The 3rd String Morning Show


Wake up and laugh with Styles & Kaytie, The 3rd String Morning Show, weekdays from 6-9 AM. 

They’ll get you caught up with all the latest news from your favorite artist, stupid people doing stupid things, what’s up locally, and play music.

YES! THEY ACTUALLY PLAY MUSIC… A LOT OF IT every morning! It’s not about hearing themselves talk like some morning personalities, it’s about you and rocking your morning.

6:10 & 8:50: The Morning Trend with the all of the day’s big headlines

6:45 & 7:45: Sports Update

7:50: Music News

8:35: Weird News of the World



  • SchaferZeroX

    Always the best thing in the morning to get me goin, teaches me a lot and keeps a smile on my face, see ya round!

  • SchaferZeroX

    Go Chad from Chatham!!!!!

  • SchaferZeroX

    On a serious note you need to go live on Facebook!! That would be really cool!!!

  • Richard Conant
  • Matthew Unglesbee

    I listen to you guys everyday in Quincy, IL

  • Shannon Smith Leonard

    Just FYI, I heard K cackle about how S pronounced Ariana Grande’ s last name (I’m sure I butchered that spelling)..
    He’s right.. it is pronounced Grah•n•day, not Grand… my source: My 10 year old daughter, and she knows everything!!