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Album and Movie, Golden Gods Announced, Defamation Suit Filed, New Tune Streaming Online

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Album and movie


Rob Zombie has announced details and the name of his next album, and it’s probably one of the strangest album names … which says a lot for Zombie. Titled Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, the album is expected to drop April 23. Meanwhile, his latest movie Lords of Salem comes out in theaters April 26th. Zombie says the new album is a combination of sounds and that fans of his old stuff and new stuff will appreciate the work. The announcement came with Zombie’s name appearing on the 2013 Revolver

Golden Gods Awards.


Golden Gods announced


Speaking of the Golden Gods Awards, the names to be honored reads like a who’s who of rock and roll and heavy metal. Since all other mainstream awards are getting lamer by the year, Revolver Magazine has come to save the day for those it like it heavy. On this years list of honorees you’ll see Rob Zombie, Metallica and Tony Iommi plus a ton of other categories like best drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, new talent, best album and more. The ceremony will be May 2nd in LA.


Side-by-side pics of Manson and his accused stalker from LoudWire.com
Side-by-side pics of Manson and his accused stalker from LoudWire.com

Defamation suit filed


Marilyn Manson says no they weren't, that’s the word to a woman who claims they were once engaged. Manson first reached out through his lawyer to ask Seraphim Ward (real name Yolanda Tharpe) to publically apologize for spread false stories about the goth singer. When that didn’t happen he then filed a defamation of character suit. Ward, who’s occupation is an independent musician and film maker, for months went with the engagement story and also stories that Manson was pro-nazi and a racists. She also went on to say Manson killed her two cats. Manson claims he never new the chick and is asking for $50,000 to settle.


New tune streaming online


Speaking of engaged ... The much anticipated Killswitch Engage tune is out. The band released the song “In Due Time” which will appear on the album Disarm and Decent. It’s the first new album first with orignal singer Jesse Leach. The album will be out February 5th.  See that video below or at this link.



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Tool Member Injured, Preparing New Album, and Navarro on SVU

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Tool member injured


There’s word that a member of Tool got injured while riding a Vespa and that could delay a new album. You, like me, are asking what the hell is a Vespa … well, it’s an Italian made scooter. The accident reportedly happened on icy roads and the unidentified member is said to have several broken bones. We know that guitarist Adam Jones was on TV this weekend getting engaged, and Maynard is revving up for a release from Puscifer and a show in South America with A Perfect Circle. A release from the band says because of the band member’s injuries directly affecting their instrument playing abilities, so we think it’s possibly drummer Danny Carrey, but we can’t be certain. The release says after the trip to the hospital and a rather quick healing process, the band got back to jamming on a new record last week. We’ll keep you posted on details as we get them.


Preparing new album


Sick Puppies say they have narrowed down a new album from 70 songs. Bassist Emma Anzai says on Tumbler that the band has been super productive and they may release more than just the 12 tunes on a forthcoming album, but they are perfectionists so they still have to work out all the details about what will be on the new album. Still no word on a release date for the new attempt but it would be the first for Sick Puppies since they released Tri-Polar in 2009.


A hot pic of Emma Anzai, just for the hell of it ...

A hot pic of Emma Anzai, just for the hell of it ...


Navarro on SVU


His last appearance was on a PETA ad where he was naked and there were, what appeared to be, chunks taken out of his flesh. Now Dave Navarro is on an episode of Law and Order: SVU. TVGuide.com says the rocker will play a sound engineer who witnesses a crime. Navarro tweeted earlier this week saying he was on his way to hang out with Detective Benson for the day. His last acting gig was on Sons of Anarchy last year.


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The Proposal, Korn's Head, Goofy Video, and It's Called Merchandizing

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


The proposal


The happy couple
The happy couple

Some news on the Tool front … No, it’s not an update on a new album or a forthcoming tour or anything along those lines. It’s a bit more gushy than that. Tool guitarist and artist Adam Jones is engaged. The crazy thing is, he did it live during a WWE pay-per-view event and there’s even video of the proposal. Here’s the deal, just before Royal Rumble 2013 kicked off in Pheonix, the cameras focused on Jones and his girlfriend Korin. Then the cameras focused on the jumbotron where it simply said, “Korin, Adam Jones wants to ask you something … ‘Will you marry me?’” Jones then busts out a ring and she says yes. And the crowd goes wild. Not the most romantic thing, but we wish the happy couple well. Tool will perform at Ozzfest in Japan this may.


Korn's Head


Former Korn Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch says it’s about time that he gets back together with the band. Head will join the group back on stage at Rock on the Range this May. He’ll then join them on stage for a few shows in Germany later in the summer.


Goofy video


The latest Soundgarden video for “By Crooked Steps” has that goofy Dave Grohl feel … that’s because it was directed by Dave Grohl. The video shows Soundgarden playing poker to then get up, don some leather biker gang jackets and take to the road. You may think they’re on some big custom hogs, but the camera zooms out to show the band on their own individual segways—you know, those goofy two wheeled stand up scooter looking things? Anyway, they then get followed by a bunch of people as they head into a club where they replace the laptop DJ and start rocking out. The police then show up. You can watch the video below or at this link.



