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Currently Touring and They Wanna Play

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Currently touring


They kicked off their Tension 2013 tour over the weekend in St. Paul, MN, and we’re revving up for them to take over St. Louis Tuesday. Nine Inch Nails’ first North American Tour in years in support of their new album Hesitation Marks is on. With the new tour comes some more onstage firepower. People won’t just be blown away by the amazing stage show with a ton of interactive and moving screens and laser light shows, but there will also be some new faces and voices on stage. Bassist Pino Palladino has signed on for the tour as has backup singers Sharlotte Gibson and Lisa Fischer. A 12-second clip posted to front man Trent Reznor’s Instagram shows a bit of the onstage happenings during a live performance. There may be some tickets still available for Tuesday show at the Chaifetz Arena.



They wanna play


More on the possibility of Gwar playing a future Super Bowl Halftime Show—the band has now come out and said they want to play the show. It started as an official petition on the White House created website Fans put together a petition that has garnered tens of thousands of signatures. Now the band is ready to put in a bid. Front man Oderus Urungus says Gwar enjoys submitting us pathetic humans to the tortures acts of having groups like the Black Eyed Peas or Bruno Mars perform at halftime, but he says he supports the petition to get Gwar on stage but he wants it to go a bit further. Oderus says that players should be stripped naked, be blindfolded and play with battle axes and the field should be littered with land mines and random harpoons should be hurled by random whalers in the crowd. That may actually get me to watch a game!


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Backstage Cage-match, New Skateboard Video, Mini Documentary, and Streaming Online

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Backstage Cage-match


What happens when a rock stars pisses off the son of a famous actor … or visa versa? Well, you get some music news … that’s what happens. That, and TMZ gets to fine tune their exploitation skills. It’s reported that Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee got into quote “a backstage altercation” with the son of Nicolas Cage. Apparently the squabble ended in fisticuffs, according to reports. TMZ reports that Nick and his son 22-year-old Weston were backstage at a Crue concert in Vegas when Weston was blocking Lee’s dressing room door. Things heated up when Lee told Weston to get out of the way. That led to a screaming match and some shoving and for Crue security to break up the fight.


New skateboard video


There’s a new Deftones video for the tune “Romantic Dreams” and it features pro skateboarder Jason Park. It’s really just a promotional video for Park, who Deftones front man Chino says has got mad skills. Park is seen performing a ton of different tricks at various LA landmarks in the dead of night.



Mini documentary


If you’re having trouble waiting until October 15th for the new Pearl Jam album, the band is giving you a bit of a reprieve. Fans will be able to watch a nearly 9 minute video of various members talking about the new album Lightning Bolt. The band is joined by various friends including director Judd Apatow and others. Get your fix today.



Streaming online


Wanting to hear Joey Jordison’s band before the release? Well, here’s your chance. The Slipknot drummer’s side project Scar the Martyr, features the likes of Jordison along with Strapping Young Lad guitarist Jed Simon, former Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris and ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna on keyboards, among others. You can pre order the album now, but definitely give her a listen. The self-titled album is out this coming Tuesday.


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GWAR Halftime Show, Sentenced, New Birthday Mask, and New Single Streaming

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station =


GWAR halftime show


I don't know about you, but the thought of another Super Bowl halftime show full of silly costumes and crazy choreography may not be appealing … until you think that performance could be from GWAR. That’s what’s possible with a petition currently circulating the interwebs. And, GWAR has officially endorsed the petition. Some fans with a morbid sense of humor have put together the petition to get GWAR a slot during the Super Bowl halftime show. So far, they’ve got 40,000 signatures. So, if you want football fans covered in freshly ground meat thrown from Oderus’s cuttlefish and maybe see some cheerleaders covered in fake blood during the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, sign the petition at




The guy whose life was sparred by Kid Rock not being home when he tried to break into the rockers home just outside of Detroit has been sentenced. Brian Keith will do 46 month of hard time in prison. The sentence was handed down yesterday. Dude pleaded no contest, which is pretty much a guilty plea, but not … the law is funny like that.


