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Why the Suit, Out on Bail, and Do You Care?

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Why the suit?


The remaining members of Stone Temple Pilots have released a statement clarifying their intentions behind a lawsuit against former front man Scott Weiland. In the post to their website Thursday evening, they say they simply wanted to be productive as a band and Weiland was hindering that process. They had wanted to put together a 20th anniversary tour to commemorate the band’s successful debut album, but Weiland stubbed that by going out on a solo tour, playing some of the very songs the band had hope to highlight on a possible 20th anniversary tour. STP says they found out about Weiland’s solo tour the same way the public did … through an ad. They say that Weiland violated an internal agreement and after repeated requests to stand down for the sake of the band, they decided to file suit in an effort to move forward. Keep it up, guys! The drama is ripe for the picking! Just this month STP released a new tune with Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington … and there are rumblings of an eventual tour.


Tim Lambesis behind the glass
Tim Lambesis behind the glass

Out on bail


He’s free … for now. As I Lay Dying front man Tim Lambesis has posted bail and is free on his own cognizance … that is until his murder-for-hire trial kicks into full gear. The singer was picked up earlier this month after allegedly giving money to an undercover cop in exchange for the murder of his estranged wife. It’s reported Lambesis posted $2 million bail after being in jail for several weeks. It’s also reported that he’ll have to wear a GPS monitoring device and is to not have any contact with his estranged wife and three adopted children. His lawyer said his erratic behavior was due to steroid use. Lambesis will be back in front of the courts late next month.


Do you care?


Courtney Love has a few songs and a potential album she wants you to know about. But, since it’s not Hole, we don’t care … So, we’ll pass on passing along that info.


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Debut Out Soon, Old School Audio, Every Little Bit Helps, and Immortalized in Wax

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Debut out soon


The long awaited debut album from some of the hottest chicks in metal is headed to stores July 9th. Butcher Babies will release the album Goliath to a very eager audience. The band released an EP a while back as a way to tease metal heads. Then they took their act on the road for several different tours, including with Marilyn Manson. After that tour with Manson, Butcher Babies took to the studio. The band, fronted by two former Playboy Playmates Heidi Shephard and Carla Harvey is also comprised with guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein, and drummer Chris Warner.


Old school audio


It’s 30 years old, but audio has surfaced of a young Axl Rose performing with one of his first bands Rapidfire. The audio unearthed and sampled on YouTube has the G’NR front man sounding more like a baritone than the signature high pitch squeal Rose is known for. The tracks were exhumed by Rapidfire guitarist Kevin Lawrence.



Dimebag Darrel in Wax
Dimebag Darrel in Wax

Every little bit helps


Killswitch Engage are ready to prove they’re capable of helping others by donating proceeds from their tour kick off in Oklahoma tonight to the residents impacted by the deadly twister in Moore earlier this month. The band says proceeds from tonight’s show in Oklahoma City will go to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. They will also have special limited edition t-shirts available to buy with the 100 percent of the proceeds going to the food bank.


Immortalized in wax


Hey Pantera fans, if you’re up in Canada anytime soon you may want to book it to Rock Legends Wax Museum right around Niagara Falls. There you’ll see a wax representation of late guitarist Dimebag Darrel rockin’ out on his signature Dean guitar. You can also peruse and persue other wax figurines of Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, James Hetfield and others.


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New NIN This Year, Announced Allegiance, and Streaming ... Like Clockwork

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New NIN this year


We've been lied to by rockstars in the past, but this time I don't mind ... Nine Inch Nails will indeed be releasing new material ... THIS YEAR!!! In a post from Trent Reznor Tuesday on the Nine Inch Nails tumbler page, text says "I have been less than honest" and that there will be new Nine Inch Nails this year. It was originally reported months ago that Reznor would only be releasing one new song for some best of they were obligated to do. That was bogus. Reznor now says that he's been keeping his creativity flowing with other projects at the same time he's been working with Alan Moulder and production partner Atticus Ross on new NIN. He also goes on to say that the work so far is really effin' good and personally I'm giddy as a school girl! There's no official release date or title yet, but we're anxiously watching for the latest update.


Announced Allegiance


Big concert announcement yesterday ... if you missed it, the announcement unites four rock giants from four different countries. QLZ will have tickets before you can buy them to the Rock Allegiance Tour. Be sure to listen for a chance to Beat the Box Office and get tickets to see Volbeat, Him, All that Remains and Airborne. They'll be at the US Cellular Coliseum August 29th. Tickets go on sale Saturday at all Ticketmaster locations.


Rock Allegiance Tour


Streaming ... Like Clockwork


Also on Tuesday, Queens of the Stone Age offered up their new album to stream in its entirety online through iTunes. The band has been doing a very timely job of teasing fans for the eventual release haveing put out a total of five different animated videos piecing together a narrative of four characters being cut down at their prime only to be rejuvinated by a cosmic ray from a giant scull with wings. The 10-song album ... Like Clockwork comes out June 4th.


