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QOTSA on Conan, Video out now, Another Manson cameo

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


QOTSA on Conan


Queens of the Stone Age performed on Conan last night. The band took to the stage for the TBS show to perform the tune ”Vampyer of Time and Memory” from the album Like Clockwork. The tune was performed with front man Josh Homme taking to a blood red piano wearing a nice navy suit. The entire band all were wearing suits … Were they dressing up for Halloween? Does anyone ever get this right? Watch that performance today at Queens of the Stone Age recently announced a tour of Australia where they’ll share the stage with Nine Inch Nails.



Video out now


You’ve been hearing Shinedown’s tune “Adrenaline” on the air and may have even had it on repeat on your mp3 player ‘cuz it’s from their 2012 album Amaryllis. Hell, the disc has already pumped out three No. 1 singles, and even a No. 2 tune. Now the band is out spinning the tune in video land. The video is a mix of live video and still shots of the band ripping it up on stage.



Another Manson cameo


Marilyn Manson isn’t just lending his voice to an ABC show about Peter Pan, he’s also lending his comedy talents to Funny or Die. The opening clip to the 20 minutes video mocks old 50’s black and white horror shows while at the same time highlights, using dolls, some of the better horror movies of the day. Then it gets into a wiener roast where some kids ask “are these stories spooky to you?” Then Marilyn Manson shows up blindfolded and starts into a story … you’ll have to watch the entire thing to get the full impact.



Paying respects


After Lou Reed’s death, a flurry of rock stars and other musicians took to the webs to share their thoughts. We were a bit taken-a-back when all Metallica did was post a picture of the band with Reed from the Lulu photoshoot. Well, now, drummer Lars has posted his heartfelt tribute to the influential poet/singer in The Guardian newspaper. Reed passed away earlier this week.


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Lemmy Needs to Heal, Mars Says He's Fine, and Streaming Now

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Lemmy needs to heal


Motorhead’s European tour has been postponed as front man Lemmy Killmiester’s health comes into the equation. The front man took to Facebook and said he’s not quite back to what he says is “full fitness and rude health.” This coming from the guy who, in his lifetime, has probably drank more liquor than the volume of Lake Springfield. Lemmy says he’s not about to turn soft and start promoting veganism and alcohol-free drinks, yet, but he is reconfiguring some areas of his life so he can be stronger than ever. Not sure what that means, but more power to ya, Lemmy! Dude’s got diabetes, had a recent meatoma and has some heart issues.


Mars says he's fine


Forget everything you’ve heard or read … Mick Mars’ health is not the reason for a possible final farewell tour from Motley Crue. The guitarist has taken to Twitter to dispel those rumors saying “I am doing fine, my AS has never kept me from touring.” Last week a video of Crue drummer Tommy Lee put out the idea that a farewell tour is just around the corner and may be the last thing from the band on the road. Lee cited Mars’ health condition as a reason, something that front man Vince Neil has hinted at in the past as well. Lee replied to Mars on Twitter and said “it’s probably not so much about your physical health it’s more about our mental health as a band! Haha!” Nice cover, Tommy. Not!


Streaming now


Wanna stream Scott Stapp’s new album? Head on over to Soundcloud (via Loudwire) where Stapp has made the album Proof of Life available to stream. The album drops November 5th.


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Day in the Life Videos, Save the Dolphins, and Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Day in the life videos


Well, if you ever wanted to know what a day in the life of Sick Puppies bassist Emma Anzai is like, now is your chance. The vixen bassist is shown in “A Day in the Life” video being blown away doing everyday trivial things. Another video of drummer Mark shows him getting confused for magician Chris Angel by a passerby on the streets, and the one for Shim goes into problem with LSD … not the drug, the disease—known as Lead Singer’s Disease. The videos have been out for a bit, but we just stumbled upon them and so should you … if not just to watch Emma’s hair get tossed around by a blowing fan while she eats cereal, reads a magazine, and applies hairspray. Watch all three videos with the playlist here.