Clown's 44th Birthday Mask
Shawn Crahan's latest mask

New birthday mask


It’s kinda crazy to think that Slipknot’s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan is 44, but he is. And to celebrate, the percussionist/film makers released a new creepy-as-hell clown mask … just in time for Halloween! With the release of the mask comes the announcement that Crahan will be releasing a new mask with each of his forthcoming birthdays. The hand-painted, hand-crafted, super durable limited edition masks are selling for $500.00 through Apocalyptic Nightmare. There are only 50 available.


New single streaming


Motorhead are back at it with a new tune. The song “Crying Shame” is now available streaming online and is the first single from their forthcoming album Aftershock. This will be the band’s 21st studio album. The release of the single is great news as previous Motorhead reports indicated front man Lemmy was suffering from some serious health problems.


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(Kind Of) New Nirvana, Tour Not Coming Close, New STPCB Lyric Video and Tying the Knot

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


(Kind of) new Nirvana


It really was tragic to lose Nirvana when we did. That's the realization after a ton of never-been-released video and audio was released with the 20th Aniversary Edition of In Utero. Not only has there been a release of what sounds like garage band recordings, but also some pro-shot video (one seen below) of some killer Nirvana ... just as they were blossoming! Meanwhile, the childhood home of Kurt Cobain is up for sale.



Tour not coming close


Alright ... this is pretty huge. Korn and Rob Zombie are touring this fall. The two, surely with some other bands, will be ... wait for it ... wait for it ... NOWHERE NEAR SPRINGFIELD! They won't even be in Illinois. The seventeen-date tour, cleverly titled "Night of the Living Dreads" tour, will be in Springfield, Missouri, November 19th and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, November 20th and then Grand Rapids, Michigan, November 22nd. If you're wanting to drop coin on tickets and work the logistics for safe travels afar, tickets go on sale September 27th.


New STPCB lyric video


We can listen to the new STPCB song without some stupid iHeartRadio audio mark ... and the band chose to offer up "Black Heart" in a pretty sweet lyric video. Breaking from other recent lyric videos that are mainly some flashy CG, STPCB chose to make some hairless white dude's tattoos be the words of the song. Tell ya the truth, as critical as I am ... this is groovy tune and one that's gonna be a bit permanent ... as permanent as those tattoos. Weiland ... you're losing us! Better check the status of that lawsuit!



Tying the knot


GN'R's DJ Ashba is on honeymoon with the new wife. DJ, who plays guitars, also plays quite the romantic proposing to Nathalia Henao in a helicopter a few weeks ago. That just so happened to be a police helicopter. That police helicopter was used for a rock star to propose some model chick ... nice. Just keep in mind all the kids in third-world countries that don't even know what a police helicopter looks like the next time you abuse public resources.


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'Talica makin' the Rounds, Live DVD Out Today, Teasing New Album, and Machine Head Makes Headway

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


'Talica makin' the rounds


They appeared at Yankees Stadium where they performed “Enter Sandman” in front of baseball fans shortly after performing the Apollo Theater, a venue typically set aside for urban comedians … and now it’s time to appear with a comedian who bills himself as a conservative commentator. Metallica will be on The Cobert Report tonight. The band released the soundtrack to their 3D film Metallica Through the Never today. And to promote the film and the soundtrack the band is obviously making all the rounds.


Live DVD out today


Meanwhile more details about the Megadeth motion picture Countdown to Extinction: Live are out today as the feature drops in stores. The concert video was flimed last year and includes the band performing the entire 1992 album Countdown to Extinction, plus a ton of other fan favorites.


Teasing new album


Cage the Elephant is preparing for their new release and the band decided to perform some of the new songs to a live radio audience in LA. The new album Melophobia is due out October 8th and is the band’s third addition to their catalog. Hailing from Kentucky and fronted by two brothers, Cage the Elephant performed “Spiderhead” and “Teeth” and the latest single from the forthcoming album “Come a Little Closer.”


