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Behind-the-Scenes Tour Video, Married and Prego, and Projected Top Seller

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Behind-the-scenes tour video


An exclusive VEVO video of Nine Inch Nails shows a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming tour. The intense thirteen minute video shows how all the moving pieces came together in the lead up to their first show at Fuji Rock a few weeks ago. Every aspect of the band’s on stage performance is reviewed in the development of the highly technical show. It’s clear that it’s not just the music that fans are gonna get their fill during the forthcoming tour. Fans eyes will probably melt from the amazing array of lights and on-stage video screen interaction. The video even show s the frustration from Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor as the last few pieces were put in place on the final night of rehearsals. The video says it’s part 1 … cross your fingers for the series to continue throughout the tour. Nine Inch Nail’s new album Hesitation Marks drops this coming Tuesday. The band, and their intense stage show, will be in St. Louis October 1st.



Married and prego


They got engaged during a pay-per-view wrestling event and now Tool guitarist Adam Jones has married his fiancé and news is they’re expecting child. Jones and now wife Korin Faught tied the knot in San Francisco last month, but the wedding wasn’t publicly revealed until this week in a message posted on Facebook. Now Mrs. Jones posted to her Instagram page a picture of her baby bump. As for Tool’s baby bump, it’s reported that the band is in the first few stages of a new album. Drummer Danny Carey is reported saying that they may have something together by the end of the year, but logistically they won’t realistically be able to release anything to the masses until early next year.


Projected top seller


The latest album from Avenged Sevenfold is expected to sell up to 180,000 copies in it’s first week. That’s not a bad showing at all. Surely that’ll put the band’s latest album Hail to the King at the top of the rock charts and hell … at the top of the top 200. The band kicks off their headlining tour with Deftones October 3rd in Chicago and in Bloomington October 12th.


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New STPCB Details Revealed, Device Cancels Tour With Draiman Baby On Way, and New Video Teased

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New STPCB details revealed


Let’s make it official, why don’t we. Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, from this point on we’re calling them STPCB, have released details about their forthcoming EP. The release is titled High Rise will include five new tracks with Bennington as the featured singer. Artwork for the release has also been revealed and the cover of the EP even says Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. Fans will be able to pick up the new release October 8th. A tour featuring Bennington as the front kicks off from Pennsylvania this September with support from Filter. The band is suing original front man Scott Weiland for his use of STP songs during a solo tour and Weiland is counter suing for the band using the name with a new singer.


Device cancels tour with Draiman baby on way


If you were hoping to make it to one of the remaining dates on Device’s tour, you’re gonna have to cancel those plans. The tour of Disturbed front man David Draiman’s side project Device has been canceled as he states there are some complications with his wife’s pregnancy. No other details were given, other than Draiman and the band plan on taking off until the due date which is sometime early October. During the Gigantour up in Toronto, Draiman coxed his wife on stage and introduced the crowd to the super model and the baby bump and said “Look at that belly. That’s my boy in there!” The babies name is going to be Samuel Bear Draiman. Best of luck to the new family.



New video teased


A preview of Alice In Chains video for “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,” the title track of their latest album, has been posted online. The 16 second video shows some wild eyed kid watching TV only to be startled before text takes over the screen.



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On Hesitation Marks, Stream Hesitation Marks, and Davis on Addiction

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


On Hesitation Marks


The new album from Nine Inch Nails is to fulfill an obligation to Interscope for a future best of compilation, according to front man Trent Reznor in a very revealing article from Spin magazine. A feature article in the coming issue of the culture mag delves into the weathered, yet refreshed Reznor as he prepares for next week's album release and he talks openly about how he was done with NIN, but that with most things in life changed. He got married had two boys with wife Mariqueen, put out How to Destroy Angels, got an Oscar and says there is still no shortage of things that piss him off. The article “Trent’s Upward Spiral” gives great detail about Reznor’s storied musical career and how he’s time and again been on the cutting edge of delivering his music to fans without compromising his integrity.


Stream Hesitation Marks


Christmas came early as Nine Inch Nails’ new album Hestiation Marks is streaming in full through iTunes! The album comes in at just over an hour long with 14 tracks. The intro is gritty and gross leading right into the tune "Copy of A". It's then quickly followed by the single "Came Back Haunted," from there, the listener is taken even deeper in a digital/acoustic disconnect. The album drops September 3rd. Trent and company will be in St. Louis October 1st.