It's called merchandizing


Kid Rock loves him some Harley-Davidson. The company is sponsoring Rock’s “Rebel Soul” tour that kicks off Saturday in Kansas City. Rock will be in Bloomington at the US Cellular Coliseum March 28th. Then, by August 31st, Rock will get to Milwaukee where Harley-Davidson is based where a fan can win a chance to join Rock on stage. The motorcycle company will also carry some of Rock’s “Rebel Soul” merchandise.


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New shoes, Going platinum, Love hates Grohl's money, and Comic-to-flim

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Linkin Park's new sh*t kicking boots
Linkin Park's new sh*t kicking boots

New shoes


If you’re in the market for some new sh*t kicking boots, you may want to check out Linkin Park’s latest submission to the world of footwear. The limited edition Sebago boots will run you $250 … and they only come in one color … black. But they look pretty sweet … The calf-high lace up boots are very similar to what you might find on a soldier at boot camp. It’s a mix of shiny black leather with some of what looks to be breathable patch of heavy duty fabric. Proceeds of the sales go to Linkin Park’s charity Music for Relief which is devoted right now to helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. Meanwhile the band says their first four albums have been re-mastered for iTunes with some exclusive tracks found on each.


Going platinum


Skillet’s 2009 album Awake just hit platinum status … which means they’ve sold over 1,000,000 copies. That’s a big deal. They’re the third rock band to receive the honor in 2012. As for the future, the band promises some powerful anthems for their next record.


Courtney Love looking for Dave's money
Courtney Love looking for Dave's money

Love hates Grohl's money


Courtney Love is going after Dave Grohl’s money, saying that she is owed some of that “lost Nirvana revenue.” In another attempt to force herself into relevancy, the Hole front woman and wife of the late nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, Love tells ABC News that she’s appointed a banker friend to see what, if anything, can be snatched from Grohl … because, you know, he’s still putting out records and documentaries, and touring … He’s not just on Twitter start crap with any Tom, Dick or Harry. Meanwhile, Love says that she will release some solo material with a song titled “This Is War” expected out February 7th. We’ll see if that happens.




Corey Taylor is talking up the forthcoming House of Gold and Bones comic book that is expected out in April. The Stone Sour front man says the comic series will help bring about a script for a possible movie about the concept. It won’t be just one film, but two full-length movies. The first comic issue is due out April 17th. The second House of Gold and Bones album doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.


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Confessions the Movie, World Tour, New Foo Record and Shopping for a Network

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Buckcherry want to make a movie ...
Buckcherry want to make a movie ...

Confessions the movie


Buckcherry are out to make a movie about their forthcoming album Confessions. But unlike some recent movies put out by rockers, this won’t be a documentary … it’s story around the same idea as their album … complete with a screenplay written by singer Josh Todd. The band says that Todd wrote the screenplay while writing the album. It acted as a guide of sorts for the album’s concept, which focuses on the seven deadly sins and other human flaws. Guitarist Kieth Nelson says that the album that stands alone from the screenplay … neither of which needs the other to be successful. The album hits store February 13th. No word yet on production of the movie.


World tour


Happy FriDave!

After the successful hype around Grohl’s Sound City Players, Dave Grohl hopes to take the band around the world. The super-super-group of rockers has a show at the end of this month in LA after performing at the Sundance Music Festival last week. Now Grohl says he wants to have video presentations in-between songs during the concerts. Details still forthcoming.


New Foo record


Dave Grohl says he’s got some big ideas and goals for the next Foo Fighters record. But it’s gonna have to wait until after he finishes promoting and touring with the Sound City documentary and Grohl’s Sound City Players. Grohl says Foo Fighters already has some new material written, it’s just a matter of when they can get in the studio. Members of the Foo Fighters are also part of the Sound City Players.


Shopping for a network


The drummer of Poison is trying to get his own reality show. Rikki Rockett owns and operates a drum store and he’s shopping around various networks to get a show that will follow him and his business around while he makes custom drums. The slogan for the shop, and more than likely for the show, is “drums do come true.” Something to entice the network execs, Rockett says that he has lunatics running his shop and he never messes up an order. Expect to see the drum maker’s reality show on something like the History Channel or the Cooking Network or something. Just throw it at a wall and see what sticks.


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To Jam Wrigley, Huge Lineup, Baby Named SUE-happy and Foo to Induct Rush

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Pearl Jam

To Jam Wrigley


A couple of big concert announcements to pass along this morning: Pearl Jam will be headed to Chicago to rock with fans. The band, who just last year, celebrated 20 years with a festival of sorts and a documentary about their formation and years of albums. Now, after taking some time off, the band will play Chicago’s Wrigley Field this Summer. It’s an evening with Pearl Jam, meaning they are the only band on the lineup. That show is scheduled July 19th. Tickets go on sale February 9th. Surely it’s gonna be a sell out.