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AIC Drops New Album, Also Out Today, and Lawsuit Filed Against Weiland

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


AIC drops new album


The much anticipated album from Alice In Chains, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is out today. The album is the second with new front man William Duvall who fronts the band years after original singer Layne Staley passed away. AIC has been teasing the new album for months, first with the release of the tune “Hollow” which was highlighted by the video featuring a space man in isolation. Then they gave us the sludge-filled tune “Stone,” which also came with a bizarre video. Now fans will surely be listening to the

new record on repeat. Be sure to pick up The Devil Put Dinosaurs today.


Also out today


Also out in stores today: Monster Truck’s Furiousity. Monster Truck was just in Springfield last Saturday opening up for Sevendust. While you’re in stores, you may want to check out the live Dio album Live in Philly 1986. Also in stores is the Judas Priest Epitaph video on DVD and Blu-Ray)


Lawsuit filed against Weiland


There’s more trouble on the Stone Temple Pilots front as the lawsuits start flying. Earlier this year, just as original singer Scott Weiland was taking to the road on his solo tour, the band put out a statement that Weiland was no longer with the band. At that time, Weiland said that it wouldn’t be STP without him, because he started the band. Then, last weekend, it was revealed that the remaining STP members were working and performing both in studio and on stage with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. Bennington revealed that he plans to touring with the band, but there’s no word on when that’ll be. Now the remaining members of STP say in a lawsuit filed Friday that Weiland is trying to damage their livelihood and sabotage their 20th anniversary tour. The lawsuit states that a member can be fired for “grossly negligent performance or failure of performance of material duties, repeated late or non-appearances,” something the remaining members say happened. The band is seeking monetary damages and an injunction to keep Weiland from profiting at the band’s expense.


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Looks Friggin' Bad Ass, Ignore the Bigots, and Major League

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Looks friggin' bad ass


The trailer for the new Metallica movie is sick! Revealed to the world online, the trailer for Through The Never 3D shows what looks like the most intense live concert-slash-story line a band has ever put together. The trailer opens up with a young looking roadie played by Dane DeHaan driving a van and blowing a stoplight only to stop in the middle of the intersection. The van is then smashed into by another vehicle and then all hell breaks loose with angry mobs, swat teams with rabid dogs and of course Metallica on stage with a ton of moving parts including huge fireballs, levitating coffins and glowing crosses. Through The Never 3D hits IMAX September 27th and then everywhere else October 4th.



Ignore the bigots


The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again … This time they protested the memorial service of the late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. The service in LA yesterday was pleasant, had it not been for the bigoted church rambling on about how homosexuality causes tornadoes and earthquakes. Slayer posted to their fans attending the service to just ignore the bigoted church. Hanneman died from liver complications earlier this month.


Major league


Topps, the maker of great baseball cards, is coming out with a special series that rockers are gonna wanna check out! The 2013 Topps Archives Heavy Metal Signature Series will feature the likeness and signatures of some the biggest names in heavy metal. One artist to be featured is Scott Ian from Anthrax. He says having a card is like going from the minors to the majors. Others to be featured include Axl Rose, Tommy Lee, Sebastian Bach, Lita Ford and others.


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Endorsing Bennington, Enough Material Not Time, Ageless Metal, and Two Night Late-night Appearance

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Endorsing Bennington


It’s a ringing endorsement from a legendary shredder—Slash approves of the work that Stone Temple Pilots is doing with Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington. This of course is in the face of Scott Weiland who used to e in STP. Weiland was also once in Velvet Revolver with Slash. Bennington joined STP on stage this past weekend for a performance and revealed this week he plans to take the road with STP. Weiland, who was kicked out of the band in February, says he can’t be kicked out of the band he started. Unless this is some elaborate stunt … I think you’re up sh*t creek without even a sh*t paddle. It’s unclear is Bennington will record an entirely new album with STP. We’ll keep you posted.


Enough material not time


Metallica’s James Hetfield says they have enough new material for a new record, but they just have to find the time. Hetfield tells Billboard that he wants the new album recorded like yesterday, but there’s so much other stuff going on with the band. A few weeks ago, drummer Lars said that the band would more than likely be back in the studio later this year for a 2014 released. Right now they’re focusing on the new 3D concert film Through The Never.


Ageless metal


If you’re a fan of the Lord of the Ring and the recent Star Wars movies AND a fan of metal music, you’ll definitely want to put this on your wish list. 90-year-old actor Christopher Lee has put out a metal album that focuses on some far distant lands and stories of lords and otherworldly stuff. A video of Lee talking about the new album, his long-standing influence on bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and others is available online. In the video, Lee has a conversation with Tony Iommi where he calls the Sabbath Guitar player the father of metal. Iommi fires back and says that Lee actually started it and is the emperor of metal. Lee’s second full length metal album Charlemange: The Omens of Death is out next week.