Davis on addiction


Korn’s Jonathan Davis is being open about his issues with addiction. The front man tells Metal Hammer magazine that he’s free of drug use right now, but the weight of addiction still hangs off his shoulders. He says that there was a point where he wasn’t writing or even listening to any music and was essentially just a pool of nothing. Music couldn’t even help him deal with the struggles. Now he’s sober, and the band is back at it with original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, who also is very open about his past drug addiction problems. The new album Paradigm Shift drops October 8th.


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Portnoy's New Band, Out Today, and Help Wanted Ad

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Portnoy's new band


He’s had a pretty storied career thus far, and that’s just talking about the past couple of years. Dream Theater’s former drummer Mike Portnoy has a new home and it’s with the band The Winery Dogs. Saying he needed a break from quote “the Dream Theater machine,” the drummer is seeking new inspiration. And to find that inspiration with this new band, Portnoy stripped away some of his drums. He’s typically known for having huge elaborate sets, but now he’s down to just a five-piece set, which he says is just like the set he learned on. A couple of years ago, after Avenged Sevefold’s drummer The Rev passed away, Portnoy was asked to perform in studio and on stage. He eventually told his band Dream Theater that he found a new band. Dream Theater said “see ya.” And the rest is history. Now he’s in the band The Winery Dogs. What the hell?


Out today


The latest album from Avenged Sevenfold (not featuring Portnoy), Hail to the King, is out today. Fans can pick up the album in stores or if you threw down $99 for the box set, surely that’ll be on your doorstep today or tomorrow. Also out today is the new album from Devil Driver titled Winter Kills. Get to the music store today!


Help wanted


Rob Zombie is looking for some actors and other workers for his Great American Nightmare Halloween attraction in California. If you’re experienced in working a haunted house or if you’re a bit of a freak, or a midget or maybe even an outgoing bombshell hottie … Zombie wants you! Some of the qualifications that will pretty much guarantee you a spot include fire breathing, sword swallowing, stilt walking and others unique skills. A help wanted ad posted by the rocker says people better be thick skinned and comfortable with gore, nudity and offensive and disturbing material. This sounds like my kinda haunted house! Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare runs Oct. 10th thru Nov. 2nd.


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Requesting a Buyout, New PJ Music Video, Crazy Bitch's Wedding and Buckcherry at Boondocks

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Requesting a buyout


It’s typically something you’d see a biter business partner demand if they were fed up with where things were going and that is ask for a buy out. Well, that’s exactly what original Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland is asking the rest of the band to do. Weiland was fired from the band at the beginning of this year, or so says the other members. He has refused that and now says that if the band wants to part ways they have to buy him out. The singer says the band can’t use the name Stone Temple Pilots without him, according to their contract, but that’s just what the band has been doing for a couple months having recorded at least one new song with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. Both sides are in the middle of suits and countersuits all the while Weiland is out on tour with his solo act and STP with Bennington plan a tour for this fall.


New PJ music video


Pearl Jam have released the official video for their latest single “Mind Your Manners”. The video features the band performing the tune mixed with some chintzy graphics. The tune is the first to air from the forthcoming album Lightening Bolt which is due out October 15th.



Crazy bitch's wedding


If you haven’t seen the video of a Pekin, Illinois, woman using the Buckcherry song “Crazy Bitch” as her wedding isle march song, you’re missing out … It’s quite the spectacle. It was such a spectacle that several members of the wedding’s audience were visibly offended. It wasn’t just how poor the song was sang by some karaoke queen, it was also the blatant disregard for virgin ears to the words like bitch and the golden expletive … the f-bomb. Anyways, surely that crazy bitch’s parents are really proud! Lord only knows how friggin’ hideous the reception was.



Buckcherry at Boondocks


By the way, Buckcherry will be at Boondocks Wednesday. Tickets are on sale now, so you better get them while they last. Buckcherry is out on tour in support of their most recent album Confessions.


