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Video Taken Down and Lawsuit Dropped, Vol. 2 Lands at No. 2, and Record Store Day

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Video taken down and lawsuit dropped


They dropped the video and with it the lawsuit … The saga over a toy company using a parody of a Beastie Boys song has come to an end after GoldieBlox decided to drop their bid to use the parody. The video showed several girls watching a boring TV commercial for some prissy princess toy, but then they kick on some crazy Rube Goldberg contraption and a song very similar to Beastie Boys’ “Girls” comes on. The remaining members of Beastie Boys didn’t like that too much and sounded the alarm. GoldieBlox went to court saying they wanted the right because it was a “parody” of the song. Beastie Boys said they support breaking down gender roles and what not, but the toy company was still trying to sell a product. The group has been steadfast in their opposition of using their music in commercial advertising. Even MCA’s will said no commercial advertising can use his music. Well, after this long drawn out saga, Goldieblox dropped their lawsuit and even pulled the video which had over 8 million views. But, they got the necessary publicity out of the whole deal, so it’s a win.


Vol. 2 lands at No. 2


They did it! They landed on the top of the charts … well maybe not the top, but pretty damn close. Five Finger Death Punch’s latest release Wrong Side of Heaven and the Rigtious Side of Hell Volume 2 landed at No. 2 on the charts. Volume 1 also landed at No. 2 when it was released this past summer. Not bad for a hard rock outfit! Esspecially when they go and sell more copies of their album than Lady Gaga sold. FFDP are currently out on the road with Avenged Sevenfold in Euriope and they will headline ShipRocked 2014 next year. Plus they’re taking suggestions for next years’ Trespass America tour.


Record Store Day


While everyone is out there in line boxing it out over the most obscene deals this Black Friday, keep in mind that your local independent record store has some deals going on as well. Today, it’s not just Black Friday … it’s also Record Store Day and you’ll be able to find a ton of stuff for that music lover on your list. There’ll be stuff from a variety of artists old and new. To get a complete list of deals and participating locations, hit up the website


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Unconventional Recording Expected, Plan to Perform New Song, New ††† Video

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Unconventional recording expected


The new Foo Fighters' album is going to be recorded in a way that's never been recorded before in history, according to front man Dave Grohl. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine the multi-instrumentalist says "it’s f–king rad," and they are gonna be recording soon, but mostly that "they're doing it in a way that no one’s done before" and that the band is writing the album in a way that has never been done before ... so he thinks. The band's new album is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2011 release Wasting Light. Grohl hints at his unconventional plans for the new album, but back with Wasting Light the band recorded on analog and cut the tape up to include in special releases. That's pretty bad ass. So, we're taking bets on what the unconventional method is going to be. Are they going to right the album via Skype and record it while jumping out of an airplane? No doubt that Grohl has been a busy bloke ... dude worked on the Sound City Documentary, has collaborated with country artists, been on kids' programs and more. Next thing we know he'll be the first rockstar to record in space.


Plan to perform new song


Metallica have a new song coming out and fans will get a chance to determine what they're set lists will be while out on tour in Europe. Here’s the deal: for their upcoming shows overseas, the band is asking ticket holders to vote on what their set list should be. Fans can pick 17 of the 18 songs. The one they can’t pick is a new tune the band plans to feature each night. Metallica also posted to their website that the band is ready to make another album. Meanwhile, the band’s Through The Never film will be released on many video formats (including 3D) this January.


New ††† video


††† (Crosses) have a new video fro the tune “Bitches Brew.” The band fronted by Deftones front man Chino Marino put out the video which shows a trio of girls in white dresses dancing around a bed while a old-school TV shows Chino singing. There’s a ton of strange and artsy after-effects leading up to the bed burning. What kind of Kubrickian symbolism is there? Not sure. You’ll have to watch it over and over again. ††† (Crosses) will release a self-titled album come February.



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Boys Not Happy by Girls Parody, Planned Solo Disc, and Inspired by Morello

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Boys not happy by "Girls" parody


You may have seen the new commercial featuring a parady of Beastie Boys' “Girls” that’s been circulating the webs. Well, the remaining members of Beastie Boys don’t approve. If you haven’t seen the spot, it’s a commercial for the toy company Goldieblox and features a parody of “Girls” sang by a bunch of young girls while scenes show a Rube Goldberg type of contraption being set off. Regardless of it being viewed over 8 million times, the Beastie Boys have put out a statement saying that while they support breaking down gender stereotypes and empowering girls an all, Goldieblox is still trying to sell a product. The remaining members of the group say they decided long ago not to let their tunes be used in commercial advertising. When MCA passed away, he was quite explicit in his will of that fact. But, it’s just a parody and not the real song. Goldieblox filed a lawsuit asking the courts to declare the video isn’t infringement of copyright.