Huge lineup


Meanwhile, Rock on the Range has been announced, and it’s gonna be pretty killer. The festival in Columbus, Ohio, will feature Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Korn, and the Smashing Pumpkins as headliners. Korn’s set is actually going to feature the return of Brian “Head’ Welch, which will be epic. Also on the docket of bands: Bush, Stone Sour, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Volbeat, Buckcherry, Halestorm, Sick Puppies and more. That festival will be May 17th and 19th. Get more info on tickets at RockontheRange.com.


Baby named SUE-happy


They’re either sue happy, or they have really cocky lawyers … The Black Keys are at it again. This time, they’re suing a casino over a song they claim sounds a lot like one of theirs. The band says that Pinnacle Entertainment used a song that sounds like The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ For You” in a commercial for two Louisiana casinos. Not long ago, the band sued Pizza Hut and Home Depot for similar reasons. Here’s the lesson … Don’t attempt to make a song that sounds anything like The Black Keys. Actually, the best bet is to probably not even listen to The Black Keys just so you don’t get influenced and accidentally write a song that may sound like one of theirs. Because if it does, watch out … they’ll get their lawyers on you so quick, you won’t know what to do!

"Did you hear that? That sounds like one of our songs ... "
"Did you hear that? That sounds like one of our songs ... "


Foo to induct Rush


The Rock Hall has a list of inductees … but the news today is they have a list of the presenters! The announcements this year will come from a bunch of different artists, including Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins set to present Rush into the Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony takes place April 18th in LA.


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Sound Curfew Outlined, Trailer Posted Online and More Soon?

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Sound curfew outlined


Outdoor amplified music in downtown Springfield has until midnight, under a plan announced by Mayor Mike Houston Tuesday. If you don’t recall, let me refresh your memory. Last summer, just before Springfield’s 2-day SOHO Music Festival, Mayor Houston said he wanted music to be cut off at 9:30, then it was 10, then 11, then 11:30 … Problem is, there’s nothing on the books that says a specific time. Well, needless to say, that created waves throughout the community to the point where Houston rescinded the initial order. But, he did say at last night’s city council meeting that an ordinance would put on the books a midnight sound curfew for amplified music. That’s pretty much already when music gets cut off anyways. He also said that outdoor liquor licenses will be cut off at 11:30 so people can finish their drinks and safely move along to their next destination. The mayor effectively said that people could double fist some drinks at 11:30, if they so choose. We’re still trying to make sense of the whole deal.


Green Day

Trailer posted online


A three-minute trailer for Green Day’s iCuatro! documentary is available online. Showing the band on stage, in the studio and doing some leisure stuff like surfing and driving around nice cars, the trailer shows Billie Joe Armstrong saying that the documentary is the first thing in 20 years to give the public a look at the Green Day process. The band released the trailer through ESPN’s X-Games website in anticipation of this weekend’s screening and QnA session at the X-Games in Aspen, Colorado. Green Day kicks off a tour with two dates in Illinois: March 28th in Rosemont and March 29th in Moline.


More soon?


Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell is making it sound like there will be new material in the future. The singer recently said that there’s nothing stopping the band from making another album. King Animal was the first album from the Seattle natives in nearly 16 years. As for Audioslave, Cornell hasn’t mentioned a word of new stuff from that hybrid anytime soon.


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3-D G'NR, iCuatro! Premiers This Weekend, New Label and 30-Year-Old Album

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


3-D G'NR


Metallica is doing it … why can’t Guns ‘N Roses? News reports indicate that G’NR will have a 3-D movie released in the near future. The band Tweeted back in November that a film crew would capture their performance during their residency in Las Vegas. Now it’s being reported that the band will release that 3-D film later this year. Though the band hasn’t publicly commented on the production details, the filmmakers posted to their Facebook page a 7 minute video of G’NR performing “Paradise City” to a sold out crowd when they celebrated their 25th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction. A release date and track listing has yet to be announced. We’ll keep you posted.  Watch the video below or at this link.



iCuatro! premiers this weekend


Speaking of rock movies, Green Day will premier the documentary iCuatro! this weekend at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado. The film follows the band around during the making of their trilogy of albums, conveniently named iUno!, iDos!, and iTre!.


New label


Filter’s Richard Patrick made the announcement the band is with a new record label. Patrick said “we’re excited to enter a new phase of our career with Wind-Up Records. They’re expecting great things from us and we will deliver.” With the announcement, the band says fans can expect a follow up to 2010’s The Trouble With Angels this year with a tour to follow. We’ll keep you posted on details.




Prepare to feel old … This week marks the 30th anniversary of Def Leppard’s Pyromania. The band says it was a labor of love to make the record as a series of blunders kept getting in the way. They had to record in multiple studios because their equipment broke down, original guitarist Pete Willis was replaced by Phil Collen and recording tapes were becoming transparent because of all the overdubs.