Save the dolphins


“You know the dolphins made me cry” isn’t just a Hootie and the Blowfish line … now it’s something a bunch of rockstars surely are feeling as they plan to do a one-time supergroup performance to save the dolphins. Slash, Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan, Corey Taylor, Glen Hughes, and Steve Stevens will all get together to form Kings of Chaos. That one-off show will be November 18th in LA and will be their only North American show. It’s a fundraiser for the Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, an international organization aimed at preventing the slaughter of dolphins.


Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World


A very Not-Safe-For-Work video from Steele Panther is out. The video shows the band walking up to their singer who was meeting with the Devil. The devil walks off and then the singer tells the others the world is going to end tomorrow and they should just party. Then there’s a punch of pill poppin’, weed eating, bikini grinding, bare boobalage and shaking booties mixed with some chicks making out. It’s a great way to see some breasteses on YouTube. You may have to sign in with an adult’s account to view the video. Steal Panther’s new album All You Can Eat is due out next year.



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Lou Reed Dead at 71, Honoring Reed, and Update on New Tool

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Lou Reed dead at 71


A very influential singer/songwriter has passed away after a battle with liver problems. Lou Reed is dead at the age of 71. Reed fronted The Velvet Underground back in the day, and even though they weren’t top selling, it was clear they had a huge influence on other musicians. Aside from that work Reed also put out a ton of solo work. Some of his more noticeable songs includes “Perfect Day” and “Walk on the Wild Side.” As for some of his other work, he did venture into the absurd. Some would even say part of his catalog was unlistenable. Of that includes the 1975 album Metal Machine Music. Critics also took Reed to task for his 2011 collaboration with thrash metal kingpins Metallica for the album Lulu. Reed did get a Grammy during his career back in 1998. Rest in Peace, Mr. Reed.


Honoring Reed


A ton of rockers are taking to the webs to react to the death of Lou Reed. Some of the standard-bearers of Twitter, including Nikki Sixx, Flea, Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, and others all at least sent their blessings for Reed to Rest In Peace, if not taking more time to share their thoughts. Paul Stanley said Reed was a trailblazer who played by his own rules. As for an official word from Metallica? The only thing posted thus far is a pic of the band with Reed on the band’s Facebook page. There was no caption, and I guess, none needed.


Update on new Tool


As for a new Tool album, a lengthy post to the band’s website will surely give fans the glimmer of hope that they so desperately need, essecially given the last Tool album was back in 2006. Anyways, one of the latest updates on the band’s official website (which hasn’t been retooled in years) has the headline “TOOL MAKING HEADWAY WITH NEW MATERIAL.” Therein it talks about an epic song the guys have been working on for sometime. As for Maynard’s involvement, the post simply says his time will come.


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Pay Your Bills Bands, You Could Direct the Next Vid, and Streaming Now

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Pay your bills bands


This is what happens if you don’t pay your record studio or your producer … your music gets turned into dance tracks. That’s exactly what happened to a hardcore band that didn’t pay their bills. The young hardcore band is Altitudes and they’ve got a new video, but it’s not something they put out or something they produced. In a video that was posted just a few days ago and has since gone viral, the opening statement is “What happens when a hardcore band doesn’t pay the engineer for his time and sweat he put into their mix and video? They get a horrible dance remix free of charge.” Well, the band took to the webs and said that they never intended to let the engineers hard work go unpaid.



You could direct the next vid


Want to help Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington create the first official video for the tune “Black Heart”? The would be directors are asked to submit videos to the site They must be in by December 11th. The winning clip, chosen by the band, will receive a $5,000 grand prize. The lyric video for the tune is already out, and stands alone quite well, but the band wants more and they want you to get involved. The band kicks off their next leg of a North American tour November 1st.


Streaming now


Speaking of Chester Bennington, his other band Linkin Park are streaming their new remix album RECHARGED right now. Swing on over to to hear the 15 tracks that’ll be available in stores this coming Tuesday. There will be a $500 package to include CDs, a 3D sculpture based on the album artwork for Living Things, a 48-page art book and just the novelty of paying $500 for one of 500 being sold.