Machine Head makes headway


Speaking of new albums, Machine Head is hard at work on their latest attempt. Phil Demmel posted an update to Twitter that indicates they’re “over the hump writing this record. Each song is a monster so far. So stoked!” Meanwhile, Robb Flynn posted a snapshot of a whiteboard with a list of what appears to be five song titles. There’s no word yet on when the new Machine Head album will drop.


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Soundtrack Out Tomorrow, Metallica's Dumb Sweaters, Headlining Tour and Billie Joe Movie Star

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Soundtrack out tomorrow


Tomorrow the soundtrack for Metallica’s Through The Never drops in stores and it’s your chance to hear that performance before seeing it. Then later this week at select IMAX theaters, the film’s 3D version will be released. Then after that, the band will release the 3D film everywhere October 4th. In the meantime, while we’re waiting for the movie to splash the silver screen in our neck of the woods, the band has made the movie’s performance from “Master of Pupets” available online. The video appears to be a microcosm of what the film is all about – mixing in a story line sequence with a roadie’s mission to get something for the band only to find himself hurled into a riot from the pits of hell. That, and the band’s stage presence is pretty sick.



Metallica's dumb sweaters


Speaking of pretty sick … the band also has announced they will be releasing some pretty hideous holiday sweaters just in time for the parties and family dinners. Keep an eye out for that online at


Headlining tour


Sevendust have announced a headlining tour where they’ll be rocking most of the rest of this month and all of October and most of November. The band will be back down in St. Louis at The Pageant for a show with Asking Alexandria November 14th.


Billie Joe Movie Star


Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is ready for his close up as he gets ready to star in the an indie drama titled Like Sunday, Like Rain. The singer will play opposite of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester. Armstrong’s role? He’ll play the boyfriend of Meester who is a struggling musician that becomes the guardian of a 12-year-old musical prodigy. Apparently, Armstrong also has a cameo in the forthcoming Anchorman The Legend Continues. These are just a few of the big things Armstrong finds himself in the middle of. There’s also Broadway Idiot and the documentary ¡Cuatro! coming out in October.


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ICP's Backlogged Bills, Papa Papa Roach, and Slash's Slasher Flick

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


ICP's Backlogged Bills


If the Insane Clown Posse keep up at this rate, they’ll get to be labeled dead beats just like the State of Illinois. Vendors at the most recent ICP Gathering festival say they’re still owed money … and a lot of it! One vender that provided support for the event for the past three years says a $54,000 check it got from the group hasn’t cleared the bank. That vendor has sent out the call to others in the music biz to not do business with Psychopathic Records. The sheriff’s department in the southern Illinois county where the Gathering happened a handful of weeks ago says it also got a check from Psychopathic Records as a donation for vests and stun guns, but the bounced. A statement to the Associated Press from Psychopathic say costs of this year’s event exceeded estimates, but that the company will pay it’s obligations. Ha! Illinois has been saying the same thing for years, and state government is now several billion dollars in backlogged bills. Good luck, guys! Now stop spending money on clown makeup and pay your billz.


Papa Papa Roach


The front man of Papa Roach is now a Papa … again. Jacoby Shaddix Tweeted that his wife Kelly gave birth Tuesday to a boy named Brixton Gabriel. Congrats! You know it’s a different world we live in when we get news that rock stars are having kids. Just a few decades ago, if the news came out of a rock star having a kid, it was only in revelations that the kid was mothered by some chick from a backstage party who is now seeking child support.


Slash's Slasher Flick


Slash is gearing up to release his first ever movie titled Nothing Left To Fear. The flick, which is a horror movie, stars Anne Heche. Aptly named Slasher Films, the shredder’s company, will release the motion picture in theaters October 4th and then it will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray and on demand October 8th. Aside from owning the company behind the movie, Slash and fellow musician Myles Kennedy wrote the music for the film.