Planned solo disc


He’s not letting health problems hold him back … Motorhead’s Lemmy has announced he’s putting out a solo album. In a recent interview the singer said he ain’t done with music yet and has a few projects up his sleeve, including a solo album, which he says is almost done. Some of the artists he’s worked with on the solo album include Dave Grohl, Reverend Horton Head, The Damned and Joan Jet. There’s no word on when a Lemmy Killmeister’s solo disc will come out, but we’ll keep you posted.


Inspired by Morello


Bruce Springsteen says the inspiration for his upcoming album was Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. During the E Street Band’s recent tour in Australia, Morello actually filled in for Steve Van Zandt and suggested they add a few songs to the set list. Springsteen liked the ideas so much he wanted to make a studio version. That then led to other recordings, including studio versions of “American Skin,” and “Ghost of Tom Joad,” a song that Rage Against the Machine covered quite well. Springsteen says the tunes have always needed some studio love and fans will get their fill with the album High Hopes January 14th.


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Outlaw Country Star Shot, He's Gonna be a Great-Grand Dad, Sevendust Looking for Funds & Grohl Almost Didn't Make It

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Outlaw Country star shot


Who says outlaw country isn’t hard as nails? A shooting that left outlaw country star Wayne Mills dead apparently started down in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Pit and Barrel bar after hours where Mills was smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area. A newspaper down that way says that the bar owner and Mills got into a confrontation about the smoking and the bar owner claims to have pull and fired because of self-defense … something police are still looking into. No arrests have been made and the owner had a valid permit for the gun. The Wayne Mills Band played the college town circuit for 15 years.


He's gonna be a great-grand dad


The band’s been around for 50 years and now the front man is about to be a great-grand dad. Mick Jagger is preparing to be a great-grandfather to his daughter Jade’s daughter. The 21-year-old is expecting and the date is coming soon. Jade tells a London newspaper that she doesn’t expect the new designation to slow Jagger down one bit. The Rolling Stones plan to tour Australia next year.


Sevendust looking for funds


Crowdfunding ain’t just for the small fish. Sevendust plans to seek funds from fans for a planned acoustic album. The PledgeMusic campaign helps bands seek funds from fans in order to bring about new projects. Sevendust explains in an intro letter for the campaign that they have some great ideas for new acoustic songs, plus some remakes of some old favorites. For every fan that drops some money down, they’ll get a download of the record and access to exclusive bonus content. There are other options, including dropping $2,000 to have a private dinner with the band or even $10,000 for a private acoustic show. For more, check out the band’s PledgeMusic page.


Grohl almost didn't make it


This month marks the 20 year anniversary of Nirvana’s historic “MTV Unplugged” session. With the anniversary comes details that Kurt Cobain almost didn’t permit Dave Grohl from performing. The revelation comes from MTV. Apparently Cobain didn’t like how rehearsals were going. But all worked out great. MTV has released some special behind-the-scenes footage of that performance.


Get More: Nirvana, Music News



Get More: Nirvana, Music News


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Bloody pics, She's suing, Schedules show and Through the Never release, and Composites

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Bloody pics


As we get closer to an eventual new album from Dave Grohl and the boys with Foo Fighters, fans are getting a glimpse at the grueling and bloody work the band is submitting themselves to. Grohl posted a pic to Foo Fighters’ Facebook page that shows the body of one of his session guitars and a couple of red-stained guitar pics. Now, some may think its some kind of contemporary art piece because of the vibrant red splatters on the guitar, but that’s Grohl’s blood. The message says “First practice. Been too long. Look out, Mexico … xoxo Dave.” The band will play in Mexico for two different shows next month.






She's suing


Though they weren’t blood, they were only married, and their three children were also not blood, they were adopted, Tim Lambesis’ wife is still suing for the As I Lay Dying singer for $2 million. Meggan Lambesis was the target of an alleged murder for higher plot. She filed for divorce back in 2012. Earlier this year, Tim was picked up and accused of giving an undercover cop money to kill his wife. Meggan says she and the three kids fear for their life. I’d sue too!