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Topping the Charts, Metallica to Play Antarctica, Possible Reunion Talk, and Stars to Get Stars

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Topping the charts


It really wasn’t much a surprise: Pearl Jam topped the charts selling over 160,000 copies of their new album Lightning Bolt in the first week. That was enough to beat out a legendary Beatles member’s solo album … that was Paul McCartney’s album New. Pearl Jam aren’t stranger to the top of the charts. Other previous Jam albums that topped the Billboard 200 include their 2009 album Backspacer, No Code from 1996, Vitalogy and Vs.. They got a couple of No. 2 charted albums with Ten and their self-titled 2006 album.


Metallica to play Antarctica


This could be interesting: In an obvious publicity stunt, Coca-Cola Zero, the soft drink loaded with artificial sweeteners, will transport Metallica to Antarctica to perform a gig. The deal is one lucky winner and a guest of their choice will get to witness the performance … but that’s all according to Coca-Cola’s Columbia website, and we all know how much we can trust the Colombians.


Possible reunion talk


Do they, or do they not hate each other? That’s the question as a possible Guns N’ Roses reunion isn’t ruled out by Slash. At least, that’s what the legendary shredder is telling Larry King. During an interview on King’s new internet show, Slash said the answer to a possible GN’R reunion is the “$64,000 questions.” He said a reunion isn’t something anyone has reached out for. He also says that he’s not harboring a lot of resentment. Which really translates to he has a little bit of resentment. But, Slash says, it’s just not something we’re all thinking about doing … right now. Can you imagine a GN’R reunion … holy cow. Axl would end up causing a riot a Riverport again, I know it.


Stars to get stars


The Hollywood Walk of Fame has some new additions including the likes of Jane’s Addiction. That star along the blvd. in Hollywood will be unveiled next week in a perfect location for tourists to drop gum on and birds to unload on. Janis Joplin will also get a star.


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Davis to Moody: Quit the Sause, Latest Linkin Park Video, and Live Release Out Now

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Davis to Moody: Quit the sause


Imagine one rock star telling another rock star to not drink so much ... that's exactly what Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan Moody said Korn's Jonathan Davis did. In an interview with MetalHammer, Moody said that his family has a history with alcohol abuse and deep down he knew he had a problem, but it took Davis to really get the point across. Moody says the Korn front man pulled him onto their bus one night and said hundreds of thousands of people listen to FFDP and he can make a real impact on their lives and that he loved what he does on stage and with his music ... Davis also said he should quit the sauce. Davis himself has battled addiction. Though he claims to not have had a drink since 1998, Davis did share that he had a problem abusing Xanax, something he actually did a stint in rehab to get over.


Latest Linkin Park video


Chester Bennington isn't letting his work with Stone Temple Pilots keep from his other band, Linkin Park, from putting out new music videos. The latest from Linkin Park is for the tune "A Light That Never Comes." In what appears to be a future world full of holograms, the tune gives LP fans what they expect—a blend of electronica with some infectious riffs. The tune will be available on Linkin Park’s forthcoming Recharged album that drops October 29th.



Live release out now


Ted Nugent’s working his way to becoming relevant in the music world, after spending plenty of time in the political arena. With his new live CD and DVD out now titled Ultralive Ballisticrock, it makes us think of some other live album titles he’s had in the past like Intensities in 10 cities. Very clever, Nuge. Uncle Ted plans to get back into the studio next year to put together a new album. We’re waiting with baited breath … not really.


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Planning the Farewell Tour, New Album Tease, and On the Charts

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Planning the farewell tour


Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee has announced that they will indeed do another tour, and this time it will be their farewell tour. One of the big factors in the decision to be a final tour is the health of guitarist Mick Mars who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, which is a spinal disease that fuses his vertebrae together. When will the farewell tour happen? It’s not certain but in a video featuring Tommy Lee and techno artist DeadMau5 Lee says that Mars’ condition is progressively getting worse and Mars won’t want to tour much longer. Lee also says he wants a big blowout farewell tour and to be done with it because he doesn’t want to be one of those bands who resorts to playing county fairs. A couple of months ago Vince Neil was also saying that the band will be done either next year or in 2015. But a few days after that Mars took to Twitter and said all is well. We’ll see.



New album tease


Corey Taylor is giving Slipknot fans a bit of an idea of what he thinks the next Slipknot album should sound like. If you dug Iowa and Vol. 3, then you’ll dig what they’re working on. There’s no official timeline laid out, but Taylor, Shawn Crahan and Joey Jordison are all in the process of putting stuff together for a new album. It could be sometime next year for the band to get the pieces pt together.