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At Sundance, Tapped New Guitarist, and Memorial: No Thanks

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


At Sundance 

Sound City


Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players gave it their all at Sundance Friday, and Dave is coming out saying he has a few regrets. Chief among those are having so many players and so few minutes in the day. Grohl wishes the group could have played 100 songs. On stage at Sundance, Grohl welcomed John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, Rick Neilsen, Corey Taylor, members of Foo Fighters and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. You can see fan shot video of the performances by searching YouTube for “Sound City Players.” A touring version of Grohl’s Sound City Players will perform in Los Angeles January 31st, the same night that his documentary Sound City will be featured on 44 screens across the country. Check SoundCityMovie.com for details. The film will be available to the public on DVD February 1st.


Tapped new guitarist


Anthrax have tapped a new guitarist to replace Rob Caggiano. The band has decided to take up Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais to get behind the six string on stage. Caggiano decided to leave the band to focus on producing music, something he’s done for Anthrax and other bands. Scott Ian says he’s worked with Donais on various projects in the past. It’s a big deal for Donais as he says he grew up on Anthrax – the band, not the infectious disease – and he’d be crazy not to agree to join them on stage. The first gig featuring Donais will be on an international stage next month in India.


Memorial: No thanks


Even if Great White wanted to help a memorial for victims of a fire caused by their pyrotechnics, they can’t … they’re not allowed to. The fire that burnt out a nightclub in 2003 was ultimately put on the backs of the band and the nightclub and singer Jack Russell wants a benefit concert proceeds to go to the memorial. But a foundation responsible for the memorial says no thanks. Russell says he’ll give the money to another foundation.


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New Newsted on Charts, Today's the Day, Back in the News, Rock and Seger Sitting in a Tree

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New Newsted on charts


Jason Newsted, the former bassist for Metallica, is rocking out with his new three-piece thrash-metal band, and their first EP, released last week exclusively to iTunes, isn't doing too badly. Named Newsted, the band has a video for the song "Soldierhead" available online. The EP Metal sold just over 6,000 copies in the US for the first week landing it at No. 62 on the Billbaord charts. The physical CD was released this week. Passive music fans say that Newsted sounds too much like Metallica … but then again, Metallica sounds too much like Metallica.



Today's the day


Today's the day Grohl's Sound City Players take to the stage at Sundance. The long-awaited premier of the documentary Sound City is also this week. Sundance happens every year in an interesting tourist trap called Park City, Utah. The band consists of Dave Grohl, the other members of Foo Fighters, Nirvana’s Krist Novocelic, Slipknot/Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor and others expeted to rotate in and out. The Sound City documentary is about a recording studio where some iconic albums were recorded. It’s available to the public February 1st. The soundtrack is out in March.


Maria Alekhina
Maria Alekhina

Back in the news


The Russian punk band Pussy Riot is back in the news. The appeal from one of the jailed members to a court has been turned down. Pussy Riot member Maria Alekhina asked the court to hold off her sentence for hooliganism charges until her young child is old enough to understand what is happening. Three members of the band were arrested and charged with hooliganism for performing what they called a “punk prayer” in a Russian cathedral in protest to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The arrest made news around the globe and sparked trendies to wear t-shirts that say “Free Pussy Riot.” Shows how much that helped.


Rock and Seger sitting in the tree


Kid Rock is revving up for his Rebel Soul Tour that will kick off from Kansas City February 2nd. Rock is announcing that there will be two dates where he’ll share the stage with another Detroit native, Bob Seger. Those dates with Seger will be March 15 in St. Paul, MN, and March 16th in Fargo, ND. Rock, without Seger, will be in Bloomington March 28th.


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Movie Release Date Set, Halftime Show,

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Movie release date set


We’ve got details on the forthcoming 3D Metallica movie! The film, which has been rumored for well over a year, will hit theaters in August of this year. Titled Metallica Through The Never, fans will be able to experience Metallica in concert a way never before attempted on the silver screen … in three-dimensions. There’ll be concert footage mixed with a storyline featuring the band’s back stage antics and another storyline featuring actor Dane Dahann. A release from the band says that Dane’s character is a stage hand sent out on a mission during a sold out Metallica show only to find that his world is turned upside down. The movie is directed by Nimrod Antel who directed the 2010 version of Predator. The release date is August 9th.


Halftime show


POD is set to play the halftime show this weekend for the NFL’s match-up between the Falcons and the 49er’s. Catch the game on FOX. Check your local listings for game times. The band will hit the road with Three Days Grace and Shinedown February 1st up in Moline, Illinois.


"Gluttony" video online


An unedited video for Buckcherry’s tune “Gluttony” has been released and it’s just as over the top as you’d think a Buckherry song about excessive consumption would be. The video shows the band performing on stage at a church with a huge cross behind them. The church is filled with guys and gals acting as if they’re at some big evangelical revival … but it’s a Buckcherry concert and there’s booze and pills all over the place. The tune is on the forthcoming album Confessions, an album about the so-called seven deadly sins and other faults that makes us all human. Expect the new album out February 13. The video is available online now (watch below or follow this link).



