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Jonathan Davis: Obama is Illuminati Puppet and Cyrus Distracts, Would have been 47, Suspending Harrell, and Party w/ Buckcherry

Jonathan Davis: Obama is Illuminati Puppet and Cyrus Distracts


Korn’s Jonathan Davis is condemning President Obama as an Illuminati puppet and says that celebrities like Miley Cyrus are distractions. Davis appeared on The Alex Jones show earlier this week to talk about their new video for “Spike My Veins” which blasts popular culture and the phony face of politics. Davis said ”everyone’s so asleep and oblivious the country is using media to capture people’s attention or take away from the fact what’s going on with our country.” Davis cited how absurd it was that Miley Cyrus was prominent in the news while civil liberties were being taken away overtly and covertly. The Korn front man says that he’s never been a political person, but things seem to be getting worse and worse. Korn is rumored to be part of this year’s Mayhem festival, but that has yet to be confirmed.



Would have been 47


Yesterday was Nirvana Front man Kurt Cobain’s birthday. He would have been 47, if he didn’t commit suicide 20 years ago. Celebrations marking his birthday took place in Aberdeen, Washington, where the singer was born. There’s even a book coming out titled Here We Are Now: The Last Impact of Kurt Cobain that will explore the singer’s impact on society. You can pre-order the book now, but it hits stores March 18th. Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this April.


Suspending Harrell


Is a suspension the appropriate action, or should the band just kick his ass out all together? Word is that 3 Doors Down have suspended Todd Harrell after his last run in with police. Well, actually, Harrell didn’t have a run in with police. Police found him slumped over his steering wheel passed out from booze and pill, presumably. He of course was arrested. This is not the first time. Harrell is also dealing with a vehicular manslaughter charge from a previous incident. Now, the band says it has suspended him indefinitely saying it’s a move to protect the band’s “image and integrity.” Hopefully Harrell can find the help he needs to kick the fix.


Party w/ Buckcherry


Buckcherry are taking to the road this March and April and a date in May. The band will be in Libertyville, Illinois, at the Austins Fuel Room March 22nd. They’ll be joined by The Virginmarys. Fans will have a chance to upgrade their experience to a VIP package which allows for the concertgoer to hang with Buckcherry after their performance during the after party. Plus VIPs get some other neat trinkets.


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A7X and Hellyeah to Tour, Mayhem Festival Kind Of Announced, Tour Engage, and Another Harrell DUI

A7X and Hellyeah to tour


Get ready for Avenged Sevenfold and Hellyeah touring this year! This epic tour will begin in Canada this April and then stop in Minneapolis April 21st, down to Florida, then Lousiana, Tennessee, Pennsyvania, Maine and then back up to Canada and finally May 17th the bands will be in Columbus for Rock on the Range. It appears the closes the tour will come to central Illinois will be either Knoxville, Tennessee, May 6th or the Rock on the Range show in Ohio. A7X have a new album already out, but Hellyeah will drop their new disc Blood for Blood June 10th with a few tunes possibly released this March. We’ll keep you posted.


Mayhem Festival Kind Of Announced


Get ready for this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. It’s unclear what band’s will be featured as festival organizers will update concert goers in late March. Rumors online indicate that headliners could include Korn and Avenged Sevenfold. Be sure to call off work July 16th for the St. Louis show or July 29th for the Chicago show.

Tour Engage


Killswitch Engage will take to the road this Spring. Though there aren’t any shows close to Central Illinois, except maybe Memphis, Tennessee May 22nd, and possibly Council Bluffs, Iowa, May 30th.


Another Harrell DUI


How many more DUIs can 3 Doors Down’s Todd Harrell get? He was arrested again Tuesday night. This time in Mississippi where he was found slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle. A citizen actually reported seeing an impaired driver and police arrived on the scene. This is a second-offense DUI, which involves other substances other than alcohol. Police are having to do blood tests to determine what else the bassist was on. He’s free on bond, but no date has been set for his next court appearance. Dude is already facing vehicular homicide in Tennessee where he was busted before for driving under the influence. Todd Harrell is becoming synonymous with DUI. Sad, really.