On the charts


Korn’s Paradigm Shift landed on the Billboard Chart Top 200 at No. 8. The first album from the guys featuring original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch beat out the third album from Cage the Elephant. Their album Melophobia landed at No. 15 on the charts. As for the EP High Rise from Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, they got the 24th spot on the top 200. Those are the latest Billboard numbers. We’re expecting an update later this week that will show Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt taking top honors. According to Hits Daily Double, Pearl Jams latest album has already sold over 100,000.


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Out Tuesday, On Network TV, and Given His Own Day

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Out Tuesday


They rehearsed for about 10 days before taking to the stage to record their live CD and DVD and Def Leppard are stoked to give you Viva! Hysteria, which comes out tomorrow. The band’s bassist Rick Savage says during rehersals the band had to play a few songs more than just a few times because there are some tunes they rarely played on the forthcoming release. As for some other songs … Savage says there are some that are a “pain in the butt” to have to rehearse and you could only imagine what songs those could be. Could “Pour Some Sugar On Me” be one? Yup! As for getting phycially ready to be Def Leppard on stage, Savage says that the band only tweeked their lifestyle slightly by drinking only 9 bottles of wine instead of 10. Lushes. The live DVD and CD Viva! Hysteria drops in stores tomorrow.


On network TV


Marily Manson gets all cartoonified by lending his voice to the ABC show Once Upon a Time. Rolling Stone Magazine reports that Manson will be the voice of Shadow, who works for Peter Pan. In an interesting twist on the Shadow character from the traditional “Peter Pan” story, this Shadow actually steals children. The show creators said they wanted someone who could make their skin crawl and they got it with Manson. The show featuring Manson’s voice will run in November on ABC. Check your local listings.


Given his own day


Sammy Hagar is getting honroed in Lowell, Massachusetts with his own day. That’s because he gave a check for $5,000 to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank before his concert there. So that’s how much it costs to get a day named after you … Maybe we can get our listeners to raise five grand for an area food bank to get the Springfield City Council to make an upcoming day QLZ Day! The Challenge is on!


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New Dethklok Tune and Production, Trouble in Camp Buckcherry, and Lawsuit Filed Against Van Halen

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


New tune and production


The animated band Dethklok from the popular Cartoon Network cartoon Metalocalypse has a new tune and a new event that’s set to air on the basic cable network’s Adult Swim programming later this month. Titled, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera will air on Cartoon Network October 27th. In anticipation of the show’s airing, the band has made the tune “Blazing Star” available online. Along with the TV production, there will also be a feature showing some behind the scenes that will show the 50-piece orchestra and maybe some special guests like Jack Black, Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame and even a member of Cannibal Corpse. Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small the next chapter of Dethklok is like nothing he’s ever done before and that it’s a full blown musical with high stakes drama and emotional moments, and of course some ridiculous comedy.  Listen to the tune below:



Trouble in camp Buckcherry


A bit of a shakeup with Buckcherry—the band has parted ways with longtime bassist Jimmy Ashhurst, and with it there’s some baggage. The band took to their website to address why saying that it wasn’t a rash decision nor an easy one to make. The post indicates there may have been creative differences and several years of inner turmoil but is pretty vague in what exactly those differences are other than Ashhurst was unhappy for a while. Replacing Ashhurst will be Kelly Lemieux.


Lawsuit filed against Van Halen


She’s not even married to him anymore, but she’s using his name for financial gain … that’s according to a lawsuit field by the band Van Halen against the wife of drummer Alex Van Halen. Alex divorced Kelly Van Halen back in 1996, but she kept the name and used it in her construction and interior design company. That may have been forgivable, but then she went a step further and tried applying for trademarks for products like chairs, blankets and other things. The band says that would cause confusion in the market.