On the charts


As expected, Hollywood Undead and Black Veil Brides got the hook up on the Billboard charts this week. They’re joined by the likes of Dropkick Murphys. Hollywood Undead’s latest album Notes from the Underground landed at No. 2 with 53,000 copies sold. Black Veil Brides landed at No. 7 with their album Wretched and Divine and Dropkick Murphys new album Signed and Sealed in Blood landed at No. 9.


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Sound City Players Gonna Play, Tune Streams Online and Mini Tour Update

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Sound City Players gonna play


Sound City

They're not just gonna do a one-off performance ... Dave Grohl's Sound City Players have scheduled a concert in Los Angeles. The band composed of Dave Grohl, the other members of the Foo Fighters, Krist Novoselic from Nirvana, members of Queens of the Stone Age, Cheap Trick, Rage Against the Machine and others will perform initially at the Sundance Film Festival this week, right around the time Grohl's film premiers. But the band will get back together at then end of the month for the LA show, the same day Sound City is featured in 44 movie theaters across the country, including the Landmark Century Centre in Chicago and the Landmark Tivoli in St. Louis. News has it that more dates for a possible Grohl's Sound City Players tour will be revealed in the coming weeks. The documentary will be available for sale to the public February 1st.


Tune streams online


Meanwhile the song featuring Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl, Rick Nielsen and Scott Reeder was aired on a radio station in the UK and the audio has been made available to stream on YouTube. You can hear the tune "From Can to Can't." The song (listen below or at this lilnk) is expected to be on the soundtrack featuring a crazy bunch of collaborations will be out March 12th.



Mini tour update


There aren't a whole bunch of dates ... just enough to get people excited for a new album. On the heels of releasing a new single and a video, Alice in Chains have laid out a slew of dates for a Spring tour. The'll start April 25th in Florida to snake through parts of the southeast, then north to Wisconsin, our neighbors Indiana and up to Nebraska, but not one date in Illinois. The band then will hop over to England to play the Download Festival in June and down to Brazil to play Rock in Rio in September. A follow up to 2009's Black Gives Way to Blue is expected out in the next few months. You can request "Hollow" on WQLZ today.


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Device is not Disturbed, Twisted Sister Movie, Taylor Hypes Comic Books, and More Headphones

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


David Draiman
David Draiman

Device is not Disturbed


It’s futuristic rock—that’s what David Draiman is saying about his new side project Device. In a statement the Disturbed front man says that fans shouldn’t expect his new project to sound anything like his past performances. He’s hooked up with Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo, so there’s gonna be some industrial influences the likes of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails. The forthcoming album will feature a slew of guest appearances including Avenge Sevenfold’s M. Shadows, System of a Down’s Serj Tankian, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Halestorm’s Lizzy Hale, and others. The self title album hits store shelves in April, but the first single “Vilify” will be hitting rock radio sometime mid February.


Twisted Sister movie


There are plans in the works for a movie about the early years of Twisted Sister. It’s still unclear if the film will be a comedy, or if filmmakers are going to make a serious retrospective.


Taylor hypes comic books


Corey Taylor says that one of the best ways to convey his concept of the House of Gold and Bones series will be through the comic books. The Stone Sour front man says fans will soon get their hands on the four comic series that will tell the story through the emotions on characters faces. That in combination with the emotion portrayed in the music, the concept will tie together nicely. Taylor still hopes to bring the story to the silver screen in the near future, but that project is not solidified. He recently has been hyping the release of the second album of the series saying it will be darker and more melancholy than the first. The first comic book is due out April 17th around the same time the album House of Gold and Bones Part 2 is scheduled to be out.


More headphones


Move over Motorheadphones … make way for AC/DC Headphones! The Aussies have endorsed a pair of cans that are said to be durable and compatible with your mp3 player or your smart phone. There are also some highly polished aluminum studs on a black leather look. Retail will be $99 when they’re released in the US sometime this quarter.

AC/DC Headphones rocking those aluminum studs on black leather

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New Single Streaming Online, Video Out Now, It's a Bit Darker, and Daisy's New CCO

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New single streaming online


That year off was extremely helpful for the band’s creative process – that what Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose tells Billboard.com. The band will be releasing Black Out The Sun, their ninth studio album, March 26th. Can’t wait that long to hear some new stuff? Well, the band has offered up a sample of the tune “Decay” through Billboard.com. Rose says the riff for “Decay” was actually held over from the previous studio session, but they retooled it and made it new. They say they’ll record a video for “Decay” before they head out on a tour February 2nd. Sevendust will eventually make their way to Bloomington February 21st at The Castle Theatre.


Video out now


The video for Alice in Chains new tune is out. In the video for “Hollow” the band takes a twisted travel through space where an astronaut orbiting earth performing tasks seems to lose his grasp on reality. The video is available online (see below or at this link). Request “Hollow” on WQLZ today!



It's a bit darker


If you’re looking for more darkness from the forthcoming Stone Sour House of Gold and Bones Part 2, you’re in luck. Front man Corey Taylor says the forthcoming album is much more complex and darker and there will be more melancholy parts for the listener to negate. Though the music may be a bit different, it will fit the story line of the House of Gold and Bones. In addition to the second album, there is also a comic book series and Taylor has even floated the idea of a movie. Taylor will take a break from all of that this week to perform with Grohl’s Sound City Players at the Sundance Film Festival. Then Stone Sour hits the road with Papa Roach for a short tour January 20th.