Two night late-night appearance


Queens of the Stone Age will play two nights in a row on “The Late Show with David Letterman” June 5 and the 6th. That’s in anticipation of the new album … Like Clockwork, which comes out June 4th.


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Trouble on SOAD Front, Planning a Tour, and Going on Tour

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Trouble on SOAD front


There seems to be some trouble on Team System of a Down. Bassist Shavo Odadjian took to the internet this week to blast front man Serj Tankian saying that Serj is the one that’s holding the band back. In a series of Facebook posts, Shavo says he’s “ready to release one with someone who wants to be the singer of SYSTEM. not soeome [sic] we have to beg to be a part of SYSTEM!!” and that fans should know it’s not the other members of the band that are holding up the process. Serj has had many different projects going on, including his time with a symphony, appearing as gust vocalist on other albums and more. He’s also got a new album coming out called Jazz-is-christ. Shavo doesn’t have any side projects. A post to the official SOAD page says that Shavo’s views don’t reflect the entire band’s views and that SOAD will be performing all scheduled dates. The post said nothing about the potential of a new album.


Planning a tour


If the studio recording of Chester Bennington heading up Stone Temple Pilots for the song “Out of Time” wasn’t confirmation that he’s in it for the long haul, this is. The Linkin Park singer has confirmed his long-term plans to perform with STP on the road. He said that they couldn’t plan a tour without spilling the beans that he’d be fronting the band. The cat was let out of the bag this weekend and every indication is STP will tour with Bennington soon. We’ll keep you posted. As for any rumors that STP is still with Scott Weilend … those rumors more than likely have been started by Weilend.


Going on tour


Former Pantera front man Phil Anselmo and his band will be touring the states. They’ll have a stop in Chicago August 4th at the House of Blues. Anselmo & The Illegals will release the new album Walk Through Exits Only July 16th.


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New Front Man, NIN Change Up, Film Festival Debut, New Video and Song Released, and Sevendust Interview

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New frontman


Stone Temple Pilots have filled the role of front man, even if only temporarily and against the wishes of original front man Scott Weiland. During a show over the weekend out west, STP surprised an audience in LA when instead of Weiland, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington took to the stage. This was during a radio station’s Weenie Roast where the band performed a new tune called “Out of Time.” The band “fired” Weiland back in February, something Weiland says isn’t possible because he started the band. The tune “Out of Time” featuring Bennington is available to stream online.



NIN change up


Late last week there was a switch up with the refreshed Nine Inch Nails lineup that supposed to be hitting the festival circuit very soon. It’s reported that Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery is bowing out and NIN standby Robin Fink is stepping back in. Avery says he wants to focus more on music and film projects in LA. Nine Inch Nails is set to play Lalapalooza in Chicago this August.


Film festival debut


Metallica has premiered their 3D movie at Cannes Film Festival. During which, more of the movies plot has been revealed. Drummer Lars says that “Metallica Through The Never” is a movie not like any other that is part drama, part concert film. Some may say it is very similar to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” movie, but that wasn’t primarily live concert footage shot in 3D. “Through The Never” is. The film features a roadie sent out on a task who then quickly finds his world upside down. After a run at IMAX, there will be a standard theater release here in the states later this year.


New video and song released


Queens of the Stone Age keep pumping out animated shorts with songs from their forthcoming album … Like Clockwork. The band has now put out at least 4 different tunes … each with an accomapying video. To get the latest releases, be sure you check QOTSA on YouTube. The most recent release is for the song “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” where two masked beings duke it out. … Like Clockwork hits stores June 4th.



Sevendust interview


In case you missed it, Bishop interviewed Clint and Vinnie from Sevendust before Saturday's Show.  Watch that below or at this link.



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QLZ Talks to Sevendust

Bishop sat down with Clint and Vinnie from Sevendust before Saturday's Show.  Watch the three discuss the new album Black Out the Sun, Lejon's future and their thoughts on the music industry and their love for fans:


What Will it Sound Like? No Love for the Biz, Only For the Fans and Roid Rage

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


What will it sound like?


When members can step away and take a break, it helps make the music better when they do get back together, that’s according to bassist Vinnie Hornsby and guitarist Clint Lowery from Sevendust. The band was in town Saturday and QLZ sat down for a chat with the two. Among the topics of discussion were the reports that front man Lajon Witherspoon may break off for a solo attempt. What that would be is still up in the air, but Lowery says that Lajon has a wide pallet for music.

“I don’t know what the outcome will be because he likes so much stuff. He likes country, he likes pop, you know, he likes so much kind of stuff. Whatever he does will showcase whatever he likes to do. Whether or not we can stop touring enough for him to do it, you know?!”