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New Song on Facebook Game, Unique Album Release, and Added to Shiprocked

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New Song on Facebook Game


They’re new target audience … Facebook Game Players. That’s just where Linkin Park decided to unveil a new song … in a Facebook game. September 12th the band plans to release the new song through a Facebook game title “LP Recharged.” The song is actually a collaboration with electronic artist Steven Aoki. The game takes place in a world where natural resources have been eaten up by an elite group and the player’s mission is bring about clean and reusable resources. If you register with the band’s website, you’ll be able to get an advance download of the track.  Watch a video trailer for the song below:



Unique album release


A little bit more is being revealed about the forthcoming Foo Fighters album. Front man Dave Grohl says the release of the album will be very unique, but he still isn’t saying how the album will be released. He did say that the band has now begun recording the follow up to 2011’s Wasting Light. He revealed earlier this week that he’s all done writing and the album is going to be effin’ great.


Added to ShipRocked


ShipRocked is getting some additions for their 2014 voyage. They already have Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach and now it’s being revealed that the boat will welcome Lacuna Coil, Brian “Head” Welch’s band Love and Death, Art of Dying and the Butcher Babies. The four day voyage takes off from the Port of Miami January 26th. Other acts previously announced include Sevendust, In This Moment, Young Guns and others.


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Headlining Tour, Playing the Apollo, Crue Future, and Revealed Signing Bonus

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Headlining tour


Korn’s new album drops October 8th but shortly before that the band will taking to the stage at a few venues across the country as they’ve announced a short headlining jaunt. The band will be touring with Asking Alexandria and Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch’s band Love and Death. Head broke away from the band over seven years ago but joined back up with the band earlier this year. The new album is the first to feature Head in 10 years. Korn will be in Chicago at The Riviera Theater October 2nd. Paradigm Shift drops in stores October 8th.


Playing the Apollo


Speaking of playing shows, Metallica will play the epic Apollo Theater in New York. They’ll be promoting their upcoming 3D concert-action film Metallica Through the Never. The Apollo show is scheduled for September 21st. The movie will be in theaters across the country September 27th. Before that, film critics will get a crack at it when it airs at the Toronto Film Festival September 9th.


Crue future


They’re getting old and beat up and will soon have to hang it up … that’s my assessment of Motley Crue, but what does front man Vince Neil have to say about the band’s future? Neil is making the rounds saying the band will be done in 2014 or 2015. Before then, they’ll do another residency in Las Vegas and may release some more new music. Neil says the band wants to go out on top. But, 30 years of rock may be taking its toll … especially on guitarist Mick Mars who suffers from an acute form of arthritis … Neil says touring can take a toll on Mars. In spite of that, Neil says he’s got some solo stuff he’s working on.


Revealed signing bonus


In light of the upcoming release of the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s In Utero album, it’s been revealed that when the band signed on with Sub Pop records, they got an amazing signing bonus of $600. My how times have changed! The box set of In Utero featuring nearly 90 songs drops next month.


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Another New NIN Tune Posted, Working on Writing, Stream it Now and Posted Then Gone

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Another new tune posted


The latest Nine Inch Nails song to make it's way to fans is the tune "Everything". Delivered via the BBC, the new track is yet another is a string of releases where the band has let fans sneak peak parts of the album in different places. The first release was the single "Came Back Haunted," released to rock radio. Then the tune "Copy of A" was featured along with "Came Back Haunted" performed live in Tokyo streamed online. At Lollapalooza they featured those two songs and a new one "Disappointed." Now the tune "Everything" is available and I'm geeking out. Deal with it, bitches, 'cuz it's a friggin' celebration! The new album Hesitation Marks is due out September 3rd. Front man Trent Reznor started this year saying he would just have How to Destroy Angels stuff and said there wouldn't be any NIN. Liar. Love you!



Working on writing


News has it that Tool front man Maynard James Keenan has begun writing lyrics for the next Tool album. These guys are going to love stringing us along for the next masterpiece, aren't they? The next album, which will be the first follow up to 2006's 10,000 Days, is expected out sometime next year.


Stream it now


It comes out next week and starting today, you can stream the latest from Avenged Sevenfold. The new album Hail to the King is due out next week. You can either be satisfied with the standard release of 10 tracks. Or you can double down and get the box set which will feature a new tune titled "St. James". That will end up costing you 99 bones. Hope you got that, yo! Can I borrow it if you do?


Posted then gone


The latest tune from Gun N' Roses seems to have made a date with the internet and quickly got rejected. As seems to be a strange moment of a song being made available online before it's meant to be, the song "Going Down" was there and then it wasn't. Apparently it went down.