Schedules show and Through the Never release


Metallica have plans to play AT&T Park for their second annual Metallica Night in San Francisco. The band made the announcement that they’ll hook up with the San Francisco Giants May 16 of next year for another night of rock. Last year the group performed the National Anthem before the first pitch.


Speaking of Metallica, the band will have their Through The Never movie released on pretty much every video format you could think of, except VHS, BETA and LASER DISC. The movie will be available for fans January 28th of next year. There will be extensive behind-the-scenes extras for all formats. And yes, it will even be available via 3D Blu-ray, but you’ll have to have a 3D TV to catch the magic.




There’s a new site out there that has some updated images of what some dead rockers would look like if they were alive today. Top of the list is Kurt Cobain, but they also have composites of what John Lennon, Elvis Presley and even Janis Joplin would look like if they didn’t kick the bucket.


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Reznor Breaks to Facetime, Make Her Day, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, and APC Streaming Now

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Reznor breaks to facetime


In the middle of a Nine Inch Nails show in Las Vegas, front man Trent Reznor took to the stage with his iPhone to facetime a terminally ill fan. Longtime photojournalist Andrew Youssef couldn’t make the show over the weekend because of his illness—stage-4 colon cancer—so Reznor decided to give him a view from the stage just before performing Youssef’s favorite NIN song, “In This Twighlight.” Reznor became a fan of Youssef’s column “Last Shot” and the two have even had several lunches to just hang out. Video is circulating online of Reznor’s facetime with Youssef.



Make her day


In other kick-ass band news … Pop Evil recently tweeted a pic they took with a terminally ill fan, Alexis. The band says they wanted to make her day. See that and follow Pop Evil on Twitter at Get your tickets for Pop Evil at Bunkers! The show is December 7th. The band is out touring in support of their latest album Onyx, which is in stores now. After hitting up Bunkers in Illiopolis, be sure to request the tune “Deal with the Devil” on QLZ today!



Breaking up is hard to do


Hinder said peace out to front man Austin Winkler after the he went into rehab a few months ago. The band actually took to the road with Winkler which left fans confused about the future of the band. Well, that uncertainty is now much clearer as the band officially came out saying there is no bad blood, but the difficult decision had to be made for the best of everyone involved. The band has been rocking out on the road with a variety of guest vocalists including Saving Abel’s Jared Weeks, but there is no word of who will permanently replace Winkler.


APC Streaming now


You can stream A Perfect Circle’s new box set Stone and Echo right now. The band will be releasing the live box set featuring a live version of the new tune “By and Down” November 26th. The box set features some 20 different tunes spanning across the band’s career. The initial run of a special edition of Stone and Echo sold out so the band made the content, including video content, available digitally.


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Streaming Online Now, Honoring Hendrix, and Calling Rick Rubin

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Streaming online now


There's a reissue of Soundgarden's first album coming out next week and it's streaming online now ... Typically, a band will stream their forthcoming albums online a week before it comes out. Soundgarden decided to reissue their old album and stream it online ... okay. I guess it's better than trying to listen to YouTube versions. Anyways, the band will re-release their first album via Sub Pop Records ... the independent lable that helped burst the Seatle grunge scene on the national stage. As for if Soundgarden is touring ... nope. Front man Chris Cornell is doing some solo ditty here and there while drummer Matt Cameron is taking a leave of absence to rock with his other band Pearl Jam.


Honoring Hendrix


Meanwhile, Zakk Wylde has been tapped, along with other famed guitarists, to celebrate the music of Jimi Hendrix for the next edition of the Experience Hendrix tour. The tour begins this coming March outside of Dallas.


Calling Rick Rubin


Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler is telling rock publications that he wants to work with famed producer Rick Rubin on his next solo album. Tyler says he's working on it and hopes it will come out next year. He's worked with Rubin in the past. Believe it or not, but Rubin did the production of Aerosmith's collaboration with Run-D.M.C. for "Walk This Way". Tyler tells that the collabo was Rubin's idea. Let's see what other ideas Rubin has. Surely, he won't make Tyler sound old, tired and irrelevant. Aerosmith fans need not worry. Tyler says he's just wanting to put out some stuff that he's left sitting around for five years. Let's see if Tyler can outsell Aerosmith's latest album. "Music From Another Dimension" debuted last year at No. 5 on the charts selling 63,000 copies.