Lowry himself has his share of side project experience having worked with bands like Still Rain, Dark New Day, Hello Demons … meet skeleton and others.


No love for the biz, only for the fans


The two also sounded off about the music industry saying it's crooked and the only thing that keeps them going is their connection with the fans. Before taking the stage at Boondocks Saturday, QLZ got to sit down and talk about the toils of the music biz. Lowery says it’s a dirty industry, but there’s one thing that keeps them going.

“The music business beats the love of music out of you. We’ve been grinding this out for 15 almost 20 years and we’ve seen a lot of things in the industry that aren’t in the artists favor. It’s always based on the labels and that. The only thing that keeps us alive is that we have a good connection with our fan base. I don’t have much love for this industry and what they take from the artist.”

Both Lowry and Hornsby says that future generations of musicians will be the ones to change the face of the industry.  Video of the interview, along with meet-and-greet photos will be posted to WQLZ.com soon.


Sevendust with QLZ's Bishop and Goose

Sevendust with QLZ's Bishop and Goose


Roid rage


Over the weekend it was revealed that As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis is blaming steroids for his erratic behavior. His lawyer suggests that his mind was ravaged by steroid use and that set him over the top to try and hire an undercover cop to murder his estranged wife. Lambesis’ wife filed for divorce late last year and said in documents that the singer was more interested in a mistress, tattoos and working out. Lambesis was arrested earlier this month and charged in a murder-for-hire plot.


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Dropping off the tour, Sabbath on CSI, and Sevendust tomorrow

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Dropping off the tour


And they’re off … the tour lineup. As I Lay Dying has dropped off their planned tour with Killswitch Engage. The band is still reeling from the arrest of their singer Tim Lambesis who was arrested earlier this month in a murder-for-hire plot where he’s accused of paying an undercover officer cash money to kill his estranged wife. In an arraignment hearing last week, prosecutors said they had Lambesis on video working the deal for someone to kill his wife. Lambesis has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Killswitch Engage and others will be at Pops in Sauget June 18th and in Joliet July 8th at Mojos.


Sabbath on CSI


Black Sabbath was the featured guest on prime time last night as they performed the tune “End of the Beginning” on CSI: Crime Scene Investigators and front man Ozzy actually gets some face time. The episode, which aired on network TV last night, opens with Black Sabbath on stage performing for a small club. Some cops are there talking about other concerts they’ve attended. Something happens to where Ozzy gets interviewed by a member of the press. Apparently he gets to drop a plug for the band’s new album 13 which comes out June 11th. The episode is available to view online.


Sevendust tomorrow


Sevendust will be in Springfield at Boondocks Saturday rocking out in continued celebrations for QLZs 20th Birthday. The 21 and up show will also feature Monster Truck and Shaman’s Harvest. Tickets are available at Boondocks, but you better get them quick. Some lucky QLZ listeners are gonna do a meet and greet and you can expect some Sevendust news in Monday’s Music Minute right here on QLZ.


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Lewis at Boondocks Tonight, Lyric Video Posted, Another Side Project, and France Film Festival

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Lewis at Boondocks tonight


Staind fans with a bit of country in their blood will be headed out to Boondocks tonight to see Aaron Lewis perform with his country act. Then this Saturday Sevendust will be in town as part of QLZ’s 20th Birthday Celebrations. Joining them on stage for this 21 and up show will be Monster Truck and Shaman’s Harvest. We’ll see you there!


Lyric video posted


Metal legend Rob Halford has hooked up with Five Finger Death Punch in a collaboration for the song “Lift Me Up” and now the band has released a lyric video for the track. The tune is your typical catchy and driving FFDP, with Ian Moody directing the audience to lift him up. Halford then joins the song in the second verse. The lyric video is set against stormy skies with images of lightening and ants battling screen time with the song’s lyrics. FFDP has a double album coming out this year called The Wrong Side of Heaven and The Righteous Side of Hell. The first disc will be out July 23rd.



Another side project


The moody side of Deftones’ front man Chino Morino will come out this summer with the side project Palms. Chino hooked up with the leftover members of the defunct band Isis for the new album that is expected out June 25th. The first song “Patagonia” is streaming online. This isn’t the first side project from the front man. Several years ago he released an album with Team Sleep. Then he dabbled around with a projected called Crosses. Chino is still out on the road with the Deftones supporting their most recent album Koi No Yokem


France film festival


Metallica fans attending the Cannes Film Festival in France this week are getting a chance to see the band’s new movie Metallica Through The Never 3D. The band took the film to the festival in hopes of wowing a critical crowd and getting an even more attention when the film debuts in IMAX theaters this September and an expanded release in regular theaters in October.