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Another Vegas Residency, Sounding Off Online, and Whip It in Peace

Another Vegas residency


When you take that trip to Vegas late this spring or early summer, you may want to ensure you score your Guns N’ Roses tickets. The band has announced a new residency in Sin City inside The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Named No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction, the band will perform six dates in late may and three in early June. Tickets start at $49.50 and go on sale February 21st. This isn’t the band’s first rodeo in Vegas. The first back in 2012 brought fans from all over to rock out with Axl and crew. Aside from performing in Vegas later this year the band will also headline Rock on the Range in Columbus.


Sounding off online


Who knew that GN’R’s Axl Rose had a soft spot for baby giraffes? Apparently he does. The singer recently took to the interwebs to sound off on some viral topics like the recent Super Bowl performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But, Rose is also perplexed by the killing of a baby giraffe in Copenhagen. Rose first sent a sarcastic Tweet about the culling but then took to Facebook for more in-depth and thoughtful analysis saying the giraffes life could have been spared and it was barbaric. News reports indicate the giraffe was let down to keep it from inbreeding, but that wasn’t enough justification for Mr. Rose.


Whip It in Peace


Regardless of your opinion on 80s new wave rock, it’s without question that the band Devo impacted us all. One of the founding members of the band has passed away. Bob Casale was 61 and family say it was a total shock. The guitarist died from heart failure Monday. Casale wasn’t just a guitarist, he was also a talented audio engineer. Devo is best known for their 80s synth-pop hit “Whip It.” Another member of the band, drummer Alan Myers, died last year after battling cancer at the age of 58. Now whip it good.


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AC/DC to Make New Album, Vedder, Morello and Springsteen Jam, New Mushroomhead Announced, and Pussy Riot Members Held in Sochi

AC/DC to make new album


This is going to be a barn burner, no doubt! AC/DC have revealed plans for a new album and a tour and that means it’s time to friggin’ party! Despite increasing in age, the rockers from Down Under plan on hitting up the studio this Spring, according to singer Brian Johnson. Johnson told a radio station in Palm Beach that the band was holding off on doing anything in 2014 because of an illness, but all seems to be good to go for the band to get into the a Vancouver Studio this May. It was also disclosed that the band is preparing for a 40th anniversary tour.


Vedder, Morello and Springsteen jam


We really shouldn’t be surprised that Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder joined Tom Morrello onstage during a recent Bruce Springsteen concert. What is kind of shocking is the collection of legendary rockers playing with Springsteen’s band performed the classic AC/DC tune “Highway to Hell.” A multi-angle edit of the video, which seems to be pulled together from a bunch of different cell phone and other cheap cameras, is well edited and worth a review.



New Mushroomhead announced


Mushroomhead fans get ready, The Righeous and the Butterfly is set to hit stores May 13th. Band regular Skinny says that the new attempt will bring a fresh twist on a familiar vibe with several new members including Church and Dr. F. Their fresh blood is said to mix well with some familiar faces to keep “the integrity of the band’s sound and vision intact.” Believe it or not, but this is the 20th year of Mushroomhead and Skinny tells Loudwire that “this album is getting [the band] back to [their] roots.”


Pussy Riot members held in Sochi


It was only a matter of time before Russian political punk rock group named Pussy Riot made it into the Sochi Olympic headlines. A human rights activists in Russia says that two members of the band have been detained in downtown Sochi. The activists says he was with the two women at the time and says they’ve been accused of theft. The two who have been detained were in prison for two years after they were convicted of hooliganism after performing a protest prayer against president Vladimir Putin in a Russian cathedral. It’s unclear what the status of their detainment is.


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No Love for Grohl, New Newsted video, Tribbet out of Hellyeah, and Switch up at Lacuna Coil

No Love for Grohl


The wife of the late Kurt Cobain is warning of some awkward moments when Nirvana is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this April. Courtney Love appeared on Access Hollywood where she was asked about her relationship with Nirvana drummer and now rock icon Dave Grohl. Love said that they will all be sitting at the same table and that there may be a chance for some resolution in the future, but that’s doubtful. Love recently began a new web series where she straight out said that she and Grohl don’t get along. In the same Access Hollywood interview, Love was asked about her relationship with daughter Francis Bean Cobain. Love said there’s strife because lawyers are attracted to Francis Bean’s trust fund. Are you sure it’s not because you’re bat s**t crazy?



