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  • Lacey Sturm Breaks Silence On Why She Left Flyleaf [Video]

      Lacey Sturm walked away as lead singer of the band Flyleaf, and according to her while it was a difficult decision, she doesn't hold any regrets. Flyleaf had just finished their second album "Memento Mori" ...

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  • Hangover Cure Finally Here!

    Some claim that the only cure for a hangover is "hair of the dog that bit you" - which if that's what you want, have it! Others might claim that plenty of H20 and asperin, along with a lazy day of vegging on the couch.   Hold the phone, there might be a true hangover cure coming to the United States! It's called Berocca a...

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  • The Most Accident Prone Drivers Are...

    This is one where some will say guys are more accident prone because they travel "too fast" or women are more likely to get into a fender bender because they "are not paying attention" - while BOTH are true for BOTH genders, a new study finds that surgeons are the most accident prone people behind the wheel and are the cause of most issues for other motorists....

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  • Drunk Driver Asks Police For Ride Home, Arrested For DUI [Mugshot]

    Meet David Johnsen. Mr. Johnsen was stopped by Florida Police after driving the wrong way down the interstate. David claimed to be a retired cop for Minnesota and after not cooperatting with officers, he asked if he could get a lift home.   Needless to say, the fuzz gave him a lift to the slammer.     ...

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  • Groom Gets Handsy At Reception, Taken To Jail

    Your wedding day is usually a little stressed filled, everything must go according to plan (for some women and men), but as long as a majority of stuff goes alright, the day is considered a success.   Well, a Pennsylvania man was arrested along with his brother after grabbing a waitress at his own wedding reception. &n...

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  • Would You Do What This Lady Did? [Video]

      Three words.... OH, HAILLLLLLLLLLLL NO!    [BuzzFeed] ...

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  • Another Ice Bucket Challenge Fail [Video]

    Regular Ice Bucket Challenge videos are boring, but Ice Bucket Challenge Fail videos never get old. This gentlemen takes the water from a tractor trailer bucket... What happens next, I thought his head popped off for a second.    ...

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  • Teen Uses Shirt As Harness On Zipline, Results In Injury [Video]

      A 15 year old kid from New Jersey is parked in the hospital after attemping to use a t-shirt as a harness to go down a zip line at his high school.   Today's Darwin Award goes to....  ...

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  • Smoking Weed Helps Memory... Remember That.

    Smoking weed might slow you down mentally, but studies have found that a small amount of pot could improve your memory.   Marijuana can also slow down the process of Alzheimer's Disease.   Researchers are looking into medical options to improve memory through using small amounts of THC. ...

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  • Ice Bucket Challenge Fail... In The Face! [Video]

    If you've been on social media lately, you've definately noticed the trend of the #IceBucketChallenge, which helps raise awareness and money for the ALS Association.   A lot of the videos are cute to your friends, annoying to others, and some are hilarious because bodily injury. This is one of the latter.   ...

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