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Puddle of Trouble, Creepy Video, Teaser Trailer, and Best Album Yet

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Puddle of Trouble


Wes Scantlin is just a puddle of trouble these days with more arrests for a variety of things than I can count dollars in my pocket. The Puddle of Mudd singer was picked up again earlier this week for allegedly battering his ex-wife in front of several witnesses. Earlier this month the singer was picked up for outstanding warrants. He’s also, in recent memory, was in trouble for steeling his ex-wife’s car, getting disorderly on an airplane and also some other drug charges. Surely his traffic record is abysmal as well. It’s reported Scantlin posted $20,000 bail for the most recent arrest.


Creepy video


Queens of the Stone Age have yet again released another song with a video from their upcoming album ... Like Clockwork. The two-minute video for the song “Kalopsia” picks up from where the last video for “I Appear Missing” left off and shows a devious character with a creepy grin and glowing eyes destroying everything it comes in contact with. … Like Clockwork comes out June 3rd.  Watch the video below or at this link.



Teaser trailer


Another featurette from Black Sabbath is available online. The latest video is called “That Sabbath Sound” and is a teaser for the forthcoming album 13. In the video, original band members Ozzy, Geezer and Tony talk about the goal of the album alongside of producer Rick Rubin and Rage Agains the Machine Drummer Brad Wilk. Wilk, who is in place of original drummer Bill Ward, talks about how others in the band are producing heavier music in their 60s than most bands in their 30s are producing. The new album hits stores June 11th.  Watch the trailer below or at this link.



Best album yet


Speaking of new albums, Korn’s forthcoming attempt is the best album from the band to date, according to front man Jonathan Davis. Davis took to Twitter to update fans about the album saying “Korn has done by far the best album we have ever done so excited!!!” The new album will be the first in 10 years with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. There’s no word yet on when the album will be out, but we’ll keep you posted. Korn will be in St. Louis at the Peabody with Love and Death and Device May 25th.



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Staley's Mom Files Suit, New Album Details, Taking to the Road, and In Town This Week

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Staley's mom files suit


Layne Staley’s mom is suing Alice In Chains for money she says she is owed in royalties. The late singer’s mom, Nancy McCullum says she’s owed 16 percent of the band’s revenue. McCullum’s suit filed earlier this month in Seatle contends that she was told payments would be cut off. The band’s lawyers fired back and said that Staley’s heirs have been paid more than what is due and future payments will continue. Staley passed away even years ago from a drug overdose. The band took a hiatus but emerged again with a new singer in 2009 to release the critically acclaimed album Black Gives Way to Blue. Their new album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is due out May 28th.


New album details


Details are out about the new Five Finger Death Punch double album. The title will be The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell. Volume 1 will hit shelves July 23. Volume 2 doesn’t have a release date yet. We’ll keep you posted.


Taking to the road


Drowning Pool is taking to the road with Eye Empire for a tour with a stop in Steger, Illinois, later this summer. Drowning Pool just finished up some dates with Flyleaf and now will pick back up later this month down in Florida to end the trek June 30 in Steger. They’ll be joined by new kids on the rock block Eye Empire who are just now breaking onto the scene in a big way. Eye Empire was in the QLZ downtown studio a couple of weeks ago performing an acoustic tune before a show at a small Springfield club. You can watch that performance online.



In town this week


It’s another big week for concerts in the capital city. Thursday at Boondocks, Staind’s Arron Lewis will be in town with his country act. Tickets are on sale now at Boondocks on North Dirksen. Then Saturday, QLZ’s 20th Birthday celebrations continue with Sevendust at Boondocks. Tickets for that show are also on sale.


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Behind-The-CSI-Scenes, #BECOMEATWITTERKINGMAKER, In Court Video, and Planned Concdert DVD

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station




Black Sabbath posted some behind-the-scenes video of their upcoming cameo on the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation … That show, which airs this week, will also feature a new Black Sabbath tune “End of the Beginning” from the forthcoming album 13. So, if you’re a fan of the band, and want to hear a network television premier, be sure to have you DVR set for 9p CST on CBS.





Megadeth is itching to make you a king with their new tune “Kingmaker.” The band is taking to Twitter to release their new track, but they don’t want to use their account … They want to use your account. You gotta register at RockMyTrack.com with your open-to-the-public Twitter account. Then the band will pick a Twitter account to have a link posted with the new tune. The new album Super Collider hits shelves June 4th.


In court video


Typically when a video is released featuring the singer of a popular band, it features some kind of exclusive interview about an upcoming album or tour or history or something. Two different videos of As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis in court shows the singer being brought into an isolation chamber and being arraigned. Last week Lambesis pleaded not guilty to hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife. He’s held on $3 million bail.  See the videos below:




Planned concdert DVD


If you missed In This Moment when they came to Springfield, you may soon be able to see them live anyways—in high def, pro shot video. The band has announced they plan on producing a live concert DVD for the masses. Later this month at a show in Madison, WI, the band plans to have an even more intense stage presence as they prepare for the cameras to capture their live performance. That show is May 21st.