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Making noise, Slayer symbol, Done writing, and Cockpit fire

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Making noise


He made news last week by talking a little smack of the new Korn album without really even hearing it … and now former Korn drummer David Silveria has some new music he’s pimping from the band Infinika. The attempt has posted six new tracks online through Silveria’s SoundCloud channel. A quick review hints at an extremely experimental sound the likes of Jane’s Addiction mixed with the fuzz rock of the 70s. Give ‘er a spin today.



Slayer pentagram

Slayer symbol


Hey kids doing graffiti … you may want to avoid spaying Slayer logos on public buildings because it could spark an unnecessary hate crime investigation. That’s just what happened up in Long Island, New York, where somebody decided to pain the Slayer pentagram on a public park building. That led police to speculate they had some crazy satanic cult infesting the town. But they quickly put two-and-two together because right next to the pentagram was the word Slayer. Great police work, guys.


Done writing


Believe it or not, but the next Foo Fighters’ album is done being written. That means recording is just around the corner and a release soon to follow. You can expect that sometime next year. Front man Dave Grohl went on to tell a station out of the UK that the band plans to record the album a way that no band has ever done. We’re not sure if that means they’re going to record tracks while skydiving or in a submarine or what, but we’re stoked regardless. During that same chat, Grohl talked about the release of the 20th anniversary of his first band’s iconic album—Nirvana’s In Utero. That deluxe-super-duper-jam-packed-extreme-exclusive-box-set with nearly 90 songs drops Sept. 24th.


Cockpit fire


Oh, and if you didn’t hear, a plane carrying some 80s rockers had to make a detour. A plane carrying members of Ratt and Dokken had to make an emergency landing after taking off from the Moline, Illinois, Airport because of a cockpit fire. They ended up landing safely, but it was a close call.


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Gettin' Too Old to Tour, New Buckcherry Vid, and Elvis Has Left Earth (36 years ago)

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Gettin' too old to tour


Even though there were rumblings of possibly another Black Sabbath album in the future, Geezer Butler says the current tour is probably their last trek. The latest Sabbath album debuted at No. 1 on the charts and has been going strong ever since its release a few months ago. But the current tour may be taking its toll. On the surface, the band has been performing very well. But dig a bit and you’ll recall the cancer battle of Tony Iommi, the drama with original drummer Bill Ward, Ozzy’s relapse and whatever other problems there may be … it’s safe to say that Butler may be on to something when he says this will likely be his last tour. In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Butler says he’s getting old and it’s hard to go out on stage every night, though he also adds that the band is performing very well.


New Buckcherry vid


The latest Buckcherry video has been released. From the album Confessions, the band dropped the new video “Nothing Left But Tears” which is described by front man Josh Todd as “evil, powerful, creepy and fun – it’s an incredible piece of …” art … he said art. The artsy video depicts the aftermath of a murder suicide where one person returns from the dead to walk the pathway to hell and ends up in an “Alice in Wonderland”-meets-“Dante’s Inferno” tea party, according to video’s director. Interestingly enough, the video is the first from the band that doesn’t show them at some point in a performance setting.



Watch a behind-the-scenes feature here.


Elvis has left earth (36 years ago)


We’d be reminisced if we didn’t mention the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley, died while overdosing on his toilet on this day in 1977. Don’t do drugs, kids. And if you do … don’t do the ones that will make you overdose on the toilet.


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Lyric Video Posted, Mad Maestro, New Independent Album Deets, and He Doesn't Deserve It

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Lyric video posted


The song was posted then yanked and now it’s back up online with a pretty trippy lyric video—and that’s Korn’s “Never Never.” Head online to see the video, but be warned … the “video has been identified to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy … viewer discretion is advised.” The original release date for the first new album featuring Brian “Head” Welch was October 1st, but was moved back. Expect to pick up the album Paradigm Shift hits stores October 8th. Oh, and don’t forget to go listen to the song and join the chorus of critics who are already hating on the attempt.



Mad maestro


Another [Korn] video posted online shows what’s being described as a behind-the-scenes view of a future video for the song “Love & Meth.” There aren’t many details other than the video shows some orchestra conductor loosing his stuff and contorting all kinds of crazed.



New independent album deets


You can expect some new stuff from Smile Empty Soul October 1st as the band will drop Chemicals on you. Front man Sean Danielson says the independently released album gives them a chance to keep their signature sound but to also experiment a bit. Plus, it also gave them a chance to run the campaign themselves. The band hooked up with several friends to manage and distribute the album under their newly formed company Two Disciples Entertainment. The band will be out on tour beginning next week. They’ll be in Chicago August 24th and in Bloomington August 25th.