Daisy's new CCO


Remember that music service that Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor was hooking up with Dr. Dre to release? Well, Reznor has now been named the Chief Creative Officer for that service. Named Daisy, Reznor says that the digital music service uses mathematical algorithms alongside music connoisseurs to help the user find new music that fits their tastes. Reznor says “the human and the machine collide more intimately.” There’s no definitive date that Daisy will be available but it’s expected to launch this year.


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New Video and Album Update, Godly Hair Metal, Riding High and He's a Pawn Star

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New video and album update


How to Destroy Angles has released another video and an update on when a full length album will be out. Most of what Trent Reznor’s project with wife Mariqueen and production partner Atticus Ross have put out may be a bit mellow for some of you metal heads out there. But for die-hard Reznor fans, you may want to check out the latest video (view below or at this link) and song from How to Destroy Angels. “The Loop Closes” has the feel of a dark and catchy Nine Inch Nails song, just with Trent joined in vocals by his wife. You can listen to the new song on the group’s latest EP An Omen, which was release several weeks ago. The full length album Welcome to Oblivion is due out March 5th.


How to destroy angels_ "The loop closes" from How To Destroy Angels on Vimeo.


Godly hair metal


Christian hair metalers Stryper is set to release an album of re-recorded tunes highlighting their storied career. The group which found success in black and yellow spandex and big hair back in the 80s will bust out the album Second Coming March 22nd. The album will feature sixteen songs, which will include favorites from three of their past album plus two new songs.


Vinnie Paul with the Pawn Star
Vinnie Paul with the Pawn Star

Riding high


A couple of groups that haven’t seen much of the Billboard Charts, could get some time in the top ten come next week. Hollywood Undead and Black Veil Brides are set to have albums crack onto the charts with tens of thousands of sales in the first week. Hollywood Undead’s Notes From the Underground is projected to sell 50,000 copies, which could land it on the top ten. Their last album debuted at No. 4 with over 67,000 copies sold. Black Veil Brides’ album Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones could sell 40,000 copies in the first week putting it in the top ten. Their last album landed at No. 17 on the charts. Good luck, guys!


He's a Pawn Star


Vinie Paul is set to make a cameo appearance on an upcoming episode of Pawn Stars. The History Channel show follows around a Los Vegas pawn store as they wheel and deal in antiquities and old crap from people’s garages. Paul will be on the show trying to sell his Recreational Vehicle. There’s no word on when that will be released.


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Out Sick, He's Naked, All-star Cast and Working Hard

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Adam Gontier
Adam Gontier

Out sick


The news broke midday yesterday that Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier abrubtly left the band. This happened just before the band was set to take to the road with POD and Shinedown. News has it that Gontier left because of health issues, though those issues haven’t been fully disclosed. Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst says that the band was surprised and distressed by the whole ordeal. In Gonteir’s place, Walst’s brother Matt (from My Darkest Days) will step in as lead singer. Some rehearsals have been posted to the bands website so that fans can be ensured that the show will go on. Their tour kicks off February 1st in Moline, Illinois.


He's naked


You can’t really even tell that he’s naked, because he’s covered in so many tattoos, but he is indeed naked. Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has posed naked, not for Play Girl, or any other fetish magazine. Nope! He took it all off for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It’s not the first time Navarro has posed for PETA. Three years ago he took part in the “Ink Not Mink” campaign. This campaign is “Animal Testing: Kills.”


Dave Navarro naked for PETA


All-star cast


The lineup for Grohl’s Sound City Players, the band that will pay around the premier of Dave Grohl’s documentary Sound City at Sundance, has been announced! Just as expected, the band will be composed of a slew of people involved in the Sound City documentary and soundtrack: Dave Grohl and other members of Foo Fighters, Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic, Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk, and Slipknot/Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor. All these parts will interchange and also welcome the likes of Rick Springfield, John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks and others. Grohl’s Sound City Players will perform January 18th in Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival.

Grohl's Sound City Players


Working hard


Metallica is staying busy in the off season. Drummer Lars Ulrich is talking about being in the studio working on a new album and also working on a forthcoming 3D Metallica movie that will be part concert, part unique backstage sequences. No word on when either will be out.


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New Single on iTunes, From the Grave, Unique Lyric Video and Head's Latest

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


New single on iTunes


The new Alice in Chains album, the second with new singer William Duvall, is coming together nicely. The first single “Hallow” was made available yesterday via iTunes. There’s a fan-made lyric video available online but a real video produced by the band is expected out soon. As for the new album, the band’s fifth studio album, and second since taking on Duvall, will be out sometime this Spring. We’ll keep you posted.


Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

From the grave


Speaking of new music—anytime this kind of thing happens, it sparks my interest. There’s a new single from Jimi Hendrix. Yeah, that’s right, the guitar legend who choked on his own vomit to join the 27 club back in 1970. Well, the tune “Somewhere,” which features Hendrix on guitar and vocals was recorded two years before he died and is a completely new version than a previously released track. The tune will be made available for sale February 5th. An album of 12 previously unreleased tunes will be out March 5th.


Unique lyric video


Three Days Grace have released a new video for the tune “The High Road,” but just as so many other artists are doing, it’s just a lyric video. This lyric video is a bit different than all the others as it has a guy standing in the middle of a dark street wearing a hoodie and a white cloth over his face. They lyrics to the tune are projected onto the white cloth mask. There’s a ton of different effects on the video that make it more watchable than other lyric videos. “The High Road” is the next single from the album Transit of Venus. Three Days Grace hits the road with POD and Shinedown for a tour starting in Moline, Illinois, February 1st.



Head's latest


The latest work from former Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is available streaming online. His new band is called Love and Death. They’ve made the song “I W8 4 U” available to stream via YouTube (at this link). Their debut album Between Here and Lost will be out January 22nd.


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Playing This Weekend, You Could Win, Headphone After Party and Laying Down Vocals

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Playing this weekend


Big fan of Shinedown and have a hankering to drive to Memphis this weekend? The singer and guitar player for the band plan to perform an acoustic show at the two-day Hometown Throwdown Festival which kicks off Friday at the New Daisy Theatre. Get details about the show online at MemphisHomeTownThrowdown.tk. After that, Shinedown plans to tour with Three Days Grace and P.O.D.. That two month tour kicks off in Moline, Illinois, February 1st.


You could win


Time’s ticking on when that Dave Grohl documentary is set to premier at the Sundance Film Festival and you have a chance at winning a trip to the festival for the premier. Grohl has teamed up with Acura for the prize, which includes a flight for two to Park City, Utah, hotel accommodations for three nights, plus passes to the screening of Sound City and the Grohl’s Sound City Player’s performance. Go to Acura’s Facebook page to register. The documentary will be available to the public February 1st. The soundtrack is out sometime in March.


Headphone after party


Ozzy's pic

Ozzy's pic from in-studio

Told ya last week about some new headphones that are gonna blow up the headphone market here in the US, and now there’s word they’ll be getting a launch party for the ages! Motorheadphones, endorsed by Motorhead, have been a huge success overseas and now will be unveiled to the US today at the Consumer Electronic Show, then tonight there will be a launch party in Los Vegas at none other than Motley Crue front man Vince Neil’s strip club. Motorhead’s Lemmy will be on hand to introduce the headphones to the US. More details about the headphones can be found online at Motorheadphones.com.


Laying down vocals


Ozzy is back in the studio laying down vocals for the new Black Sabbath record. I wonder if he’s using Motorheadphones. The prince of darkness posted a photo from his view facing the microphone and a music stand. Guitarist Tony Iomi says the band recorded fifteen new songs as demos. Now they’re in studio putting the songs down for real. This will be the first Black Sabbath since 1978’s Never Say Die. There’s no word on when the album is due out.


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Preview Clip Online, Forthcoming Doc, Stepping Down from Anthrax, and Scorpions' Projects

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Preview clip online


Though the video doesn’t come out until next week, Buckcherry has made available a preview clip of their latest video for the single “Gluttony.” The tune is the first release from the forthcoming album Confessions which includes songs about the seven deadly sins and others. The video clip (watch below or at this link) shows the band performing a concert inside a church with a bunch of people reveling. There’s even a character who looks like Jesus going around putting pills in people’s mouths as if it were communion. Surely the video will be controversial enough to get a couple million views. Expect that out January 16th. The album hits stores February 19th. Buckcherry begins a tour with Kid Rock February 2nd.



Forthcoming doc


There are a few details about a forthcoming documentary featuring the life of Kurt Cobain. Filmmaker Brett Morgan says that he’s gotten access to a treasure trove of Cobain’s art work—everything from comic books, to paintings and even super8 films. These things and more could all be wrapped into the film which is expected out sometime ni 2014. No word on how much Courtney Love will play a roll … we’ll keep you posted.


Rob Caggiano as Shooter McGavin
Rob Caggiano as Shooter McGavin

Stepping down from Anthrax


He’s been with the band for a dozen years and actually produced their last album, but now, Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano is stepping down from the band. Caggiano says that he’s had some of the best times of his life with the band but he wants to now focus solely on his work as a producer. The band says they’re sad he’s checking out but they wish him well and there’ll be an announcement soon on a replacement for Caggiano.


Scorpions' projects


They rocked you like a hurricane back in the 80s and now they’re thinking of putting together an album of songs they never released from the era of big hair and spandex. German big hair metalers Scorpions just finished up a farewell tour, but they dug it so much they’re gonna keep the party going. Several projects in the works with the band include an album of songs they didn’t finish from the 80s. It will also feature some new tunes. Plus they filmed their last show in Muich which they may release to home video.