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Lambessis Pleads Not Guilty, New Super Group Music Project Forming, and Velvet Revolver Update

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Lambessis pleads not guilty


As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis has pleaded non guilty to solicitation of murder and his bail has been set at $3 million dollars. When free, awaiting trial, he’ll have to wear a GPS monitoring device. Prosecutors say that Lambesis gave an envelope with $1,000 to an undercover cop with instructions on how to kill his wife. His wife, Meegan filed for divorce last year saying he was having an affair, stopped believing in god and spent endless hours at the gym and thousands of dollars on tattoos. Press reports say that Meegan didn’t fear for her life but that she did have concern over Tim’s change in behavior and what that meant for the care of their three children. As I Lay Dying was scheduled to take to the road with Killswitch Engage later this month, but that is uncertain. The other band members posted a statement about letting the legal process run its course.


Dean, Mullin and Blythe for Teenage Time Killer
Dean, Mullin and Blythe for Teenage Time Killer

New super group music project forming


Call it a super group if you want … I’ll just call it one of the most highly anticipated music projects I’ve heard of in a long time. It’s been revealed that Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin from Corrosion of Conformity, and others are gearing up for a project called Teenage Time Killer. Blythe posted to his Instagram account a pic of him with Dean and Mullin saying that he was asked to sing for the project, which includes a bunch of different vocalists. More details are sure to be coming out in the weeks and months ahead. We’ll keep you posted.


Velvet Revolver update


Slash has revealed that the super group Velvet Revolver has been secretly looking for a new singer. The cat’s out of the bag, now, Slash, and expect to get a call from former STP front man Scott Weiland as he tries again to squeeze himself into the band!


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Band Mates Speak Up, In Trouble Again, New Video, and Smell It Up in 2014

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Band mates speak up


Members of As I Lay Dying have posted their first statements since the band’s singer Tim Lambesis was arrested in a murder-for-hire plot. Eariler this week, Lambesis was picked up in Oceanside, California, after trying to solicit an undercover cop to murder his estranged wife. Lambesis’s wife Meegan filed for divorce back in September. The band members say they have as much information as fans do and are keeping Tim, his family and all those impacted in their thoughts. They say that the legal process is just that …

a process. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.


In trouble again


Wes Scantlin may have to get a new belt, ‘cuz the one he’s notching with the number of arrests is getting a bit filled up. The Puddle of Mudd singer has been arrested again. This time he was arrested for outstanding warrants. Police in Hollywood stopped Scantlin for speeding. The warrants were for driving on a suspended license and a recent cocaine arrest. Dude also owes the IRS $60,000, is getting a divorce and on and on and on.


New video


They teased a new lyric video last month for the tune “Swerve City” and now Deftones have released the actual video for the opening track of the album Koi No Yokan. The video is dominated by a dark haired woman riding a horse through the desert. Chino appears driving a car at the very end and meets the woman in a dark driveway. That’s pretty much the gist.



Smell it up in 2014


Slipknot's Clown says that he can smell the band's next record coming in 2014. Also known as Shawn Crahan, the percussionist told Loudwire at the Revolver Golden God Awards last week that "The energy is out there and you can feel it. People go places [band members] once were and feel it there, but not in full body, and that’s just because we’re returning. You can ask anyone around the world what the culture of the ‘Knot is, who truly knows, and they will tell you that something has changed in the atmosphere". There are a few festival dates for the band throughout the world. Other members are also busy with side projects. We’re expecting members to get together at the end of the year to begin recording.


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QLZ Rockin' Springfield with Bush and Shinedown, and Singer Arrested in Murder-For-Hire Scheme

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


QLZ Rockin' Springfield with Bush and Shinedown


QLZ celebrated 20 years rocking central Illinois with a birthday bash for the record books last night at the Prairie Capital Convention Center. The PCCC was packed with eager fans ready for a show.


QLZ staff with Bush, Click for more meet and greet photos

QLZ staff with Bush, Click for more meet and greet photos


Gavin in the audience
Gavin in the audience

Before hand, several dozen listeners got to meet and greet Bush and Shinedown, plus a lucky fan got to have a song writing session with the Shinedown’s Brent Smith.


During their set last night, Bush played at least one new song “This House Is On Fire.” Some fans even got up close and personal when front man Gavin Rossdale got out in the audience for a brief intimate encounter.


During Shinedown’s set, Brent began cover songs only to stop and find just the right one … a cover of Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.”


If you have pics to share from last night’s show, be sure to share them on our Facebook page.