New Newsted video


Newsted has a new video out for the tune “… As the Crow Flies.” The video mixes a live performance with front man Jason Newsted walking down a dark street singing. The tune is from the former Metallica bassists’ debut album Heavy Metal Music. The band is currently preparing an overseas tour of Australia and a date in Singapore.



Tribbet out of Hellyeah


The band used to be made up of several members from Mudvayne, but now it’s only got Chad. Hellyeah have announced they’ve parted ways with founding guitarist Greg Tribbet. They’ve also parted ways with bassist Bob “Zilla” Kakaha. As for why the band dropped Tribbet and Kakaha, there’s only brief mention on the comments section of the band’s Facebook page where it says “don’t ASSUME anything! The reasons for this parting of ways was for the better good. When you hear the new record you’ll understand.” It’s unclear if the lineup change took place before or after the new album was recorded. As for that new album, it is expected to drop in stores June 10th and will be titled Blood for Blood.


Switch up at Lacuna Coil


In other news about band shakeups, the guitarist and drummer from Lacuna Coil have announced their retirement. This just after the band announced a tour to support their upcoming Broken Crown Halo album. Cris Migliore and Christiano Mozzati say they want to spend more time with family. The band hits the road this week to tour in the Revolver Hottest Chicks of Hard Rock and their album drops April 1st.


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Homeless Gathering, RockFest in Texas, and Breaking Fishbone

Homeless Gathering


They lost it before they could even really announce it. Looks like the Gathering of the Juggalos is homeless … again. The multi-day festival featuring Insane Clown Posse’s insane fans and comrades getting together to live in Juggalo paradise seems to be falling apart after festival organizers announced they were moving from their longtime venue in Southern Illinois. A few weeks ago we told you that the festival may move to a southern Missouri farm that has campgrounds. Now the festival organizers have to find a new, new place. When reported a few weeks ago, authorities in Southern Missouri seemed to be unclear on what exactly ICP’s Gathering of the Juggalos was all about. Someone must have then gotten onto Google and found out real quick what they were in store for and decided to nix plans. Organizers for The Gathering say they have what it is calling “Plan B” it’s just unclear what that plan is. Maybe they can just go set up in some abandoned neighborhood in Detroit. Throw in some zombie paintball and I’m there!


RockFest in Texas


And yet another festival has been announced that will feature Kid Rock, Five Finger Death Punch and Deftones as top billed. The River City Rockfest scheduled for May 24th in Texas will also feature some other festival favorites this year is fond of including Seether, Black Lable Society, Killswitch Engage, Black Stone Cherry, Hellyeah, Skindred and even Bucher Babies plus English as a second language rocers TruckFighters. If you plan on vacationing by way of San Antonio late May, plan on getting your tickets online at RiverCityRockFest.com.


Breaking Fishbone


How much can you get if you break part of your skull and collarbone after a member of the legendary punk funk band Fishbone stage dives on you? Apparently you can get $1.4 million. That’s how much Kimberly Myers of New Jersey was awarded by a judge in Philadelphia this week. The judge blasted Fishbone front man Angelo “Dr. Madd Vibe” Moore for showing little remorse. Apparently Dr. Madd Vibe is notorious for stage diving during shows and there have been other injuries of concert goers. I mean, come on … it’s friggin’ Fishbone for crying out loud!


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Rage Against the Grammys, Promoting Their Documentary, Get it on iTunes

Rage Against the Grammys


Add Queen’s of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme as someone who didn’t appreciate this year’s Grammys. The singer took time during a recent live show in Houston, to share his feelings on this year’s Grammy awards. Homme said that not every place is a good place and prepared to perform “I Appear Missing” from their Grammy nominated album … Like Clockwork. The singer said this song is by “Imagine Dragrons” … Homme then jokes about the imagery of the pop-rock band’s name. Imagine Dragons beat out Queens for Best Rock Performance. That, along with their joint performance with Nine Inch Nails being cut off for promotional considerations must’ve not set well with Homme because just before bursting into the song Homme said “Fuck the man, fuck Imagine Dragons, fuck the Grammys.” And the crowd applauds. Just moments after the Grammys earlier this year, Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails sent a big proverbial middle finger to the awards show for disrespecting music. Meanwhile, Queens will be at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago May 9th. Presale is on now. Public sale is Friday.