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QOTSA Interactive Video Out Now, Mastodon's Brew, and One-of-a-Kind Auction

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


QOTSA interactive video out now


The New Queens of the Stone Age Interactive video for "Vampyre of Time and Memory" is now live and if you've got an outdated machine, don't even try it. If you do try it, you may not want to have any other processes going ... just saying ... Once you get past the initial buffering you will come across a link to the iTunes version of the album Like Clockwork. You’ll also find some interesting Easter Eggs, including a lyric sheet, two different angels and two different settings of Queens performing (one is a room full of high-def taxidermed animals) and another scene all together of what appears to be a story of an aged diva lamenting the loss of time. The directors’ cut of the tune is now available as well through a link within the interactive site. But you don’t have to go through the bulky site to watch the director’s cut The director's cut includes the band decked out in tailored suits and a nice close up of front man Josh Homme's hands, with the knuckle tats and some white painted and minacured nails. There is also some really choice cinematography, and the aged diva lip syncs Homme's words quite well. Plus a piano that starts to breath like a monster ... just watch it. The project was a join venture between the band, The Creators Project, Intel and Vice.



Mastodon's brew


Just in time for the holidays, there’s a rock star brew making news. Mastodon are back at it, working alongside British beer maker Signature Brew to bring fans Black Tongue Brew. It’s a double black IPA with 8.3 percent alcohol! That’ll get ya going. It’s described has having “rumbling smoky notes” with “misbehaving punchy hops.” Did I mention it’s got 8.3 percent alcohol. It’s an American band with a UK imported beer. You’ll be able to order it up via the website Did I mention it’s got 8.3 percent alcohol? The band is also working on their sixth studio album and also havea live album coming out December 10th.


One-of-a-kind auction


And you know your relationship with your ex-wife is pretty much over when she starts auctioning off your things. That’s what Axl Rose found out when his ex-wife Erin Everly opened up an auction with some choice peices of the couple’s checked history, including the marriage certificate, a domestic abuse report and even some break-up letters penned by Rose. Go to Julien’s Auctions for more.


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Fame Meets Fame, GWAR's Funny or Die, and Can't Be Two Places at Once

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Fame meets fame


Not everyone is a metal head and not everyone watches TV. But the actor Michael C. Hall is still a good dude, even though Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe thought he was a porn star or something. Blythe shared a portrait of Hall, the actor who plays the lovable serial killer Dexter, after a show last week. With the black and white portrait came a fun story about how Blythe was chilling on the bus before a show and one of his cohorts brought Hall onto the bus and introduced him merely as Mike. Bltyhe kicked it, not thinking much about it, until several people, including the band’s video guy, came up to the Dexter star asking for a photograph. Blythe was confused and asked “bro, who ARE you?” He thought Hall was a rock editor or maybe a porn star. Hall revealed his identity to which Blythe responded “Oh … I don’t watch TV. I’m Sorry.” But then Blythe said … “Wait dude, I’m NOT sorry I don’t watch TV, but it’s really nice to meet you.” In the post, Blythe said Mike a good dude and that it’s important to just “let a mother f**ker chill.”



GWAR's Funny or Die


If you’re up for an 8 minute cartoon featuring GWAR’s Oderus Urungus ripping off Weird Al Yankovic’s face to wear while performing for kids at a birthday party … you’re in luck. Funny or Die has the exclusive animated short of the band’s new-found problem of their lead singer wanting to sing sanitized kids songs. They’re then tasked by a perverted doctor to get some virus out of an ancient frozen dinosaur. Think that’s weird, just wait until the end when the band save Oderus from being overly family friends.



Can't be two places at once


Meanwhile, imagine being the drummer for both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. That’s gotta get crazy when it comes to tour commitments. Well, for drummer Matt Cameron, it is getting crazy. So much so that Cameron is sitting out of the next Soundgardent tour because he’ll already be out with PJ. A statement posted on the Soundgarden website says that Cameron will take the temporary leave of absence to also spend time with his family. There will be a replacement drummer for Soungarden for any upcoming shows in the next year.