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New Look at Forthcoming Lamb of God Documentary, and Strange Bedfellows

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


New look at forthcoming Lamb of God documentary


Lamb of God fans are getting chills after the band released a trailer for the documentary As The Palaces Burn. The documentary features several other artists, including Slash, talking about the band’s prominence in the metal community. It also features fans from around the world expressing why they’re drawn to the heavy metal band. But more importantly, the film also covers, in detail with documentary video filmed on location, of front man Randy Blythe being put on trial in Prague for murder after a fan was thrown off a stage at a concert overseas. Blythe was eventually aquitted, but it makes for an amazing story—one that we’ll be able to see in select theaters and home release next year. The 10th anniversary edition of the album As the Palaces Burn is due out next month.



Strange bedfellows


Oh, the conversations rock stars have when they’re drunk … We’re hearing details of what could be a bizarre concert lineup including the likes of Metallica, Green Day and … U2. Here’s the skinny. Several years ago in San Francisco, members of Metallica met up with Green Day and U2 for dinner. I mean, hey, if you’re in the same town why not hook up for dinner and drinks. Well, according to what Metallica’s Lars Ulrich told MTV News in the UK that they all had too much to drink and then when Lars woke up he was told they all agreed to tour together. Now, that was just some drunken conversation, right? Apparently, because Lars says they haven’t talked about it since, but he’s still up for it … we would too, but we’d also have to be pretty drunk.


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Rock Hall Noms, By the Numbers, and Under the Knife

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Rock Hall noms


Nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced and on that list this year are names like Nirvana and KISS among others. Of the 16 acts that are up for a vote there are 8 first-timers. Nirvana surely will be a shoe in for the Rock Hall with the prominence and reverence for Kurt Cobain and other band members. In particular, surely Nirvana will be recognized for their contributions to making Grunge mainstream. As for KISS, it’s been a long battle to get the painted-up rockers in the Rock Hall. Maybe the band can have Gene Simmons talk some shit to get a secured spot. After all, they have inspired many a rocker from the likes of Weezer to even the theatrics of Slipknot. The 2014 class will be announced in December with the induction ceremony in April of next year.


By the numbers


On the charts this week, we’re looking at the top 200 and there ain’t much rock there. There’s virtual no hard rock in the top Ten. Avenged Sevenfold is still riding high with their latest attempt Hail to the King which currently sits at No. 17. Metallica’s soundtrack for Through the Never is at No. 25. Dream Theater’s self titled is at No. 38. Five Finger Death Punch are at No. 55 with their first volume of The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell and Nine Inch Nails are at No. 58 with Hesitation Marks. We may see some updated numbers later today to include the firs week of sales for the likes of Korn’s latest album. We’ll keep you posted.


Under the knife


Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is recovering from surgery he had on his gutty works. He had to go under the knife to correct a perforated divericulitis, or whatever. Either way, dude is recovering from the procedure in California.


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Stryper Back At It, Honoring Pearl Jam on Late Nite, New APC Song Streaming, and Halford on The Simpsons

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Stryper back at it


They rocked the 80s Christian scene with their heavy metal, big hair and tight leotards and now Stryper is back with a new song, music video and a new disc out November 5th. Even though it’s been 20 years since the band has put out new music, the riffs from the likes of guitarist Oz Fox and bassist Tim Gaines alongside the drums from Robert Sweet and vocals from Michael Sweet … it takes fans back a bit. The title track from the new album “No More Hell to Pay” is streaming online right now.



Honoring Pearl Jam on Late Nite


Late night TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon is doing something unique to help promote the new Pearl Jam album … he’s having on bands all week next week that will dig deep into the grunge legend’s catalog. Included in the lineup will be Chris Cornell joining with the Avett Brothers Monday with Fleet Foxes Tuesday and country artist Dierks Bently on Wednesday. That will culminate with back-to-back nights of Pearl Jam performing on the program Thursday and Friday. Pearl Jam’s new album Lightning Bolt is out today.


New song streaming


A Perfect Circle are teasing fans with the first new song in nine years. You can stream “By and Down” at where you can also read about the 13-track greatest hits compilation Three Sixty which is due out November 19th. There’s a 19-track deluxe edition also available. The new tune is as moody as A Perfect Circle has been known to be and surely you’ll want to hear it over and over again. As for that limited edition box set the band was selling for like $150 … they sold out of the 2,500 copies. Good news on that front is they plan on releasing A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone and Echo digitally November 26th.