Promoting their documentary


Lamb of God will be making the rounds … no, not a tour to play music but rather they’ll be hitting up various shows to promote their new documentary. The band will be on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show to talk about their documentary As The Palaces Burn. That appearance is February 22nd. The film will being on the big screen in over 25 countries February 27th. You’ll be able to see it at the Ginger Man Tavern in Chicago and in Missouri you can hoof it to Warrensburg to get to the Carmike 10 theater. A broader release for home theaters is expected shortly thereafter.


Get it on iTunes


If you dug the performance of Metallica’s “One” that aired on the Grammy Awards this year, it’s now available on iTunes. The band hooked up with world renowned pianist Lang Lang for the performance, which had guitarist Kirk Hammett and Lang trading time during the song’s solo portions.


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Rocklahoma Announced, Taking a Break, Zombie's Short Jaunt, and Time will Tool

Rocklahoma announced


The summer of 2014 is the season for rock festivals—the latest addition being Rocklahoma where Five Finger Death Punch, Kid Rock and Staind will lead the pack. The three-day music weekend May 23rd through the 25th will also include Twisted Sister, Deftones, Motorhead, Seether, Jackyl, Filter, Black Label Society, Killswitch Engage, Skid Row, All That Remains, Hellyeah, Pop Evil and many others guaranteed to rock some faces off. If you’re gonna be out the way of Pryor Oklahoma, be sure to get your plan in order. General admission and VIP packages go on sale Friday. If you “like” Rocklahoma on Facebook you may get special access to pre-sale.


Taking a break


Though Deftones are on the lineup at Rocklahoma this coming may, front man Chino Marino is saying he’s gonna take a break from the band to focus one of his side projects known simply as Crosses (†††). Mareno recently spoke with Rolling Stone where he said members of Deftones are currently spread around the country and their bass palyer is over in Europe. The self-titled ††† album just dropped Tuesday.


Zombie’s short jaunt


Rob Zombie announced a US tour for 2014. The short jaunt scheduled for late April and early May will only focus of the South and North East areas of the country in places like Florida and Rhode Island. The closes the horror rocker will be to central Illinois is Louisville, KY. Zombie will play a couple of festivals in that time, including the Carolina Rebellion Festival. Recent publications put Zombie’s live show as a must see and amongst some of the biggest productions.


Time will Tool


Tool have tacked on a few more dates for their 2014 plans. Mainly out west, with a few dates in Texas, the eccentric band will tour in throughout most of March. The band hasn’t had a new album in years but there are rumblings they’ll put together a new attempt later this year or possibly next year, though no official timeline has been put out yet. Any Tool fan who understands the intricacies of their work knows that it’s got to be a long process of putting together their complex tunes. But will it be worth the wait? Time will tool. I mean tell … Time will tell!


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Tour Announced, Loony Toons Charged, Berates Fan, and Off Soundwave

Tour announced


Get ready for it, Chevelle is taking to the road this Spring and their second show will be at The Pageant in St. Louis April 5th. They will also be in Chicago at the House of Blues April 17th. The band’s new album drops in stores April 1st. Chevelle’s new tune “Take Out the Gunman” from the forthcoming album La Gargola is rockin’ QLZ, so be sure to request the song today! As for who will be with the band on their tour … that has yet to be revealed. But, the band will eventually make it to Rock on the Range May 17th.


Loony toons charged


Careful what you Tweet. Or in this case, if you’re crazy … stay away from social media in general. A Seattle woman has been charged after authorities said she sent a series of death threats and other ominous tweets to Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell. Reports indicate that the woman sent over 100 messages from nine different Twitter accounts. Prosecutors say that Elizabeth Walden even sent a Tweet that alluded to a rape of Cornell’s teen daughter. All-in-all, the loon is being charged with cyber-stalking and other criminal charges.