He doesn't deserve it


The hits keep coming from Ozzy’s mouth to Bill Ward’s ego. In another interview, the Black Sabbath front man says that Ward, the original drummer, didn’t deserve an equal split of the band’s reunion money, saying he’s old. Ward was replaced in studio and on stage by Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk.


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Loaded Anniversary Release, New Album Deets, New 'Toon and Game, and He'd Make it Better

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Loaded anniversary release


No, this isn't a joke or some kind of prank ... or so we think. Details about the forthcoming 20th anniversary of Nirvana's In Utero reveal that it will be a loaded birth with over 80 friggin' tracks ... say wha? Yup. It's gonna drop September 24th. Then Kurt Cobain fans will have an orgy with three different CD's loaded with 60 tunes then a DVD with an additional 29 other tunes. The super-mega-ultra-delux-primo-box-set-edition will be so jam packed you'll have to get 2 more CD players just to enjoy it. Aside from the collection of demos, raw takes and a remastered In Utero will include an updated mix of the album. Now put that in your shotgun and blast it. Too far?


New album deets


Details about the Tertiary album, that's tur-SHE-air-ree album, from Cage the Elephant are out and it's surely gonna be a must have. The guys, fronted by brothers Shultz, also provided the album cover of the forthcoming album. Titled Melophobia, the 10-song LP is due out October 8th.


New 'toon and game


Avenged Sevenfold have unveiled some exciting things fans are sure to clamor for! Soon A7X fans will be able to get a mobile game and an animated series. The series is co-developed by the creator of the cartoon Metalocalypse. The mobile game is based on the cartoon. Hail to the King is out August 27th.



He'd make it better


The former drummer of Korn is saying the band has lost their groove and he could come back and restore it. David Silveria has been pretty quiet as of late, but he took to his Facebook page to answer fan questions including how he was instrumental in the early years of the band bringing everyone together. He also says he hasn’t heard the new song, but guarantees it lacks the grove he could provide because he’s a funky drummer and current Korn drummer Ray Luzier is a heavy metal drummer. Silveria left the band back in 2006 and continues to manage his restaurants.


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Studio Version of Copy of A, Rock Star Privilege and Back in Court

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Studio Version of "Copy of A"


Call me a total fan boy, but I’m sick with anticipation for the new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks, and leaks of new songs online through concerts and even random YouTube videos aren’t helping ease my sickness. Several new songs have been played during recent live shows. The studio version of the song “Copy of A” was posted to Amazon UK for a free download and from there it quickly was ironically copied onto a YouTube account not associated with Nine Inch Nails and from there … right into our hearts. It was first featured in Fuji, then Lollapalooza and then in San Francisco—all as the opening tune. The album hits shelves September 3rd. Nine Inch Nails and their absolutely stunning live light show will be in St. Louis October 3rd.



The happy couple ... wasting tax dollars
The happy couple ... wasting tax dollars

Rock star privilege


There are certain things that rock stars can get away with … this may not be one of them. Police in Las Vegas are investigating whether a police chopper was improperly used so Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba could propose to his girlfriend. A photo posted on Instagram of Ashba and the smoking hot Colombian actress Nathalia Henao shows the two wearing helicopter headgear. He then thanked Vegas police for an amazing ride. Ridealongs are pretty routine for police, but that’s only if Police are on routine patrol. A statement from police does indicate that two civilians were taken on a ride along, but no one was named. Vegas police have a $30 million budget hole. As for the newly engaged … good luck. It’s a rock star and a hot actress … the odds are not great.


Back in court


The dude who attempted to break into Kid Rocks home just outside Detroit was in court yesterday and as with most criminal cases, there’s another court date. Brian Keith’s next appearance is August 26th where he faces felony charges. He’s held on $75,000. Thankfully Rock wasn’t home—not just for Rock’s sake but also for Keith’s sake. Rock said he would have shot whoever was trying to enter his home.