Halford on The Simpsons


Judas Priest’s Rob Halford is getting ready to be canonized in cartoon when he joins up with Springfield natives The Simpsons. The entertainment magazines report that Halford will sing a parody of his classic tune “Breaking the Law” in an episode to air in January. In the ‘sode, Homer is pirating movies and showing them in his backyard. Way to stay relevant, guys!


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Discriminating Against Neck Tattoo, Eddie Doesn't Like Guns, Take PJ to the Ball Game

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Discriminating against neck tattoo


The drummer from Filter was barred access to a restaurant in Denver last week … because of his neck tattoo … that’s according to video from Filter front man Richard Patrick. Drummer Jeff Fabb told The Hollywood Reporter that he was perplexed by being denied a seat at the table at Brothers Bar & Grill because the band had eaten there earlier in the day. After their show they wanted to head back there and grab a bite with some fans, but Fabb wasn’t allowed in. Patrick used his cell phone to shoot video of Fabb being denied entry and then unloaded a profanity laced tirade at the establishment.



Eddie doesn't like guns


Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder is out there getting all political. The front man is taking a public stance about current gun laws in the US. In a recent interview, the PJ front man says he almost wishes “bad things” upon gun owners who think guns are fun. Without citing any poll, Vedder states that 90 percent of Americans want more gun laws and he also says that if he didn’t have music to take some of his aggression out or take the edge off “you wouldn’t want me having a gun either.”   Watch that video here.  It’s good you recognize that you shouldn’t have a gun, Eddie, because obviously you know nothing about them. Pearl Jam’s new album Lightening Bolt hits stores tomorrow.


Take PJ to the ball game


Meanwhile, the band’s tunes are going to get some love from baseball fans as Fox Sports partnered with the band to air select songs during the networks’ coverage of the World Series. That will be between October 23rd and the 31st. All together there will be about 48 PJ tunes set as music beds, opening teases, commercial bumpers and more.


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Grohl Produced EP, Flipping a Coin, By the Numbers, and Not for Profit

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Grohl produced EP


They’re currently on tour with Deftones and Avenged Sevenfold, and now Ghost B.C. is getting ready to drop a new EP that was produced by non other than Dave Grohl. The band has proven to be one of the breakthrough acts of 2013 after their softmore album Infestissumam got rave reviews. The EP If You Have Ghost features four cover tunes covering songs from ABBA, Depeche Mode and Rocky Erickson. The somewhat mellow tune If You Have Ghosts ist streaming online through YouTube. The Grohl produced disc will drop November 19th.


Flipping a coin


It’s the tour Down Under we wish would come the North America: Nine Inch Nails is set to tour with co-headliners Queens of the Stone Age in Australia and New Zealand. The bands have eight dates in which they’ll actually flip a coin each night to determine who will perform last and who will perform first. Nine Inch Nails is currently on a headlining arena tour in the US.


NIN and QOTSA Down Under


By the numbers


The official numbers aren’t quite out yet, but it’s being projected that the first Korn album with Brian “Head” Welch in 10 years may snag a No. 5 spot on the billboard charts with 40 to 45,000 copies sold. As for Alter Bridge, their album Fortress could come up from behind and grab a No. 6 spot with 30 to 35,000 copies sold. The EP from Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington could be in a close race with Cage the Elephant’s latest album for the No. 9 spot … Official numbers come out Wednesday.


Not for profit


So, what about the numbers from the new Metallica Movie? It was reported earlier this week on the Music Minute that the movie so far hasn’t grossed over $3 million. Front Man James Hetfield says he wasn’t expecting to make money off the project. Yeah, they did it for the fans … OK.


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Stapp is Back, Nirvana's RSD Offering, Megadeth to Honor Country Legend, and Wylde Halloween Getup

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Stapp is back


Creed front man Scott Stapp is taking advantage of being away from the band with a solo album out early next month … I know … we’re all dripping with anticipation. The singer has released a lyric video for the first single from the attempt titled "Slow Suicide". The tune comes in with a standard shrilling guitar riff then the signature marbles-in-the-mouth voice of Stabb burst onto the scene with the tag line “I’m committing slow suicide”. The lyric video also shows a bunch of pics of Stapp on stage, off stage, with long hair and short hair. The album Proof of Life comes out Nov. 5th.