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Bassist Temporarily Departs, and Murder For Hire Trial Set

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Bassist temporarily departs


There’s a little bit of a shakeup in the Lamb of God lineup. Bassist John Campbell is being temporarily replaced by Fear Factory bassist Matt DeVries. Reports indicate that Campbell had to leave the band for the moment because of a family emergency. Fans noticed the change at a show Tuesday in Vancouver. The band is out on tour with co-headliners Killswitch Engage along with Testament and Huntress. The temporary change up is only expected through the rest of this week as DeVries needs to head back to Fear Factory as they get ready to tour with Megadeth. It’s still unclear when Campbell will return to the band. Lamb of God actually had to cancel their show in Washington November 11th because of the lack of a bassist. The band just released their 10 year anniversary edition of As The Palaces Burn.


Murder for hire trial set


If you’re waiting with baited breath for a new As I Lay Dying album … You might want to go ahead and start breathing again and brace for disappointment. Doubt it’s gonna happen anytime soon. Front man Tim Lambesis’ murder-for-hire trial has been set for March 2014. That was determined in court this week. Reports indicate that the singer showed up in court for a minute to reaffirm his “not guilty” plea on felony solicitation of murder charge. Lambesis is charged with trying to hire a hitman for $1,000 to murder his estranged wife. That hitman turned out to be an undercover cop. That was back in May. He posted bond a few weeks later and has been on house arrest since. It’s also been reported that Lambesis’ legal team argued his steroid use impacted his judgment and that there may have been some missteps by police in the arrest. Either way, fireworks are gonna fly this coming March. We’ll keep you posted.


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Reed's Memorial Service, Murder/Suicide Update and Waters' Dad's Death

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Reed's memorial service


Don’t expect to have a ton of grandstanding today when Lou Reed gets memorialized in New York. At the Lincoln Center in The Empire State there will be a public memorial this afternoon. According to Reed’s official Facebook page, there will be no speeches or any live performances during today’s ceremonies … “just Lou’s voice, guitar music and songs.” Recordings of the deceased artists will be featured today during the remembrance. Songs will be selected by friends and family. Reed died late last month after battling cancer problems.


Murder/suicide update


New details about the Yellow Dogs murder/suicide from earlier this week. A couple of surviving band members have posted a lengthy message saying they appreciate the out pour of support after Monday’s triple murder/suicide. The letter, provided to Pitchfork, gives details about the band’s beginning and end. The Yellow Dogs escaped Iran back in 2010 because Rock Music is banned there.


Waters' dad's death


If you know anything about Pink Floyd, it’s The Wall. If you know anything more about that, you know that Roger Waters has some deep seated issues with the loss of his father who was a British soldier during World War II. Well, a 93-year-old British war vet is helping the famed musician get details about his dad’s death. The Guardian reports that Harry Shindler hooked up with Waters at a veterans event and decided to help. What Shindler was able to find out is that Waters’ dad, Eric Fletcher Waters, died in a ditch at 11:30 in the morning February 18th, 1944. Roger Waters was only 5 months old. The spot where Waters’ dad died is now the town center of Aprilia. The Pink Floyd singer wrote a poem for Shindler to show his gratitude. Meanwhile, it’s reported that Waters is recording his first rock album in over two decades. That should be a treat.


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Making Wishes Come True, and Out Next Week and Streaming Online Now

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Making wishes come true


Who Says Papa Roach don’t have a heart? Recently the band got a knock on the door from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They had a patron who wanted nothing more than to meet the band. Super fan teenager Mark Guerra, who is currently battling a brain tumor, wanted record a tune with Pap Roach. The band didn’t just let Guerra come in for a recording session, they made a muti-day ordeal outta the whole thing. It started with dinner and then VIP access to a Papa Roach show in New Jersey, then the next day Guerra and his band Breaking Boundaryz took to the studio. Here’s what’s super-duper cool and a total dream come true for Guerra … Eleven Seven Music said they will release the EP digitally with a percentage of the profits going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s a win, win for everyone! The entire deal was captured by Fuse TV and will air Nov. 26th.


Out next week and streaming online now


The latest album from Five Finger Death Punch is streaming online right now. You can take to the inter-webs and listen to The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell: Volume 2 by heading over to iTunes. The album, a follow up to Volume 1 released earlier this year, is set to drop in stores next week. There will be a deluxe edition of the album featuring a DVD.


They recently toured with Avenged Sevenfold and Deftones and now Ghost B.C. has a new EP produced by Dave Grohl they’re streaming online. You can head over to the Consequence of Sound blog to stream the Swedish metal outfit’s If You Have Ghost. The Grohl produced EP drops in stores next week.