Berates fan


Video has surfaced online of Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme verbally laying into a fan who tried rushing the stage. A minute and a half into the 5 and a half minute video fan shot video of a live performance of the song “The Vampyre of Time and Memory,” a fan is seen getting on the stage. Homme gets up from his piano, grabs dude, wrangles him a bit and then chucks him off the stage. Homme is then heard saying “I don’t care if you love me, you can stay right there dude.” He then goes on to say that he’s there to play, not … uh … let’s just say gratify the guy sexually … He also called him a douchebag. He then works in some other jabs while addressing the audience. It’s a must see for any Queens of the Stone Age fan!



Off Soundwave


Chock it up to Dave Mustaine’s ego or to the poor job of Australia’s Soundwave festival, but Megadeth has stepped down from the show. This is also after Newsted dropped off the show’s lineup. Mustaine took to social media and said the entire situation was botched by the show’s organizers. The organizer apologized, but that doesn’t seem to matter …


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Lambesis Side Project Gets Release Date, New Volbeat Video, New Lacuna Coil Track Posted, and Geeking out in New Book

Lambesis side project gets release date


Despite facing a murder for hire charge, the front man of As I Lay Dying is moving forward with another project and an album is expected to drop this spring. Tim Lambesis was arrested and charged last year with hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife. That whole saga hasn’t been resolved yet, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping the singer’s project known as Austrian Death Machine. The band has a song/lyric video available online right now titled “I’ll Be Back.” Austrian Death Machine is billed as Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired metal and is pretty heavy and in your face. The album was completed using a crowd-funding site that is becoming a more popular way to fund artists’ projects. Expect the new album Triple Brutal out April 1st. As for the murder for hire trial, another hearing is expected February 19th.



New Volbeat video


A new video from Volbeat is making the rounds. You can check out the video for “Lonesome Rider,” which includes a young woman crossing paths with the Grim Reaper. The song is the latest track from Outlaw Gentlement & Shady Laides and features Canadian artist Sarah Blackwood.



New Lacuna Coil track posted


Lacuna Coil have a new song out and a new album to follow soon. The song is “Nothing Stands in Our Way” and is from the forthcoming album Broken Crown Halo which is due out April 1st. With a plan to join the Revolver Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour with Sick Puppies and others later this month, Lacuna Coil is preparing for a big year.



Geeking out in new book


If you’re into reading and into obsessing over what rock stars obsess over, then the next book from Metallica’s Kirk Hammett is just for you! The shredder already dropped the book Too Much Horror Business which featured his collection of horror memorabilia. The new book is going to not only feature some of the monster and horror culture stuff from the 60s and 70s, but it is also going to get into the hot rod and surf culture as well. But don’t get your hopes up too quickly, the book isn’t expected to be out until late 2015 or early 2016.


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Before the New Decade, Festival Moved, New Video Right on Target, and Torture Music

Before the new decade


How long can you wait for a new Metallica album? One year? Two years? How about six? That’s how long it could take to pump out a new album, according to drummer Lars Ulrich’s predictions. It’s reported that singer James Hetfield has 800 pieces of music, while Kirk Hammett has 400. Hammett tells rolling stone once they figure out what’s gonna work, they start turning things around. As for the six year estimate, Lars said he expects a new album to be out before a new decade kicks in, which is six year away.


Festival moved


The Gathering of the Juggalos will have a new home next year somewhere on a Missouri farm’s campground, though it’s not clear exactly where the annual Insane Clown Posse festival will ultimately land. Psychopathic Records isn’t saying much about the move, but word that it won’t be heading back to it’s longtime southern Illinois location is surely welcomed word to law enforcement officials as The Gathering typically brings 10,000 people for a rowdy festival full of all kinds of crazy Juggalo nonsense. Authorities in the county where the festival may land in Missouri may not know what they’re in for. The Associated Press reports that a sheriff asked if the festival would feature Willie Nelson-style music. Boy are they in for a surprise!