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New PJ Song Via Video, and New STPCB Song, and Kiss Football Team

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New PJ song via video


Pearl Jam have released a new video for a song of their upcoming album Lightning Bolt, and it’s for the song “Sirens.” The song is a bit more mellow than “Mind Your Manners,” the first release from the forthcoming album. The video is a performance video, showing the band performing on a dark set. The album drops October 15th.



New STPCB song


Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, also known as STPCB, have released a new song from their forthcoming EP. The tune streaming through iHeartRadio online sounds like a typical STP song … but instead of having a wining Scott Weiland swath the vocal range, it’s Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington doing what he can to sound like Weiland. Currently the band is out on tour with Filter and they’ll have the new 5 song EP High Rise out October 8th.



Kiss football team


Kiss are kicking off their affair with football. The band has hired Bob McMillen to be the coach of the American Football League team the LA Kiss. Co-owners of the team Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley say that McMillen shares their philosophy of “go big or go home,” which anyone playing football should share. In other Kiss-football news, Simmons has been signed on to sing the national anthem for the Steelers-Vikings game September 20th. That game will be part of the NFL International Series (which is an oxy moron … the National Football Leage International Series). That game will be palyed at Londons’ Wembley Stadium. Is this a friggin’ music minute? Or sports news? WTF?


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New APC Song Announced, New Look at Forthcoming 3D Movie, Unblackened Streaming Now, and Green Day Doc Out This Month

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New song announced


The band announced a pricy limited edition video box set of a live show from back in 2011 and now A Perfect Circle is offering up a new song as part of their Three Sixty greatest hits collection. So, aside from a mix of songs from the band’s three studio albums, we’ll also get to hear the new song By and Down. It’s been nearly a decade since the band released new material. Fans will be able to wrap themselves around the greatest hits collection November 19th.


New look at forthcoming 3D movie


We’re getting closer and closer to the Metallica movie being released and the band is offering up more clips to excite fans. The film’s soundtrack will be out September 24th with the IMAX 3D version of Through The Never out September 27th. Then the film will be in theaters everywhere October 4th.



Unblackened streaming now


Itching for some new Black Label Society? I know … we are too. While we await the band to complete a new record, they’ve made their live and acoustic disc Unblackened available streaming online. You’ll be able to eventually own that live recording on DVD and a two disc CD set September 24th. But, while we rock out to that we can also get excited for the new album which the band is ready to put the pieces together now that Gigantour has ended.


Green Day doc out this month


The long awaited Green Day documentary ¡Cuatro! is expected to drop via DVD and iTunes September 24th. The band screened their film for all the trendies at various film festivals earlier this year and now we’ll be able to get our hands on the project. It’s the culmination of the band’s trilogy of albums ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre.


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Ironically Eerie "I do", Teasing The Nightmare, and Remember Their Roots

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Ironically eerie "I do"


More grizzly details are coming out about the conversation As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis had in an effort to whack his wife. A San Diego sheriff’s officer testified at a hearing yesterday that he met with Lambesis at a book store back in May. That’s where the singer disclosed he wanted his wife quote “gone.” The deputy asked Lambesis directly if he wanted his wife killed and Lambesis said quote “Yes, I do.” Ironically, that’s also what Lambesis said at his wedding to the question “till death do you part.” As for motive, the sheriff’s deputy said that Lambesis was angry that his wife restricted his visits with their children. After again declaring that he wanted his wife dead, the singer handed the undercover deputy $1,000 cash, her name and her photo plus the security code to her condo and dates he would have the kids. The singer will face charges he attempted to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife in a trial October 22nd.


Teasing the Nightmare


We’re getting closer to curtains up for Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare festival out West. The shock rocker/movie director and now horror festival director has released a video preview of what people can expect at the haunted experience. There will be three different attractions based on three different Rob Zombie directed movies. Each night the festival is open, fans can also enjoy live music from an amazing array of acts, including Butcher Babies, The Used, Reel Big Fish, Andrew W. K., and even Rob Zombie. Head to for more details.