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Reznor on New Album, His Name is Cory Collins, and Kid Rock's Beer

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Reznor on new album


The rage is quieter … that’s what Trent Reznor is saying about the new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks. In an interview with The Guardian, Reznor says he was thinking about where he was when he was making the epic 1994 masterpiece The Downward Spiral and where he is now. Back then he’d put every bit of emotion on the line and that ultimately led to abusive tendencies. Now he says the depression and feeling of not-fitting-in is still there, but he’s a totally different person and the rage is a bit quieter. Nine Inch Nails performed at Outside Lands festival in San Francisco over the weekend where they performed a new tune from the forthcoming album. They’ve been touring the festival circuit with their amazing stage show. They’ll headline an arena tour soon with a stop in St. Louis October 1st. Hesitation Marks drops in stores September 3rd.


His name is Cory Collins


Who didn’t see this coming? Sadly, the world is one less juggalo after a 24-year-old was found dead at a campground in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois. That’s were the Insane Clown Posse was having their annual “Gathering” Festival. Authorities say Cory Collins of Harrisburg died Friday. Toxicology tests are pending. Back in 2011, one attendee of The Gathering drowned while trying to swim in the Ohio River. But, all-in-all, it’s safe to say that thousands of other juggalos partied somewhat safely over the weekend. So, if you see a wicked clown today, give him a big hug and let him know you’re glad he survived the annual Gathering.


Kid Rock's beer


American Badass Beer is now back in stores after a year on hiatus … That’s the beer Kid Rock formulated and began selling in 2009. The brewer in the Lansing, Michigan, area stopped making the beer for about a year after they ran into financial troubles, but now the beer is making a comeback and will be available in Detroit area bars and restaurants. The brew will also be available on tap at some Kid Rock shows in the Detroit area.


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New Jane's Addiction Tune, Old One-Ups New, A Rage Return? and Carnival is Coming

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New Jane's Addiction tune


Jane’s Addiction have a new tune out and it’s fitting to be an ear worm. The tune “Another Soulmate” is streaming online through Rolling Stone. The band is out on the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival alongside Alice in Chains, Coheed and Cambria, Danko Jones and a bunch of others.


Old one-ups new


It’s an interesting showing on the charts … a new album from Megadeth got outsold by an old album by Metallica. Megadeth’s latest attempt, Super Collider, was released two months ago but looking at the numbers the album was outsold by Metallica’s Black Album, which is 22 years old. Granted it was only by about 20 sales, but still.


A Rage return?


Could Rage Against the Machine make a comeback in 2014? Maybe not for a new album, but maybe for a show in L.A.. A post to the website for L.A.Rising Festivial says the festival, which has featured RATM last year, is in the works for August 2014. Guitarist Tom Morello keeps hinting at the band getting back together, but he also says they keep turning down amazing offers to tour the world. Keep crossing your fingers, ‘cuz anything RATM is way overdue.


Carnival is coming


Shinedown are getting ready for the Carnival of Madness and they’re brining some actual circus performers with them. They’ll be out on the road with Skillet and several other bands, but it’s unclear if Papa Roach will be with them as planned as Jacoby Shaddix has been on vocal rest. It’s reported Shaddix will be back at it in time for their show in Bloomington August 18th.


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Released Then Yanked and Delayed, Tour Canceled, and Downtime After Surgery

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Released then yanked and delayed


The latest from Korn was revealed to the world for a short time yesterday, but was then yanked off the internet … and with the questionable single release comes word that the album is being pushed back. The track “Never, Never” from the forthcoming album Paradigm Shift made limited rounds before it was taken down yesterday. You may have heard it on the Daily Download. Either way, good luck trying to find it online. Some critics say it’s less dub-step and more “Head.” QLZ has it in our library, so be sure to request it today if you wanna hear a glimpse of what the first Korn album featuring guitarist Brian “Head” Welch sounds like. As for the release date of the new album, it was originally slated to come out October 1st, but has been pushed back a week.


Tour canceled


If you were planning on seeing Papa Roach down in South America, you’re gonna have to make other plans. Front man Jacoby Shaddix is suffering from vocal chord problems yet again and that’s caused the band to call off their South American tour. Now, it’s not that Shaddix is just looking to skip out on things. He’s just following doctors orders who put him on strict vocal rest. With apologizes to fans saying he’s not a machine, Shaddix is expected to make a full recovery.


Downtime after surgery


Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante is rocking more than just the drums … he’s also rocking a cast, though I’m not sure if it’s at the same time. The drummer is recovering from surgery on his right hand. He posted a photo of his injured hand saying he’s dealing with carpal tunnel. He also says he wants to be behind the set when Anthrax plays San Bernardino, CA, September 13th.