Singer arrested in murder-for-hire scheme


Surely this is just the beginning of murder-for-hire saga featuring As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis. Few details are available at the moment, but he was arrested in Southern California yesterday after authorities say he tried to hire an undercover cop to kill his estranged wife. The band, which has six albums, one reaching No. 8 on the Billboard charts, was scheduled to hit the road for a North American tour later this month, but it’s uncertain if that’s gonna continue. Lambesis is expected in court to face the charges either today or tomorrow. Now it’s time for the comedians of the group to start their jokes, including this already tried and true go to joke—“Guess the band’s new name should be As I Pay For Your Dying. Get it?” Oh, never mind. We’ll keep you posted on this developing story.  Watch a TV News story on the whole deal:



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New Tune and Video, Without Scott, and From the Vault

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New tune and video


Queens of the Stone Age have released another tune from the upcoming album … Like Clockwork and this time it comes with a video. The song “I Appear Missing” is typical Queens with bluesy rock riffs and Josh Homme melodies. The video for the song is a well done animation showing a batter and beaten man being chased by a crow as he floats from a dessert to a city. Eventually the guy, who’s bloddy and wrapped in guaze falls from a high rise. The album … Like Clockwork comes out June 4th.



Without Scott


It comes across as a slap to Scott Weiland’s face—The remaining members of Stone Temple Pilots are hooking up with the remaining members of Velvet Revolver and other bands for a charity benefit later this month. STP kicked Weiland out of the band earlier this year, something Weiland says was just a publicity stunt. We’ll see.


From the vault


Probably one of the greatest things about the modern Internet, as opposed to even just ten years ago, is that unofficially released video and audio from rock star’s pasts are viewable at the click of a mouse. Nine Inch Nails is an excellent example of that. Back in 1992, Trent Reznor and crew produced an extremely explicit 30 minute video for the album Broken. It never made it on store shelves. VHS copies did circulate among certain circles, but fans detached from the celeb sphere only got grainy clips online that had to buffer. Now, with video taking up so much bandwidth online, a high quality version of the extremely graphic snuff-porn simulation video is now available to view online. Don’t watch this at work. Again … I repeat … don’t watch this at work. Might be a good idea to not watch it in front of your kids or your parents either. After watching, you’ll understand why the video was never officially released.


broken from monsatano on Vimeo.

"the broken movie" - nine inch nails


Don't miss it!


Tonight's QLZ's 20th Birthday Bash! Don't miss Shinedown, Bush and Airbourne at the Prairie Capital Convention Center.  Tickets are avaialbe at the PCCC Box Office!


QLZ's 20th B-Day Bash with Shinedown, Bush and Airbourne


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Deadly Spider Bite, Cryptic Message, On Stage Attack, and Canceled Tour

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Deadly spider bite?


As his former band mates remember his skill and passion for music, more is coming out about how Jeff Hanneman died. It was originally reported that Hanneman died from ongoing liver problems. But, a spokeswoman for Slayer says a spider bite probably had something to do with the liver problems … which doesn’t help those of us suffering from arachnophobia. It’s unclear if an autopsy has been conducted but we do know that a spider bite nearly cost him his arm after he failed to get immediate treatment.


Cryptic message


Another clue is expected today from Queens of the Stone Age as they continue to drum up interest in their forthcoming album Like Clockwork. If you go to the website LikeClockwork.tv, you can enter your phone number (or your friend’s phone number) and get a creepy message. Another clue is expected on the site today. The album hits shelves June 4th.


On stage attack


Justin Beiber wasn’t the only one who was recently attacked while on stage … Motley Crue’s guitarist Mick Mars was also attacked and knocked over while performing in Canada. Video showing the attack was posted online, but now only fan shot video of the aftermath is available online. The band took a brief break after the attack only to emerge later and finish the show. Mars later posted on Twitter that he is fine, but his body guard suffered several “busted” ribs from the attack.



Canceled tour


HIM fans in North America will have to wait for another tour in the future as the Finnish natives cancel their upcoming tour. Front man Ville Valo is suffering from severe asthma and presumptive pneumonia. Valo was absent from last week’s Revovler Golden God’s awards where HIM received the Most Dedicated Fan’s honor.


Tomorrow's show


Tomorrow’s QLZ’s 20th Birthday Bash at the Prairie Capital Convention Center. You don’t want to miss the show featuring Shinedown, Bush and Airborne! Tickets are on sale now at the PCCC Box Office.