Remember their roots


Pop Evil’s singer Leigh Kakaty says the band’s home of Michigan is no longer the place they wanted to escape. Kakaty once said that one of the goals of the band was to become rockstars as a way to flee Michigan and only return to stick it to those who annoyed the band. Now Kakaty says that was misguided. Once they found success they also found the strongest fans back home. Kakaty says he admires the likes of Bob Seger and Kid Rock who stay true to their roots.


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Teasing New Tool and APC Box Set, Headlining Tour Set, Vol. 2 Release Revealed, and Always Writing for Slipknot

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Teasing new Tool and APC box set


Maynard James Keenan is a popular character … there’s no question. He’s in three bands for crying out loud. But fans have been itching for some new Tool and even A Perfect Circle for years. In fact, Maynards third band Puscifer has released 9 different collections since both a new Tool or A Perfect Circle album was released. So, for the eclectic singer’s 666th Instagram photo last week, he shared that music is happening on all fronts … and he spelled all with all caps. Recent news of a new Tool album hints at an early 2014 release date. We’re eagerly anticipating more details on that new Tool album. Meanwhile, A Perfect Circle has released details about a new box set. The band will make available a live CD/DVD featuring a full concert set performed at Red Rocks in Colorado back in 2011. The limited edition high priced box set, which will put you down for $149.95, comes out November 26th.


Headlining tour set


Filter are taking to the road with their own headlining tour. They’ll be in Chicago at the House of Blues October 22nd. Red, Otherwise and We Are Human will be supporting the band. That headlining tour is after Filter makes a string of appearances with Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington.


Vol. 2 release revealed


The release date and other details about the second volume of Five Finger Death Punch’s Wrong Side of Heaven Righteous Side of Hell will be out November 19th. The new tune from the album Battleborn is now playing on rock radio. Be sure to request it today! You can get a copy of the new single if you pre-order the album today.


Always writing for Slipknot


Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison says he’s constantly writing music for the band, but he’s preparing for a release of an album for his side project Scar the Martyr. That release is expected October 1st. As for new Slipknot, Jordison says the remaining members of the band are in regular communication. This is the latest update on potential new music from Slipknot since the death of bassist Paul Gray a few years ago.


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Top of the charts, Government blocks show, Honored in Mexico, and No contest

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Top of the charts


Even though it came in just under expectations, It really isn’t much of a surprise – Avenged Sevenfold’s album Hail to the King landed at No. 1 on the charts for the first week of sales. It was thought the album would sell up to 180,000 copies in the first week, but only sold around 159,000—as if that’s a small number. It’s not! They rocked it hardcore! The band will be in Bloomington with Deftones and Ghost BC October 12th.


Government blocks show

An update on that “controversial” Lamb Of God show overseas … they sold 1,500 tickets to the show in Malaysia, but they’re not going to be allowed to perform. That’s because there are some tightwad Muslims who say that the band’s music will corrupt the Malaysian youth. That’s coming from their friggin’ government. See kids, this is why we don’t let religious zealots use the government—because it leads to the stifling of kick ass art! Lamb of God’s guitarist Mark Morton invites anyone offended by their music to discuss the band’s motivations … there are always deeper meanings than what’s on the surface.


Honored in Mexico


Jack White is finding some honor this week after being named an honorary dean at a Mexico school of music. The guy who was debuted to the world in The White Stripes and has since been in like 20 other bands and even has a successful solo career and music biz down in Nashville was honored at the Fermatta Music Academy’s 20th anniversary celebration late last month. White told the crowd of about 150 students about the support from his parents and people who helped his budding music career in Detroit.


