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Casting Call, Vedder's Ice Bucket, New Buckcherry Tune, and New Gwar Front Man

Casting call


It was your chance to be in a Slipknot video. The band briefly put out a solicitation for fans to join them in filming the video for the forthcoming single “The Devil In I”. Slipknot has done similar video shoots, in particular over 10 years ago with the video for “Left Behind”. There they asked fans to join them in a remote location to charge towards an house and take their anger out on the structure. For the current deal, the band asked extras to appear as quote “human maggots” in the Los Angeles area this weekend. One of the major prereqs included being comfortable shooting barefoot. The band is expected to drop a new album before the year is out.


Vedder’s ice bucket


Mark Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder off of the ice bucket challenge. The viral fundraising campaign to raise money for ALS has been sweeping the country. Before getting the rather large bucket of ice water dumped on his head, Vedder challenges Tim Robbins, Bruce Springsteen, and some dude from One Direction per his daughter’s suggestion.



New Buckcherry tune


A new Buckcherry tune is streaming online. The song titled “Somebody F#ckec With Me” is from their forthcoming EP with a title worthy of the most expensive FCC fines. Every song is guaranteed to have a series of F-bombs. Loudwire has the angst filled tune “Somebody F#cked With Me” streaming through SoundCloud. You can pick up the four-letter titled EP today, if your local record store carries the profanity-laced disc. You can also get the disc online. Buckcherry will be out on the road with a stop at Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville, Illinois, October 3rd.


New Gwar front man


We told you about that Gwar’s Oderus Urungus was respectfully burned to rest in a traditional Viking funeral. That was after the death of Oderus master Dave Brockie. There will never be a real replacement, but former Gwar member Mike Bishop took to a new character during the recent GWAR-B-Q as Blothar. Hope to see the out-of-this-world band on the road real soon.



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Oderus Burned to Rest, and Simmons' "Apology"

Oderus burned to rest


In an absolutely glorious remembrance of Oderus Urungus, family, friends and fans gathered for a ritualistic Viking funeral over the weekend. Thousands of people said their final farewell to the Gwar front man Friday in Richmond, Virginia. Dave Brokie’s funeral with close friends and relatives already took place—on April Fools Day of all days, but the Oderus character was laid to rest in epic fashion. Video online shows a crowd of onlookers watching as an archerist draws back a flaming arrow and releases it into the side of a Viking-like vessel with the Oderus costume aboard. The vessel in the middle of a pond then quickly caught fire sending the memory of the ghoul from outerspace back into the cosomos. Rest in Peace Oderus!


Watch the archerist take the shot:



Watch the entire ceremony here:



Simmons' "apology"


Gene Simmons is eating some crow after telling people with depression to kill themselves. During a recent interview the KISS bassist said that his mother survived a Nazi concentration camp and she loves life. He then went on to say that if some 20-year-old is depressed living in Seattle, they should kill themselves. Aside from that he said that people threatening to jump off buildings should just do it. After a huge uproar online over the weekend, Simmons took to his website and apologized saying that he was wrong to say those things and depression is very serious and very sad. He also says he regrets making the “off hand comments in the heat of an interview.” For some reason, I’m not sure I believe his apology. Just sayin’.


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New Godsmack Video, Soundgarden Lullabies, Pinch Drumming, and Slasher Music

New Godsmack video


The latest video from Godsmack is available online. The band released the performance based-video of the title tune of their new album 1000hp that also features some old school footage of the band in their early days. It’s a trip through memory lane for Godsmack fans that have been following the boys from Boston since they took to the rock scene back in 1995. The new album is out now.



Soundgarden lullabies


If you’ve got very young children you’re looking to acclimate into the rock world, or if you just so happen to enjoy lullabies, then the latest round of Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star is a must have. The company that brought out lullaby versions of heavy metal tunes from the likes of Five Finger Death Punch, Korn and others now will make Lullaby Version of Soundgarden available. The 8-song track listing includes “Black Hole Sun,” “Spoonman,” “Rusty Cage,” plus the Temple of a Dog colabo “Hunger Strike.” Expect to pick up a copy August 19th.