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She Seems Crazy, It's Too Loud, In Court and Riot Fest Butter Sculpture

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She seems crazy


Things always get nasty when there’s a divorce, and that’s the same case for rock stars. Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach is in court getting a diviorce from his wife. She’s claiming he abused her. The filing doesn’t specify what exactly he did, but some a report says the abuse led to Stephanie Ann Gonis Auerbach to cut herself on her legs and ankles. Mr. Auerbach says she has twice tried to commit suicide and one attempt was done in front of their kid. She denies that, though she admits seeking treatment. He has primary custody of the kid. She can visit under supervision.


It's too loud


Rob Zombie is joining his wife Sherri Moon Zombie in opposing a noisy skate park near the couples Connecticut home. It was reported last week that Mrs. Zombie joined other neighbors at a city meeting to ask for some peace and quite. A town official says they’ll try to make the park quieter and reduce the hours. Zombie says they don’t hate skaters or kids, they just want everyone to be happy.


In court


The dude who tried to break into Kid Rock’s home has been arraigned on felony home invasion and malicious destruction of property charges, but not without trying to plead with the court. Brian Keith told the courts he has screws and plates in his knees, but the courts said he’s also got 14 convictions as an adult. Bond has been set at $75,000. Keith is back in court Monday. After the incident, Kid Rock said had he been there he would have opened fire on the perp.


Riot Fest butter sculpture


How awesome would it be if the Illinois State Fair butter cow was actually a butter Oderus Urungus?!? That’ll never happen here in Springfield, but up in Chicago at Riot Fest, there are plans to create a butter sculpture based on either the Gwar lead singer or maybe Andrew W.K. or even John Stamos. Voting is open from now until Monday and it’s only one vote per day. Right now, John Stamos is leading the vote.  Riot Fest is September 13th through the 15th in Chicago.


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Full Nails Show Posted, New Single Posted, Sabbath Maze and He's Too Fat

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Full Nails show posted


As we new it would be the case, the full set from Nine Inch Nails at Lollapalooza is available to view online. The first show state side for the band in years was highlighted by an amazing stage show with upwards to seven movable and interactive screens, plus the juxtaposition of classic synth tunes butted up against the edgy hard rock tunes plus three new tunes. If you didn’t see it stream live Friday, or you weren’t in Chicago for the show, you should watch the entire set online! The new album Hesitation Marks is due out next month.



New single posted


The album Sammy Haggar and Friends is set to drop September 24th and the first single “Knockdown Dragout,” including the video, is available to stream online through Rolling Stone. Haggar is joined on the album by the likes of Toby Kieth, Taj Mahal, Kid Rock, Joe Satriani, Mickey Hart, and others.


Sabbath maze


There’s a new attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood and they’re hoping to creep visitors out. It’s the Black Sabbath: 13 3D maze and it’ll be available during the Halloween season. Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne says he’s seen the sketches of what the ride will look like and says it’s amazing. Visitors will get a glimpse at Lucifer, not the real one, and his bride alongside blood-soaked dead bodies and radioactive pools. There will also be 3D video worked in through the maze. If you’re in the LA area, you’ll be able to hit up the display September 20th.


He's too fat


Speaking of Sabbath, more is coming out as to what may have been one of the issues concerning original drummer Bill Ward. Ozzy Osbourne is quoted in the New York Daily News saying that Ward is too overweight and that drummers need to be in shape. He also said that it would have been difficult for him to play two-hour shows each night and cited Ward’s recent heart attacks.


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Could've Been Shot by Rock, New Tune Streaming, and Flag Down His Pants

New Album Details, Top 50 Live Acts, Not Upset at Chester, Rockin' With Phil, and Not So Loud


Could've been shot by Rock


Kid Rock don’t mess around when it comes to his personal space and the dude who rammed a van into his home better be glad Rock wasn’t there, or else he’d have more than just an arrest to worry about … He could have been shot. Story goes that some guy rammed a van into Rock’s property, apparently trying to gain access. The culprit was later arrested after Detroit police made Rock’s surveillance video public. Rock wasn’t home, but he posted to his website that if he were home, it would have been a different story. Rock said he’s an avid hunter and marksman and he won’t hesitate to shoot anyone who threatens him, his family or his property. The scumbag suspect will be arraigned in court today.