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Band Break-Up Gone Bad, Tour Has Slot Ripe for Springfield Stop and FFDP Seek Fan Input

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Band break-up gone bad


You may have heard about the triple murder suicide in Brooklyn that happened early yesterday morning. News has it that it may have been a disgruntled band member who killed his former band mates, another person and then killed himself. There were also others who were injured in the shooting. The New York Post reports interviews with neighbors about the band Yellow Dogs kicking one of their members out. That member then come back with a rifle to murder his former band mates before killing himself. What makes the story even more grisly and bizarre is the band were native Iranians who fled that country because rock music is Illegal in Iran. A documentary titled No One Knows About Persian Cats about the underground rock music scene in Tehran, Iran, featured the Yellow Dogs and then the band fled before the documentary was released in 2009. Another short featured from a year and a half ago features several band members talking about their passion for music.



Tour has slot ripe for Springfield stop


It’s happening! Two of the hottest chick fronted metal bands are taking to the road together and it’s gonna be epic. Monster Energy has announced the Hellpop II Tour featuring In This Moment and the Butcher Babies, along with Devour the Day and All Hail the Yeti. The 16-date tour kicks off in Oregon January 2nd and then snakes through to Kansas City January 8th. There’s a TBA January 10th that is perfect for a stop in Springfield before bumping over to Indiana on January 11th. Lets make this happen!


FFDP seek fan input


Speaking of suggesting tours stops, Five Finger Death Punch says they’re gonna bring back their “Trespass America” tour for a 2014 run. But they want to hear from fans before they do. The Facebook Page for the festival has been naming bands that members of FFDP want to bring aboard and gauging fans interest. That could very well lead to fans determining who FFDP books for the tour. We’ll keep you posted.


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Late Night Debut, Don't Wipe That There, and Wrath Full of Rage

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Late night debut


I was just thinking this the other night … I’ve never seen Nine Inch Nails do a late night show. You know, bands do it all the time. They’ll go on Letterman or Leno or Conan … you know, to hit up the late night crowd. Nine Inch Nails have never done that … until last week. For the first time in their 25 years of existence, the band made their late night network TV debut and Jimmy Kimmel was their host Thursday. There the band played the tunes “Various Methods of Escape” and “All Time Low” from their latest album Hesitation Marks. Watch those video below:




Don't wipe that there


Not to self, don’t go to another country and wipe your ass with their flag … or a favored soccer jersey for that matter. Red Hot Chili Pepper’s drummer Chad Smith is getting death threats from crazed soccer fans in Brazil after a drum clinic he recently was part of. Video shows the drummer on stage getting a jersey from what some observers say is a Flamengo club jersey and then he puts it down the back of his pans and makes a wiping motion. Bad call, Chad. That angered the audience in the video and online. The band had a gig ion Rio de Janeiro Saturday night. Smith has since apologized.



Wrath full of rage


There’s another video from Buckcherry, and this one’s a must see! The video opens with what looks like a bunch of troubled teens and other miscreants walking into a basement of some sort and then a select few of them getting into a cage where punches are thrown and faces are bloodied. It doesn’t seem to matter that a dude is hitting a chick and visa versa … the rage is thick with the band performing in the background. The tune is “Wrath” and it’s from the band’s Confessions album. The cage match between bunches of troubled people isn’t the only thing the video features … it also shows what are some horrible memories from one kid in particular … a kid who saw something tragic as a youth. He obviously takes his wrath out on somebody in the cage. Watch the video today.



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Natural Born A7X, Eyes Wide Alexandria, Working on New Album, and Contractual Issues

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Natural Born A7X


With rock music comes rock videos and we’re getting our fill this morning after Avenged Sevenfold released the video for “Shepherd of Fire.” The track is from the band’s latest album Hail to the King and shows the band driving around in a covetable with all kinds of psychological landscapes—in the vain of the Oliver Stone motion picture Natural Born Killers. The band is also shown performing the tune painted with a red light. A7X fans won’t be disappointed … though, it makes me want to go watch Natural Born Killers again.



Eyes wide Alexandria


Another rock video out this morning is Asking Alexandria’s “Killing You.” This one also seems to be based off a movie … Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes’ Wide Shut. A pretty attractive brunette is seen getting ready for a party. She ignores her mom’s call several times and then heads to a mansion where a bunch of people are masked. If you’ve seen Eyes Wide Shut, you get the gist. But the guys from Asking Alexandria take it a bit further … Caution the video gets pretty graphic with nudity and blood.