New video right on target


Korn’s new video for “Spike My Veins” will be applauded by civil rights activists and media critics. The video opens with news of the NSA spying on the world and then shows clips of the most absurd celebrity nonsense. It then quickly kicks in with images of riots and protestors getting sprayed with chemicals while politicians like dance. Great watch! 5 stars, guys!



Torture music


The issue of the US Military using certain music in enhanced interrogations of potential terror suspects, also known as torture, is back out front. This time with the industrial rock act Skinny Puppy putting out an album titled Weapon. cEvin Key told the Phoenix New Times that the band had heard through a reliable source their music was used to stun or torture people on at least four occasions, so they thought it would be a good idea to make an invoice for the US government for their musical services, “thus the concept of the record title, Weapon.” The album is out now. Other band’s music has been used during enhanced interrogation of prisoners in Guatanamo Bay and elsewhere to much protestation from the artists whose music was used. There rarely is any confirmation or denial of such acts from government officials.


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Responding to Critics, Auctioning the Set, and Looking Forward

Responding to critics


It’s the figer-synching story that keeps on giving. Flea has responded to critics who called the Red Hot Chili Pepper out for pretending to play their instruments to a pre-recorded track at the most-watched TV event this past Super Bowl Sunday. Singer Anthony Kiedis sang live, but the rest of the band played pretend. In a lengthy open letter to fans this week, Flea said when they were asked by the NFL to perform they were told that vocals would be live, but the bass, drums and guitar would be pre-recorded, and he understands the NFL’s stance on the deal because there are only a few minutes of set up time and, quote, “a zillion things … could go wrong and ruin the sound for folks watching in the stadium and the t.v. viewers.” Flea also addresses criticism that the band said they wouldn’t ever do that type of thing, but then pointed to several other instances where the band had done it before, in a way mocking the entire concept. Watch a Chili Peppers “performance” from 1989 here:



As for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play the Super Bowl, Flea said they wanted to just have fund and do it. As for why not plugging in the instruments, Flea said “we thought it better not pretend.” But you did pretend. Just sayin’.


Auctioning the set


Amid the controversy of Red Hot Chili Peppers miming their set at the Super Bowl Sunday, the band and the NFL is set to auction off the drum set that Chad Smith was behind. The set featured logos from all the NFL teams with two bass drums: one bearing the Seattle Seahawks logo, the other the Denver Broncos logo. The money raised from the auction will be sent to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Not only are they auctioning off the drum set, they’re also auctioning several pairs of sticks Smith used in rehearsal and on TV. The microphones you saw connected to the set won’t come with the deal, ‘cuz they weren’t plugged in anyway!


Looking forward


In their continued rise, In This Moment have revealed that the band is ready to hit the studio for a new album. Guitarist Chris Howorth told Billboard that the band has a bunch of different ideas and they’re ready to head in and try to replicate the magic from their most recent attempt Blood. In This Moment recently signed with Atlantic records, which is a huge deal for any band. There could be a new single out sometime this summer with the album to drop this fall.


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Finger-Syncing, Planned Tour, Entering Rehab, and Entering the Studio



The Red Hot Chili Peppers took a huge leap in their career performing at the Super Bowl with Bruno Mars, and the criticism is continuing to pour in--mainly because there was plenty of fake performing going on. The band acknowledges they pretended to play along to a track they had recorded in advance of the performance. They also said that they decided a long time ago to never do such a thing, but Flea spilled the beans after a few fans noted the band’s instruments weren’t even plugged in. Singer Anthony Kiedis sang the song live, but the rest of the band acted out their parts. Rockers are lining up to call the band out for finger-synching their performance. That’s right, finger-synching. These things are typically done at a large televised event like the Super Bowl Halftime Show as a way to not run into sound problems … I bet GWAR would have played live!


Planned tour


Seether is taking to the road and will be in Chicago May 18th at the House of Blues. The band will be joined by Black Stone Cherry and Skindred. Tickets go on sale February 7th.