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Second Installment Due in April, Vedder on New Pearl Jam Album, No Reveal Yet and Upcoming Tour

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Corey Taylor's Twitter profile pic
Corey Taylor's Twitter profile pic

Second installment due in April


The second installment of Stone Sour’s House of Gold and Bones concept series will be out sometime in April with the first single due out in a matter of weeks. A tweet from front man Corey Taylor says that the HoGaB2 and the first comic book based on the concept will be out in April with the second comic book due out in the summer months. He also says that the first single from the new album will be out soon. Guitarist Josh Rand says that HoGaB2 is the bands best album yet.


Vedder on new Pearl Jam album


Speaking of new albums, Eddie Vedder says that Pearl Jam is maybe halfway done with their new album. The eccentric front man tells Rolling Stone magazine that the band is taking their time and that the band will be ready to go when they’re ready to go. There’s no indication on when a new album would be available.


No reveal yet


Dave Grohl is still zip lipped when it comes to who will be the members of Grohl’s Sound City Players. The director of the forthcoming documentary Sound City says the band will have some core musicians and some special guests from the film. There’s a lot of speculation of who the special guests could be. Some names tossed around include Paul McCartney, who Grohl and other members of Nirvana performed with at the Hurricane Sandy Benefit on a song that appears on the soundtrack for the documentary, Stevie Nicks, Trent Reznor, Rick Springfield and others. We’ll know for sure January 18th when the band and documentary debut at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.


Upcoming tour


Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell says fans can expect some old and obscure songs to be performed during their tour, which kicks off January 16th in New York. Cornell says that the band will mix it up between the new songs and old songs because “we’re like that.” Soundgarden will be in Chicago at the Rivera Theater January 29th.


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Time on the Big Screen Cut, Grohl's Sound City Players, and Give Me a Break

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Time on the big screen cut


Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong had a close up in the recent box office hit “This Is 40,” but his scene was left on the cutting room floor. Regardless of the scene not making it on the silver screen, director Judd Apatow decided to post the clip of Armstrong talking with actor Paul Rudd. Armstrong plays himself, talking about mixing Noregian Death Metal with Bellen Sabastian. Rudd later discovers that Armstrong is actually unwilling to do anything with the idea. Watch that clip below or at this link.


No reason was given for the scene being dropped, but given Armstrong’s acting performance, it’s apparent. “This is 40” is in theaters now.


Dave Grohl and Butch Vig, from the documentary "Sound City"
Dave Grohl and Butch Vig, from the documentary "Sound City"

Grohl's Sound City Players


If there was ever a time to get out to Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival, this year would be the year. In particular, you’ll want to get out there January 18th. That’s when the band Grohl’s Sound City Players will be performing and also when the Grohl’s documentary “Sound City” will be premiered. It’s still unclear who will join Grohl on stage but the film features some serious names in rock from bands like Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age and others. The film will be available for the general public February 1st with the soundtrack available in March. More details can be found online at SoundCityMovie.com


Give me a break


After a hugely successful 2012, the Black Keys are saying this year they’re taking a break. The duo revealed they plan on recording their new album during the first half of the year and then will take a much needed vacation. Their main reason for taking a break is to not annoy the crap out of everyone.


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Green Day Make up Dates. Manson and Butcher Babies to Tour, and QOTSA Mockumentary

The WQLZ Music Minute--Music news written by Bishop for 92.7 WQLZ, The Rock Station


Green Day ready to hit the road
Green Day ready to hit the road

Make up dates


Green Day has posted the dates for their first tour in 2013, and it just so happens to be dates that the band has to make up from canceling and postponing shows scheduled for late last year and early this year. The first two dates are actually scheduled to be in Illinois. March 28th they’ll be in Chicago at the Allstate Arena and March 29th they’ll be in Moline at the I Wireless Center. There are only eleven dates on this tour but it’s the first US tour for the band since the release of their trilogy iUno!, iDos!, and iTre, and the first tour since front man Billie Joe Armstrong’s stint in rehab. Armstrong said in a statement he’s grateful for fans, friends and family for all the support and that the band is itching to hit the road. More dates from the west coast are set to be announced in the coming weeks.


Manson and Butcher Babies to tour


There are 22 dates as of right now and more could be on the way for a North American tour featuring Marilyn Manson and the Butcher Babies. There are a slew of dates in Ohio and one in Michigan in January, then they’ll head up to Canada to end up eventually back in the US on the West Coast. Manson tapped the Butcher Babies last month.  See all the dates here.


QOTSA Mockumentary


The guys from Queens of the Stone Age are getting a bit guitardid with the ramp up to the release of their new album ... that's right, I said guitardid Just before the New Year the band released a mockumentary about the making of the album. The nearly 10 minute video posted online is titled “Secrets of the Sound” and has the feel of a VH1 special. It features comedians Matt Barry and Steve Agee talking about the band’s workshop, and also interviewing band members who conveniently avoid questions. The new Queens of the Stone Age album will feature some heavy hitters like Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor and Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, just to name a few. The band hand wrote a letter to the UK magazine Mojo where they said the album will take listeners through the manic in-studio performances of a codeine cabaret, whatever the hell that means.  Watch the mockumentary below or at this link.



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