Nirvana's RSD offering


The tradition of having independent record stores offer up some unique special limited edition artifacts the day after Thanksgiving continues this year, and though Nirvana has been out of the game making new music for years, there will be a newly remixed and remastered version of Nirvana’s In Utero next month for Record Store Day. The double disc vinyl set will feature new versions of the original tracks. Record Store Day is November 29th.


Megadeth to honor country legend


Signature Zakk beard, beanie and shirt
Signature Zakk beard, beanie and shirt

George Jones is getting honored with a tribute concert and Megadeth has been added to the lineup. Wait … Who? George Jones is a country legend … whey have a thrasher band there? Front man Dave Mustain says that Jones “had a way of putting his finger right into your wounds and letting you know” he understands your pain. That show will be November 22 down in Nashville.


Wylde Halloween getup


Need a last minute Halloween idea? Well, maybe not too last minute, but still. Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde has just the thing for some of you metalheads. There’s a limited-edition costume beard, mustache, BLS beanie and plaid cut-off button up shirt on his website that’s going for $70. The beard is even braided with one of the braids going down to the waist, just like Zakk’s. So, it’s a pretty good get for the Halloween party or if you just want to walk around your basement and act like your Zakk.


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Korn on Kimmel, Inside Their Head, and Coming Soon

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Korn on Kimmel


It's a good thing the internet is my DVR or I wouldn't get to see stuff like Korn on late night TV. The band, featuring original guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, appeared Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The best part is that Jonathan Davis' mic stand with the pointed metal tips is on full display on late night network TV ... Keepin' it classy, guys! That and they performed "Never, Never" and "Blind." Korn's album dropped Tuesday and they're on pace to chart very high. Will they get to number one? You can make that happen. Support music. Buy albums!


Inside their Head


Speaking of the new Korn album, it turns out that things weren't perfect when the band reunited with original guitarist "Head". But the tensions weren't about the earlier breakup, rather if the new album should be more dubstep/electronica or if it should be more rock. Davis says Head was there to provide some balance. Meanwhile, you may be wondering what's up with Head's other band Love and Death. Well, that future is uncertain. As of right now, he's moving forward promoting and touring on the new album.


Coming soon


There’s a whole bunch of stuff on the horizon to get excited about. Volbeat fans will be able to grab a special tour edition of the album Outlaw Gentlemen, and Shady Ladies featuring some new bonus tracks and a live DVD. That’s expected out November 4th.


Also our in November, Lamb of God will be reissuing their third album from 10 years ago. The reissue of the album As the Palaces Burn couldn’t happen without the band having to track down the master copies of the recording sessions. Once they did, they quickly put together the collection for the release. You can stream the remastered tune “Purified” online right now. The band also plan on releasing a documentary recounting the recording process.


Oh, and be on the lookout for new Monster Magnet October 15th. Titled Last Patrol. That will be followed by a full-blown North American Tour! The band will be up in Chicago November 16th at the Bottom Lounge.


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Out Today and Streaming Now, Thinking of New Album, and Slasher Flick Out Today

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Out today and streaming now


It’s new music Tuesday and with that comes new albums from Korn, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington and Cage the Elephant. Also out today is a chance to stream the yet to be released album from Pearl Jam. As is the case with the recent release of modern albums, bands will actually stream the entire disc online through whatever service a full week before the album is actually available. For instance: Last week, Korn and STPCB let their new albums stream via Pandora Premier. Cage the Elephant went the way of streaming their album via Soundcloud. As for Pearl Jam, the band chose iTunes to stream the new album a week before the release. “Lightening Bolt” hits stores October 15th. You can pre-order the album today. For some of us older cats, we still remember the day of having to wait until the day of the release to rip open the album and listen ad nasueum. You kids nowadays with your technology are so spoiled … I’m starting to sound like I have old balls … gross.


