! We’ll find out April 10th. The ceremony will be broadcast May 31st on HBO.


Jesus Christ Superstar


It’s a tour of a different sort that will bring with it rockers and musicians from all kinds of genres together … Jesus Christ Superstar the play is set to tour the country with quite the cast ready to wow audiences. The popular 70’s musical is perfect for a live play and Johnny Rotten is perfect for King Herod. Incubus’ Brandon Boyd is also in the play, though he won’t be playing the title role of Jesus. Boyd will take on the role of Judas Iscariot. British actor/singer Ben Forster is playing the title roles of Jesus. The show will be up in Chicago June 29th and in St. Louis July 1st.


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20 Years Ago This Weekend, New Pics Revealed, and Pretty Reckless Tour

20 Years Ago This Weekend


This weekend brings the 20 year mark of a moment in music history that will forever be seared in the brains of those who were around at the time. Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain took his own life with a shotgun. His body was found by an electrician on April 8th 1994, but the corner estimated he died April 5th that year. With the anniversary of his untimely demise comes a ton of artists remembering the singer for being an unofficial spokesperson of Generation X. From Beck to Billie Joe Armstrong to Neil Young, the music world is remembering Cobain as the leader of a band that changed music drastically in the early 90s, but also remorse the loss of a talent who left the earth far too early.


New Pics Revealed


Meanwhile Seattle Police have released a couple of more pics from the Cobain death scene and this time they show parts of the late singer’s body. Two pics posted online show Kurt’s left foot next to what appears to be a box of shotgun shells. Another shows his arm with a hospital bracelet tag thingy and even a track mark on his arm with his iconic tattoo. Seattle police say there’s no use in releasing photos of Cobain laying on the ground with his hair blown back and blood coming from his nose and trauma to his eyes.



Pretty Reckless Tour


And get ready for it, the Pretty Reckless are going on tour. The chick fronted band earned a No. 1 slot on the rock charts with the tune “Heaven Knows” off their sophomore album Going to Hell, which debuted at No. 5. They’ll be in Peoria at the Peoria Civic Center May 16th.


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New Black Stone Cherry, Fozzy Flurry, New Hole Soon, and Not Until Next Year

New Black Stone Cherry


Be on the look out for new Black Stone Cherry. A lyric video for the song “Fiesta Del Fuego” is circulating online. The lyric video features a series of pictures manipulated in post, some kaleidoscopic trippiness and highlights of what seems to be a pretty unruly party. The new song’s closing riff is worth a listen alone! The band says the new album is harder and more rockin’ than their previous attempt. Black Stone Cherry’s forthcoming album Magic Moutnatin is due out May 6th. The band will be out on the road supporting Seether beginning April 18th.



Fozzy flurry


Fozzy is set to drop a new album, and with it a flood of activity. Fronted by pro-wrestler Chris Jericho, the band’s new single “Lights Go Out” will drop Apirl 29th. That is said to spark a flurry of activity in the coming months. Before the single even comes out, the band will begin a tour in earnest April 25th. They’ll be in Pontiac, Illinois, at the Freakster’s Roadhouse May 16th. Later this summer, the band will release their sixth studio album.


New Hole soon


Get ready for what will surely be quite the spectacle – Courtney Love has reunited her former band mates from Hole and there’s new music on the way. In an interview with The Quietus Love said that there are plans to release a new single and there will also be a UK tour this May. The original incarnation of Hole hasn’t released anything since 1998’s Celebrity Skin. Love released something in 2010 as Hole, but she was the only sole member of the band on that release. There’s no word yet on when we’ll see new Hole music. Don’t hold your breath.


Not until next year


And speaking of holding your breath, if you’re holding out for a new Metallica album this year … you may be disappointed to know that it could be next year for a new collection. Lars recently said that the follow up to 2008’s Death Magnetic is likely to come out next year. Just as long as they release a few demos here and there, I think we’ll be OK with that … But I’m not promising we’ll be that patient. Hurry up, guys!


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Temporary Replacement, From Flea's Mouth, NIN on ACL, and The Inductors

Temporary replacement


It’s an original bassist switcheroo for Guns N’ Roses for their South American tour that begins this weekend. Here’s the deal: Current GN’R bassist Tommy Stinson is hooking back up with his other band, The Replacements. They’ve got some reunion shows lined up. So, GN’R needed a bassist that knew their stuff and welcomed original GN’R bassist Duff McKagan on board. There are five dates in South America. Let’s just hope that whatever bad blood there may be between McKagan and Axl Rose is subdued. Actually, screw that … I hope there’s a fight on stage. It would make for a great viral video, wouldn’t it? Stinson will be back with the band when they hit up the US in May.


From Flea’s Mouth


If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a Flea, it’s best to get it from the Flea’s mouth, right? The eccentric bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers landed a deal to pen an autobiography—that’s when the subject writes the biography about themselves. Surely there’s no room for exaggeration, now is there? There’s no title or release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.




Nine Inch Nails will be featured on the popular PBS Austin City Limits TV show April 5th. A video of the band’s performance of the 1989-era tune “Sanctified” is streaming online. The tune gets a makeover from the album version, updated with a funkier bass line and a conglomeration of electronic frequencies Nails fans have come to love. Producers of Austin City Limits say that Reznor is one of the most focused, intense and creative artists they’ve worked with. Again, April 5th on PBS. Check your local listings.



The Inductors


We know who the inductees are for the Rock Hall, but what about the inductors? The lineup of people ready to hand over the induction awards, or whatever the hell inductees get, includes Tom Morello inducting KISS. REM’s Michael Stipe will induct Nirvana. There are some other stars inducting other artists, but if you want to see that you’ll have to tune in to HBO May 31st for the broadcast. The actual ceremony is April 10th in New York.


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Keeping Pop Evil Healthy, Mayhem Festival Announced, New Tune Online, New Music Tuesday, and Meshuggah Touring

Keeping Pop Evil healthy


Too often a rock star’s demise is from their own doing … especially when it comes to their health and Pop Evil want to buck that trend. Singer Leigh Kakaty says he wouldn’t be able to sing the following day if he were to go out and drink with fans the night before. Hell, you might actually catch him sipping some tea and honey instead of whisky and soda. The band’s focus is to stay healthy while and when they’re out on the road, that’s a bit more difficult. As for being on stage night after night and putting in their all, Kakaty says it’s very similar to how professional athletes have to stay in shape throughout an entire season.


Mayhem Festival announced


Get ready for the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. This year Korn headlines with Asking Alexandria, Trivium, and others like Cannibal Corpse, Mushroomhead, Suicide Silence, Ill Nino and more. The tour will be down at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis July 16th and then up at Tinley Park July 20th. Tickets go on sale April 4th.


New tune online


The new Three Days Grace has a new song titled “Painkiller” that’s making the rounds online. The band announced this week that they welcomed on My Darkest Day’s Matt Walst to replace Adam Gontier. The new tune is available online through iTunes.



New Music Tuesday


Speaking of new music, there’s a ton of it out today. If you’re in for a bit of nostalgia, you can pick up Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life featuring a ton of great Dio covers from Metallica, Halestorm, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Stone Sour and others. Lacuna Coil’s Broken Crown Halo also drops today. As does Chevelle’s La Gargola. If you’re in the mood for some cheesy hair metal you can get All You Can Eat from Steel Panther. Now get out there and support your favorite artists!


Meshuggah Touring


Sweedish metal band Meshuggah is celebrating their 25th year with a North American tour this summer. The band will be down at Pops in Sauget June 14th and then up in Chicago at the Vic Theater June 15th. Make it happen!


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