Working on new album


A message posted to Godsmack’s Facebook page shows the band in Florida where they say they’re writing their next album. The new disc, which is set for a release sometime next year, will be the follow up to their last studio album The Oracle.


Contractual issues


Slayer front man Tom Araya is opening up about the ouster of their drummer Dave Lombardo. Araya says that the rocky relationship was made even more rocky when just before the band took to Australia for a tour. After several attempts to come to new terms, Araya says Lombardo was just not cooperative. So, they notified the drummer his services were no longer needed.


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Campbell in Remission, Auction Next Month, New Music Video, and New Art Project

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Campbell in remission


Vivian Campbell, the guitarist from Def Leppard, has some good news in his battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma … after a series of tests, Campbell shares on Facebook that he is officially in remission. There is some bad news, though. Campbell says that’s no longer an excuse to not to to the gym. The guitarist announced over the summer that he was being treated with Chemo.


Auction next month


Want a piece of music history? If you’ve got a enough $krilla, you may be albe to get the Frankenstrat that Eddie Van Helen used on the album 1984. The Kramer red guitar with white and black stripes is expected to fetch up to $150K. Meanwhile, a book of unpublished poetry and other thoughts from Jim Morrison are also up for sale. Those are just some of the items expected to be auctioned off December 18th in LA.


New music video


Joey Jordison’s side project Scar the Martyr has a new video for the song “Soul Disintergration”. The video is a live performance video, integrated with a several different people either running, riding a moped, bike and skateboard. They all eventually end up at what appears to be a backyard party where the band is performing. Pay attention to one character’s eyes at the very end … what a twist!



New art project


It’s called Disarming Time and it’s a new art project from Serj Tankian. The talented and multi-faceted artist will feature 22 different art pieces with an exhibit next week in Hollywood. It’s gonna be a bunch of mixed media and sculptures all paired with music made specifically for each work. What’s really neat is the interaction art lovers will find when they download a smartphone app titled Eye For Sound. The app allows users to scan and recognize the art pieces and then pull up the associated audio track for the content.


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A Side of Side Projects, Device Drops Out, Rescheduled Dates, and Simmons Smack Talk

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


A side of side projects


They call them selves ††† (crosses) and they’ll debut their self titled album comes out in February, but you’ll be able to pre-order the disc later this month. The project, voiced by Deftones front man Chino Marino, dropped a couple of tunes online for fans to listen to on repeat. You can listen to “Bi†ches Brew” and “†he Epilogue” via YouTube right now. The first single “†he Epilogue” will be released as a single Monday. Chino’s other project Palms released their self-titled album earlier this year. Meanwhile, Deftones recently wrapped up a tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Ghost B.C.


Device drops out


Speaking of Avenged Sevenfold, they’re gonna have to find another opener for their European tour as David Draiman and Device are bowing out. Draiman wants to focus on his newborn son Samuel. If you’ll recall, Device had to cancel a number of tour dates recently because of some complications with wife Lena Yada’s pregnancy. But all turned out well with the healthy birth of Samuel. Best of luck to the family.


Rescheduled dates


After telling fans he had to get more healthy, Lemmy and the guys from Motorhead are laying out a set of fresh dates for their postponed European tour. The band will pick back up in Scotland February and then end up in Helsinki, Finland mid March. Lemmy recently had a defibrillator implanted, and then suffered a hematoma. That was over the summer. Here’s to a speedy recovery, Lemmy!


Simmons smack talk


We all know that Kiss’s Gene Simmons likes to talk smack. Well, Ace Frehly ain’t havin’ it. Talking with a radio station in New York, the former Kiss guitarist says Simmons suffers from too much focus on business and not enough on personal relationships. Simmons recently said that working with Frehly and other former band members was like having a “cancer in your system”. Frehly said that Simmons only motivation was making money and that pissed off thousands of fans.


