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Malcolm is Out, Veruca Salt is Back, and Get your Kix

Malcolm is out


AC/DC have final broken their silence and come out with it … there’s a little bit of truth to all sides of the conflicting reports—Malcolm Young is sick … But that doesn’t mean they’re breaking up! The band issued a statement yesterday saying that the 61-year-old guitarist will take a break from the band for health issues. They didn’t go into details. Media rumors indicated he had a stroke. Aside from updating fans on Malcolm’s status, they also updated the status of the band. They do plan on making more new music, but a close friend of Young’s, Mark Gable of the Choirboys, tells Australian radio that he doubts Malcolm will ever record again. Again, thoughts and prayers with Malcolm and his family. A statement from the band says that Malcolm would like to “thank the group’s diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support.”


Veruca Salt is back


A couple of reunions on the horizon: Chick fronted Veruca Salt are picking the instruments back up. The four original members of the band will kick off a tour June 22 and they’ll also release a limited-edition vinyl with two new songs on one side and their famed single “Seether” on the other side. You can snatch that up during Record Store Day Saturday, check your local independent record store for offerings. A tease on the band’s website indicates there’s much more to come.


Get your Kix


Also on the reunion beat—Kix plans to release new music … uh, who? The band got their start in the early 80s and had some success with the album Blow My Fuse and Hot Wire. They’re definitely a big hair, tight jeans, leather vests and scarves kind of band and front man Steve Whiteman actually had some influence on one current rocker—Lizzy Hale of Halestorm. Whiteman gave her music lessons back in the day. Kix will release a new album July 22nd.


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Rumors Young Had a Stroke, AC/DC Visited Springfield in '79, and Moving On

Rumors Young had a stroke


Throw out any notion that AC/DC was gonna take to the studio and a possible world tour. Word is that Malcolm Young had a stroke … and that’s why he’s back with his family in Australia. The story, being reported by an Australian journalist, is that the band got together earlier this month to rehearse, but Malcolm couldn’t play like he used to. But these are still just rumors and nothing has been confirmed. It’s also been put out there that the band has a pact that they wouldn’t continue without all the members. But again, all of this could be just second hand rumors because the band’s management refuses to confirm anything. Earlier reports indicated the band wanted to record a new album to celebrate their 40 year anniversary and coincide that with a 40 city world tour. Again, time will tell what’s for real and what’s rumor. Either way, if Malcolm is seriously ill, we wish the best for him and his family.


AC/DC visited Springfield in ‘79


All the back and forth and uncertainty of what will happen with AC/DC brings back memories shared on a blog out of St. Louis about AC/DC’s 1979 album Highway To Hell getting an advanced preview in Springfield back in the day. A blog post to the fan site ümlaut a couple of years back goes into how a couple of friends from the St. Louis area made the journey to Springfield to see UFO with AC/DC opening up. The band, fronted by Bon Scott before his death, hooked up with the friends and even gave them backstage passes. Plus there are a ton of great vintage pictures of AC/DC’s tour bus and even the party after the show at the Bel Aire motel. A great read for any fan of rock and roll! Check it out!


Moving on


They’re moving on! The remaining members of As I Lay Dying are done with that band and are revealing the new project Wovenwar. Shane Blay joins the members As I Lay Dying to form Wovenwar and they’ve already scheduled a release date of April 21st for their debut single “All Rise.” As I Lay dying is still technically active, but singer Tim Lambesis pleaded guilty to murder for hire charges and is gonna be sentenced sometime this summer.


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Conflicting AC/DC Reports, Stanley Continues the Drama, and Smith Sounds Off On Torture

Conflicting AC/DC reports


A few weeks ago it was reported that AC/DC were gearing up to enter the studio for one more album, which could have resulted in another world tour. Great news for fans of the Aussie rockers, but there’s another report that the band is set to retire without putting out any new music. There’s obvious a conflict here. Which is true? Well, the report about the band retiring without a new album or tour may have some credence as front man Brian Johnson is quoted recently saying the recording a new album has been delayed due to a band member’s illness. That, in combination with word that Malcolm Young is returning to be with his family and may not continue with the band … makes the rumors of them retiring almost more certain. But that all may be hogwash as another rumor put out there that the band has booked studio time for a new album builds up fan’s hopes. Plus Johnson said earlier this year that the band would put out a new album. What’s the truth? Who knows? Only time will tell!


Stanley continues the drama


It seems to be a battle of who can have the last word. The drama surrounding KISS’s induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t seem to have an end. It was reported over the weekend that the Rock Hall CEO said there’s no beef between KISS and the Rock Hall, or at least there shouldn’t be, even after they denied inducting anybody but the original members. Joel Peresman says that there’s no hard feelings for the drama and for the band not performing. That high road went too far! KISS’s Paul Stanley fired back and instead of going after Peresman, he took aim at Rock Hall of Fame co-founder Jann Wenner, saying he’s a “spineless weasel.” Paul, um … I think that’s what we call being ungrateful.


Smith sounds off on torture


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith isn’t happy about the band’s music reportedly being used during torture session with the CIA. An interviewer from TMZ posed the question and Smith on the streets where Smith says “our music is supposed to make people feel good … that’s very upsetting to me.” Smith also says jokingly that “’Under The Bridge’ on a continuous loop would be torturous,” and “they shouldn’t be doing any of that s**t.”



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Chi Remembered With Smile, Oderus Monument Proposed, Raunchy New Steel Panther Video, and Zombie Judging Demon Tattoos

Chi remembered with Smile


It’s been a year since Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away after being in a comatose state for five years. To remember the bassist and his work with the band, Deftones have released a never before released tracked titled “Smile.” Front man Chino Moreno posted that the song is from the band’s shelved album Eros. When Chi got in the car accident that left him in a coma back in 2008, the band was finishing up their work on Eros. The band decided not to released the disc. The track, streaming online, is one of the last tunes recorded with Chi on bass.



Oderus monument proposed


Speaking of honoring the fallen, GWAR wants to erect a monument to honor their late front man Oderus Urungus, also known as Dave Brockie. The band started a foundation in his name and they hope to generate enough funds to put a statue up in Richmond, Virginia, to honor Brockie. Brockie was found dead in his home last month.


Raunchy new Steel Panther video


Just when you thought the band couldn’t get anymore over the top, Steel Panther have gone and done it again with their song and video for “Gloryhole.” There’s not much we can say about the lyrics of the song, because we’d get fined by the FCC. The video, though, shows the band performing in a dingy, gross-ass bathroom with all kinds of holes cut in the stalls and characters ranging from clowns to a Jesus figure, to a Rabi, a monk, and even a hermaphrodite. But that’s about all we can tell you. It’s definitely a Not Safe For Work video. Watch with caution.



Zombie judging demon tattoos


Expect to see horror rocker Rob Zombie Spike TV tomorrow. He’ll be using his keen eye to judge tattoos on the show “Ink Master.” The reality competition for tattoo artists pits some of the best against the best. Tomorrow’s edition will feature demon tattoos that Zombie will then judge. Check your local listings.


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