No contest


The jack-hole that was charged with the attempted break-in at Kid Rock’s place has some alcohol-related memory problems. Brian Keith pleaded no contest to attempted home invasion and several other charged in Detroit this week. Dude’s lawyer says that Keith was so drunk that he doesn’t remember what happened that day. He was arrested just a few days after the incident because he was clearly all over surveillance photos. The no contest plea is not an admission of guilt (but it kinda is … especially when sentencing is handed down).


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Korn Family Values Deets, STPCB Tour Starts Today, and A Dozen New Songs Expected

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station 


Korn Family Values deets


There's nothing like being strung out on music news ... especially when it's about an upcoming Korn Family Values show. The latest? The lineup. The one-off show's single date was revealed over the holiday weekend with a 30-second video featuring Deftones, Stone Sour, Rammstein, and others. Now we know that those bands have absolutely nothing to do with the forthcoming show. Instead of what would have been an absolute face melt, has turned into a platter of new Nu Metal. Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead, Machine Gun Kelly and Beware of Darkness will be with Korn October 5th in Colorado. Korn's new album Paradigm Shift drops October 8th. The new album is the first featuring Brian "Head" Welch, who left the band to find God seven years ago. As for a reunion with original drummer Dave Silveria, Korn front man Jonathan Davis tells Metal Hammer that's not likely.


Tour starts today


It's really happening. STPCB! That's Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. Need a refresher? Eff off! Get the Music Minute archives at WQLZ dot com. Anyways, the band performed a small private show in LA as a quasi public rehearsal over the holiday weekend. There, Bennington showed his ability to transverse the entire STP catalog, including new music he wrote with the band. Their tour kicks off today in Pennsylvania and doesn't even come close to central Illinois, let alone the Midwest. A new 5 song EP from STPCB titled High Rise comes out October 8th. Original front man Scott Weiland apparently still has a lawsuit pending and says he wants bought out.


A dozen new songs expected


Pearl Jam is suffering from Rockstaritus as they get ready for the big release of their highly anticipated album Lightning Bolt. The disc drops October 15th where fans will get their ears full of 12 new tracks. The band also plans a tour through parts of the country, some with two dates, but nowhere in the Midwest.


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New NIN Out Today, Overseas Troubles, Family Values Reunion, and Ozzy's Burnt Bacon

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New NIN Out today


The new Nine Inch Nails is in stores today. You can pick up Hesitation Marks with over a dozen new Nails tunes to obsess over. Front man Trent Reznor has also released a 40 minute audio bit of an interview … with himself. He says he didn’t want to do some ridiculous interview with the press. He wanted to be raw for his true fans. That interview is available online. Nine Inch Nails will be out on tour with a stop in St. Louis October 1st. Their live show will feature some of the most technologically sophisticated light and video displays ever used during an arena tour.



Overseas troubles


Lamb of God are having some more troubles in the overseas. Thankfully, this time it has nothing to do with the unfortunate circumstances front man Randy Blythe found himself involved in earlier this year. Instead, the entire band and their concert is being protested by Malaysian authorities from the so-called Department of Islamic Development. They say the band is Satanic and the concert will corrode morality and faith of Muslims. Let’s hope! That show is scheduled for later this month.


Family Values reunion


A new video making the rounds online will get fans of Nu Metal out of their seats in anticipation as Korn Family Values prepares for a one-off show. The 30-second video features quick onstage clips of Korn, Stone Sour, Deftones, Rammstein and others. Several years flash across the screen including the first year for the Family Values tour way back in 1998 with some scattered years all the way up to the most recent one in 2007. The 2013 show will be October 5th, but there are really no other details … We’ll keep you posted.



Ozzy's burnt bacon


Not to self … mind your bacon. A Twitter message from Sharon Osbourne over the weekend indicates that a quote “fire brigade” was sent to the couples LA home because Ozzy was cooking a bacon sandwich. Now, Sharon wasn’t there … she was in London. So, maybe Ozzy shouldn’t be left alone … especially if bacon sandwiches are involved.



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