Pinch drumming


If you’ve been itching to see Tool drummer Danny Carey perform on stage again, your time has come, but Danny won’t be slapping skins for Tool songs. Instead, he’s been tapped by Primus to take to the stage in place of Tim “Herb” Alexander. The three shows Danny will play will be at Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver, plus an additional show in Chicago. The temporary replacement is a way to let Alexander continue to recover and heart surgery. Primus front man Les Claypool said that Danny is “the mighty redwood tree of percussion, towering over his kit like a golden haired noble sequoia.” Danny comes in at 6-foot-five.


Slasher music


Slash may have plenty of experience writing music for rock bands, having done so successfully for decades, but what about writing music for a haunted house? The shredder will compose music for a 3D maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. The maze is called “Halloween Horror Nights” and is themed as an aging ice cream factory run by a clown with deranged children who look to turn visitors into high protein frozen treats. Slash says he’ll be first in line at the opening September 19th.


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Frances Bean and Zelda, Suit Tossed, and Reopening Case

Frances Bean and Zelda


It’s not just the rockers who are coming out with condolences to those impacted by the suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams earlier this week, it’s at least one prominent dead rocker’s daughter reaching out to the dead actor’s daughter. Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, has reached out to Zelda Williams, the daughter of late actor Robin Williams. Media reports indicate that Zelda has ditched her social media accounts after receiving off-putting messages. Cobain reached out through social media and said Zelda has quote “such an incredibly beautiful soul” and that she loves her but she already knew that. She also says that she there for her whenever Zelda needs her.


Suit tossed


Those aspiring to be in a band, take note—things can get fickle between former band mates. That whole lawsuit thing that Glen Danzig had against his former band mates over profits from Misfits merchandise has been thrown out of court. According to Classic Rock Magazine a judge terminated the suit siding with Misfits rocker Jery Only saying a previous signed agreement between Only and Danzig when Danzig left the band said that Only was the only one who could make money off the merch … confused yet? Anyways, the Misfits will be back on the road this week to celebrate their 30th anniversary.


Reopening case


Twenty years after the brutal beating death of AC/DC’s manager, Australian authorities have reopened their case. Crispin Dye was beaten to death on Christmas day back in 1993 following a celebratory drinking session. Witnesses at the time saw three young males sanding over Dye’s unconscious body and police say they believe the motive was robbery. Police have put out a $100,000 reward for any info that would lead to an arrest.


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Not Buying It, Coal Chamber Reunites, New Album in October, and Simmons Says Learn English

Not buying it


Though he's learned to never say never in the rock business, Scott Weiland sounds doubtful that he'll do anything with Stone Temple Pilots again. As for his current dealings, Weiland says he's focused on his other band The Wildabouts ... a band you haven't heard about until just now. The original STP singer tells iChill in a recent interview that nobody bought STP with Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. Weiland says that the few songs Benningtong and other STP members put out sold less than 40,000 units. Weiland says his version of STP has sold tens of millions, as Bennington's band Linkin Park.


Coal Chamber reunites


I know you’ve been itching for some new Coal Chamber, right? Well, the original band is getting back together for a new record. The group just inked a deal with Napalm Records for an upcoming release. Front man Dez Fafara asked the question “how many times do you get a second chance at anything in life?”


New album in October


New to the scene Crobot are preparing for an October 28th release of their full-length album Something Supernatural. Loudwire reports that the band hooked up with Lamb of God producer Machine. Crobot’s Brandon Yeagley said working with Machine was great and there was an understanding where the band was coming from and how to get at their core. Be sure to request the lead single titled “Nowhere to Hide” on QLZ today!


Simmons says learn English


This is one way to piss off an entire fan base … get political! That’s what KISS’s Gene Simmons has done with a recent interview. Simmons was talking with the Huffington Post Monday to promote the band’s upcoming “4th and Loud” reality TV show. After taking some video questions from dissenters telling Simmons and the band to lay down their instruments, the bassist answered questions about immigration where he said he’s an immigrant and has advise for other immigrants – learn to speak GD English. Quote “It is the key that will unlock the keys to the kingdom.” Simmons and crew will be featured in their new reality show “4th and Loud” this week on AMC.


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