Thinking of new album


Soundgarden don’t have any official plans for a follow up to 2012’s King Animal but they’re already kicking around some ideas for a new album. Guitarist Kim Thayil recently told O2 Academy TV that there’s definitetly a desire to make another album. Drummer Matt Cameron, who just so happens to also be the drummer for Pearl Jam, says he’s ready to go for another album and hopes to add some heavier riffs to the attempt. Meanwhile, Sub Pop Records plans to release the long-out-of-print 1990 release Screaming Life/Fopp. Expect that out November 26th.


Slasher flick out today


The new slasher movie from Slash has already made a run in limited theaters over the weekend and will soon be available on DVD Today. Titled Nothing Left to Fear, it’s the first film from Slash starring Anne Heche, James Tupper and Clancy Brown. Slash says the film is basically internet folklore. Slash also collaborated with a composer on the film and worked with Myles Kennedy for a song on the soundtrack.


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Grossing Well, Teasing Fans, and Out Tomorrow

The QLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for Springfield’s Real Rock, 92.7 QLZ


Grossing well


It didn’t gross nearly what the top ten movies grossed, but it still had a decent showing … Metallica’s 3D flick Metallica Thought The Never brought in nearly $690,000 gross this passed weekend, the second weekend it’s been out. It landed on the chart at No. 16 after falling a couple slots from last week. So far, the film has brought in $2.7 million worldwide. Opening weekend, it was in 305 theaters with a $1.5 million purse. Demand it from Springfield’s movie theatres today!


Teasing fans


Still a week from the release of Pearl Jam’s new album Lightening Bolt, but the band is teasing fans with plenty of clips. There’s already full-length videos fro the songs “Mind Your Manners” and “Sirens.” Fans have also already been able to obsess over clips of “Lightning Bolt,” “Future Days” and “Getaway” in their short film about the new album. In another video published last week, fans can hear parts of the new song “Let the Records Play.” In the video, titled “Hatchet,” front man Eddie Vedder is seen throwing an axe at a target.



Out tomorrow


Korn’s new album Paradigm Shift drops in stores tomorrow. The first album from the band featuring original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is streaming online right now through Pandora Premieres. It may not be there much longer, so before you head out to pick up the album tomorrow, give ‘er a listen online today. Oh, and if you’re up for it, you can watch Korn on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Also out tomorrow is Stone Temple Pilots’ latest EP with Chester Bennington titled High Rise. They performed on the Tonight Show last week. You can also stream STPCB’s new album online through Pandora Premieres. Another album out tomorrow is Cage the Elephant’s third studio album Melophobia. That is streaming on Soundcloud right now. So much new music! Your listening sessions will be full up for sometime, ‘cuz I know mine will be!


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The Ghost Burger, New FFDP Song and Vid, Coming Soon, and Unseen 10,000 Day Vidz

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The Ghost burger


Is it in poor taste or is it a genius marketing ploy? Either way, it sounds friggin’ delicious. A burger bar up in Chicago has a new burger named after the Swedish metal band Ghost. Dubbed the Ghost, the burger at Kuma’s Corner features an unconsecrated communion wafer and red wine reduction sauce. One online religious foodie says that having the wafer and red wine on the burger resembling communion is like taking a flag and burning it. It’s still unclear if the Ghost burger has Swiss cheese. Kuma’s Corner features burgers named after heavy metal bands each month. The naming of the Ghost burger has given them a chance to be featured in news across the country.


New FFDP song and vid


Five Finger Death Punch have a new video for fans to watch on repeat. The video for the tune “Battleborn” can be seen online. The song is from the album The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell: Vol 2 which is due out November 19th.



Coming soon


Black Sabbath are set to release a new DVD of their most recent live show in Australia. That DVD titled Black Sabbath: Live … Gathered in Their Masses will be released November 26th and features new tunes along with some classics.



Meanwhile, Buckcherry are set to release a best of album. That’ll be out October 28th. The 12-track retrospective covers the bands hits since their 1999 self-titled debut.


Also in album news, the band Ra will be back with a new album. They’ll release Critical Mass October 15th. Ra has already released the tune “Supermegadubstep” online with a super lame lyric video.



Unseen 10,000 day vidz


As Tool fans get ready for any kind of updates on a new Tool album, it’s being revealed that there are unfinished videos from their 2006 album 10,000 Days. Adam Jones, the band’s guitarist and visual artist, says that there are a few videos still being polished from that collection.


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