Tuesday, May 7th, at the PCCC: Shinedown, Bush, Airborne and QLZ


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Mac Daddy Make Ya, Founding Slayer Member Passes, Back in Studio, and New Tune Performed

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Mac Daddy make ya


The Deftones have given us a reason to bring up the death of Chris Kelly, one of the founding members of the early 90s kid hip hop group Kriss Kross. During a show Wednesday night in St. Louis, the Deftones took to the stage and announced Kelly’s passing and directed the audience to participate in hybrid cover of the tune “Jump.” Fan filmed video shows Chino getting up front and announcing the news and then the band begins playing the classic tune “Engine 9” but mixing in lyrics from “Jump.” Kelly died of an apparent overdose in Atlanta earlier this week. Chino and the others from the band are also still reeling from last month’s passing of their original bassist Chi Cheng.



Founding Slayer member passes


Another tragic passing to report is that of a founding member of Slayer, Jeff Hanneman. News has it that Hanneman died of liver failure after battling the condition for years. Members of the music community from across the spectrum have come out with their condolences. Hanneman was 42.


Back in studio


It’s official. There’ll be a new studio album from Korn this year and it will be the first studio album in years featuring the original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. A very moving video released by the band show all the players behind their respective instruments with text appearing on the screen saying “Addiction, depression, separation … 8 years later … reconciliation happens.” No word yet on when a new album will be out, but it’ll be the first studio album with Head in 10 years. Korn is currently out on tour with Head with a stop at Peabody in St. Louis May 25th.


New tune performed


Another new tune from Black Sabbath was performed on stage while the band tours Australia where Ozzy and the crew performed the tune “Loner.” The band, which is set to release their first studio album in decades with Ozzy as the front, has been touring the world. Fan shot video of the tune can be seen online. Meanwhile the band has set several dates for a South American tour. They’ll be in North America this summer with a date at Tinley Park August 16th. The new album 13 comes out June 11th.



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Tigers on the Mind, Golden Gods Awards Tonight, and FFDP's Upcoming One-Two Punch

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Tiger on the mind


You don’t get any more rock star than this: Axl Rose is reportedly in the market for a tiger. That’s right … a real, living and breathing tiger. The New York Post reports that the Guns ‘N Roses singer openly said that he wanted to buy a tiger while he was out fine dinning a table of glamour babes. Now, that’s all the story is … that Rose was heard at a dinner table inside a posh New York restaurant saying he wants to buy a tiger. It’s a good thing I don’t have a subscription to the New York Post. If I did … I’d cancel that right about now. In other Rose related news, the G’NR front man was recently seen without a hat. Can’t make this stuff up.


Golden Gods Awards tonight


The Revolver Golden Gods Awards are tonight. Some of the big names up for awards include In This Moment’s Maria Brink, Halestorm’s Lizzy Hale, Corey Taylor, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter and Abe Cunningham, and a ton others. That airs tonight on XBOX Live and several other places.


FFDP's upcoming one-two punch


Five Finger Death Punch is ready to deliver a one-two knock out blow. Get it? Yeah, I know … stupid pun, Bishop … But really, the band plans on releasing a double album this year. Details are a bit scarce at the moment, but the band is reported to be in the process of releasing two albums with subsequent tours. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory says during the band’s recent studio session they quickly racked up 13 songs and said “why stop there.” They then quickly had a couple of dozen songs … just enough for a two volume release. One album and tour will be this summer and another album and tour will be this fall. Expect the first release out July 23rd. The first single “Lift Me Up” is supposed to air tonight during the Revolver Golden Gods ceremony. FFDP will be out on the Mayhem festival this early this summer.


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Getting Bigger, New Memoir, Almost Done Recording and Back With a New Front

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Getting bigger


Gigantour is getting even bigger with the addition of another heavy hitter. It’s now been announced that Newstead, the band fronted by former Metallica bassist Jason Newstead, will join the cross country trek. The tour, which will be headlined by Megadeth, will also feature David Draiman’s band Device and Hellyeah. Tour organizer and Megadeth front man Dave Mustain says that fans will surely be stoked at the lineup because “they’re new bands comprised of a person who was a major celebrity from a really large band that went on to do something new.” There’s still no word on yet when the tour will take to the road, but it’s expected this summer.


New memoir


The remaining members of the Beastie Boys will release a memoir in 2015. The title of the book is expected to be revealed this week. A publisher familiar with the deal says that the book will be an oral narrative with a strong visual component. We’ll keep you posted.


Almost done recording


Pearl Jam is almost done with their new album, according to guitarist Stone Gossard. In a recent interview with GuerillaCandy.com, the guitarist says that the band is nearing completion. As to what it sounds like, Stone says it sounds like Pearl Jam. There’s no hard date when the album will be out but others in the band have pushed for it to be released this year. Cross your fingers. Pearl Jam will play Wrigley Field in Chicago this summer.


Back with a new front


Saliva is back on the scene with a new tune and a forthcoming album and they’ve got a new front man Bobby Amaru. The band’s 8th studio album In It To Win It is expected out this summer. The title track is now available to purchase through iTunes. It’s said that original singer Josey Scott left the band to pursue a career in Christian music.


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