Entering rehab


One way to show up to rehab is really, really drunk … but what would you expect from rock mad man Al Jourgensen? The Ministry front man has long struggled with substance abuse, being notorious for using all kinds of heavy drugs. He kicked those habbits a while back but just couldn’t get off the bottle. Before going into rehab earlier this week, Uncle Al took to his Facebook page to sound off on a couple of different things, including the Super Bowl and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. He actually pronounced he would enter rehab several weeks ago, but noted he wanted to get blasted while watching the Super Bowl. He eventually made it there and noted that he checked in with a .33 blood alcohol level. That’s four times the legal limit. Hopefully he didn’t drive himself to rehab. To stay up-to-date on his progress, check out his Facebook page.


Entering the studio


Speaking of entering things … Papa Roach says they have entered the studio to begin work on their new album, though there’s no timeline on when that will be in front of fans. The band just performed during the ShipRocked Cruise.


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Correcting the Record, New Tune and Tease, Taking to the Road, and Celebrating 25 Years

Correcting the record


Stone Temple Pilots are denying that recording delays are behind the cancellations of their shows Down Under. It was reported last week that the band was having trouble finding a studio and a sound engineer to get them recorded and that’s why they had to cancel a few shows in Australia. Well, now the band is correcting that and actually announcing the cancellationof a few others shows. The band took to Facebook and said that unforeseen scheduling conflicts caused the cancellation of tour dates in Australia, and also some dates in the Middle East and Hawaii. They say the conflict wasn’t related to the recording of new STP material. No other specifics were given.


New tune and tease


Here’s to a new Chevelle album! A new tune was posted online this week. Fans can hear the song “Take Out the Gunman,” which has that typical Chevelle feel—fuzzy and latent rage preparing to boil over.



The band is teasing fans with an in-studio video that gives a bit of behind-the-scenes on their 7th studio album. The album titled La Gorgola is due out April 1st.



Taking to the road


Get ready for your face to be torn off when Mastodon takes the road for a tour this spring with a couple of bands from distant lands. The methodical and somewhat mystically strange metal band will be joined by Gojira and Kvelertak. There are only 13 gigs, but one of them is in Chicago at the Riviera Theater May 8th. Mastodon is currently putting together their follow up to 2011’s The Hunter. As for Norwegian natives Kvelertak and French natives Gojira, they’re still riding high on their recent releases. Tickets go on sale February 7th.


Celebrating 25 years


Speaking on foreign metal bands, Meshuggah are teasing a new release for 2014. Plus they posted some festival dates to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The Sweedish metal pioneers have put out seven full-length albums, seven EPs, a compilation disc, and a live recording during their career and now there could be several more releases this year. If you like metal and haven’t broached Meshuggah’s catalog, what the hell are you waiting for !?!


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Super Bowl Music, They Ain't Breaking Up, and Tragic Waste of Talent

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Super Bowl music


It was a pretty rockin' night for that mega awesome sports ball event everyone and their moms watched last night. Bruno Mars came out with his coolness and was the youngest act to play the NFL title game. As is tradition for Halftime Shows of this nature, the set was full of medleys. After performing three of his songs in quick succession, the Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage to perform their hit “Give It Away,” which is actually what the Broncos ended up doing. Then Mars took back over for a final song. But that wasn't all that the 48th Super Bowl had, there was also an incredible rendition of the Star Spangled Banner performed by Renee Fleming, an Opera singer who is given that title for a friggin' reason. She didn’t do any frilly changes as has been done at other games, and thank God she wasn’t some second rate celbrity trying to make headlines. It was just a straight up performance of our country’s anthem. Blam!


They ain’t breaking up


Regardless of what you’ve seen or heard, Motley Crue is not breaking up. That’s word from front man Vince Neil who is assuring fans that the band isn’t hanging up their capes just yet. Even after the final tour they have planned later this year, where they’ll perform over 70 different shows in four months, the band will still work to put out some new material and may even play live together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should they be inducted. The band announced their final tour last week where they all signed a contract stating they wouldn’t tour after this year. Neil tells a Phoenix radio station that’s why it’s called a final tour and not a farewell tour.


Tragic waste of talent


A ton of rockers are taking to Twitter to express their condolences to the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was found dead in his New York apartment of an apparent drug overdoes. With all kinds of words ranging from “tragic” to acknowledging the “monster called addiction” and even providing acclaim for his work, Hoffman’s passing is being felt this morning all around.


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