New tune streaming


Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison’s side project Scar the Martyr has posted a stream of their first single “Blood Host.” The tune will be off the forthcoming self titled album due out October 1st. Jordison isn’t new to side projects. He was in Murder Dolls a few years back. Scar the Martyr is out on the road with Danzig They’ll be up in Chicago August 16th at the Congress Theater.


Flag down his pants


Oh, the Bloodhound Gang. You never cease to amaze us, even when you’re no longer relevant. The goofball hip-hop rock weirdos have found some controversy in Russia after bassist Jared Hasselhoff put the Russian flag down his pants. That led to the band’s show the following day being canceled and Russian police ended up questioning Hasselhoff over the weekend. They even considered charging him with defaming the Russian flag. The bassist apologized during a news conference and said it was the band’s tradition to take things thrown on stage and put it down their pants. He says he meant no offense, but really? Then more reports indicate that pro-Kremlin groups threw rotten tomatoes and eggs at the band as they were driven to an Airport to leave the country. Nicely played, guys. Now go burn some roofs down.


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New Album Details, Top 50 Live Acts, Not Upset at Chester, Rockin' With Phil, and Not So Loud

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New album details


Korn has posted the track listing and album cover for their forthcoming release Paradigm Shift. The first album in ten years featuring original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch will be out October 1st. Fans will get their fill of Korn with 13 new tunes for their listening pleasure.


Top 50 live acts


A list of the 50 best live bands right now has been compiled by Rolling Stone Magazine and a panel of so-called experts and the top ten is pretty light in the rock category. Toping the list is friggin’ Bruce Springsteen. Then there are several hip hop acts. Rage Against The Machine made the top ten and they’re not even tour right now. Others that made the top 20 include Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and Metallica. Speaking of, Metallica’s Lars was on the panel.


Not upset at Chester


In other news, STP’s former front man Scott Weiland says he’s not happy about what’s happened with the band he helped form, but doesn’t put the blame of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington for stepping up to the plate. In an interview with another radio station, Weiland says that the brother’s DeLeo can be pretty persuasive. There are lawsuits from both sides going back and forth.


Rockin with Phil


During a Phil Anselmo show a few days ago in Oklahoma, the former Pantera front man brought up a cancer stricken kid to perform the legendary song “Walk.” The kid, Peyton Arens, tore it up on stage with the band, according to an online post from Anselmo. You can watch video of the performance online.



Not so loud close to home


Oh, and rocker-wife and actress Sheri Moon Zombie doesn’t like loud when it’s so close to her home. Mrs. Zombie is joining with other neighbors in Woodbury, Connecticut, to ask from some relief from a close skate park that gets pretty loud. The town is in the process of remedying the noise problem.


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Live Stream, On the Road, and Back in Court

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Live stream


Can’t make it up to Lollapalooza this Friday when a bunch of bands take the stage including Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails? Don’t worry, they’re gonna live stream the shows! As is becoming more frequent, big festivals are beginning to stream their concerts online. That’s great for those of us who wanted to see Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails, but didn’t feel like wading through a bunch of hippies tripping on ecstasy. Lollapalooza will also be streaming pro-shot concerts from their Saturday and Sunday lineup as well. For Friday, you’ll definitely want to put the 10pm performance from Nine Inch Nails on your agenda. The various live clips from thief Fuji Rock concert over last weekend looks absolutely sick and a must see. Lollapalooza is the annual festival founded by Jane’s Addiction front man Perry Ferrell that takes place up in Chicago’s Grant Park.  Want a sneak peak of NIN's recent live show? Watch at this link or below:



On the road


Every time it happens, America, I don’t think you’re ready … Gwar is going on tour! They’re touring the country a couple of different times. They’ll be up in Chicago September 13th with Hatebreed at Riot Fest. Then they’ll be in Joliet at Mojoes November 9th for the “Madness at the Core of Time” tour. The prosthetic-prone out-of-this-world overlord rockers have a new album due out September 17th.


Back in court


Embattled As I Lay Dying front man Tim Lambesis is due in court tomorrow in the next phase of his murder-for-hire trial. He was arrested back in May for allegedly giving an undercover cop an envelope of cash and instructions on killing his estranged wife. Lambesis’ lawyers are expected to ask for some personal items that were seized by the courts to be returned to the singer. The preliminary hearings begin in September. The 32-year-old singer has been out of jail on bond and wearing an ankle monitor.


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