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Manson's Acting Portfolio, More Crossover, and Interactive Video Coming Soon

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Manson's acting portfolio


Our focus today is in the actor’s studio where several rock stars are crossing over to the world of being in front of the camera … and not for music videos. We turn our attention first to Marilyn Manson. The shock-rocker isn’t new to being an actor. Last year he starred in the bizarre short-run series Wrong Cops. Recently he’s also been used as the voice of Shadow for the ABC production of Peter Pan and also showed up in a Funny or Die clip about scary fire-side ghost stories. Now the make-upped rocker is completely out of character for a cameo in East Bound and Down where he plays a server at the restaurant Jelly Beans. In the short clip of the cult HBO comedy, Manson is seen roller-skating up to the table where Danny McBride is talking to his wife about divorce. Manson is seen wearing no makeup and short orange shorts. It’s a must see.



More crossover


Meanwhile, a much longer clip of the web series Ghost Ghirls features the likes of Dave Grohl and actor/musician Jack Black … oh yeah, Val Kilmer is also in the show … all acting as members of a band named Sweetriver and the Hucleberry Dogs.



Interactive video coming soon


Without much fanfare, Queens of the Stone Age released a trailer for what looks like a major produced video for the tune “Vampyre of Time and Memory”. Queens are seen sitting around a piano in a room full of taxidermed animals. Then there’s a close up of front man Josh Homme who spins around a wand with a bear or pig head tip. Bizarre. Anyway, the final card in the minute-long preview says “Coming Soon, an interactive music video.” It also shows that there are a few hands involved including Matador, the record company, The Creators Project, Intel, and the alternative media outlet Vice. With that kind of firepower, it’s sure to be a pretty stellar project. Just when will it come out and how will it be interactive … that’s still unclear.



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Back on Stage Next Month, Tremaine to Direct The Dirt, and Lady Looks Like Miss Universe

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Back on stage next month


Foo Fighters fans really didn’t have to wait too long for a return to the stage. After taking just a handful of months off after releasing and touring for the album Wasting Light, the band plans to be back at it next month. The word is they’ll return to the stage for their first full fledged shows December 11th and 13th in Mexico City. Does that mean the band has a new album? Well, if you recall, front man Dave Grohl was pretty busy in the early part of this year with his Sound City documentary, but that hasn’t kept the band from being creative. Grohl and others hinted at the band already putting together new music. Surely we’ll hear something come 2014.


Tremaine to direct The Dirt


Raise your hand if you want to see a biopic about Motley Crue. Now raise your other hand if you want to see a band sanctioned and approved biopic? Now you may want to lower both hands and shield your balls before Jackass director Jeff Tremaine come in to give you a crotch shot … ‘cuz word is he’s gonna be behind the camera directing the film. Titled The Dirt, the 448 page book is pure debauchery in the name of Rock ‘n Roll and who better to help translate that debauchery to the big screen than Tremaine? Tremaine says he gets a ton of offers to direct movies, but he incisted and actually sought out The Dirt. Nikki Sixx is already touting an Oscar victory. Tremaine has the No. 1 movie out right now in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.


Lady looks like Miss Universe


Move over Miss Universe, Steven Tyler wants to get a look at you. The Aerosmith rocker has been tapped to be one of the judges and a performer for Saturday’s Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. It’ll air on NBC. Check your local listings.


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Underdog rising, Durst's drama, The next project, and Dedicated Star

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Underdog rising


There’s a new video from Jason Newsted’s band, Newsted. The tune “King of the Underdogs” comes in at just over 6 minutes and has the bassist lit up in all red as if being taken over by rage. He then goes into a cniption fit where the band then appears in a cave with a checkerboard floor. The band featuring Mike Mushok from Staind has an album out now titled Heavy Metal Music.



Durst's drama


Fred Durst thinks his life is so interesting that it’s fit for a TV show … that’s why he’s in the process of developing an autobiographical TV drama for the CW network. The notorious front man for Limp Bizkit will develop the one-hour TV drama called The Noise, which will be about a musician in the 1990s who forms a band that hits the big time. But surely hitting the big time isn’t the only thing that works its way into the show. As with most things Fred Durst, there’s sure to be some drama.


The next project


Jane’s Addiction front man Perry Farrell is no stranger to side projects. His latest is called Kind Heaven and he hopes it will surface in the near future. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter he says he doesn’t have the money in pocket right now to make it happen, he wants people to remember the name so when it does happen they can hop all over. It’s still unclear if Kind Heaven will be a solo project or if it’ll be the next Jane’s Addiction release. We should know more next year.


Dedicated star


Speaking of Jane’s Addiction, the band got the 2,509th star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and all the founding members of the band were there to celebrate the dedication. In its infancy, Jane’s Addiction toured the LA club scene extensively.


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