The Good, The Bad & The Nerdy 12/1: Avengers Infinity War Breaks Records, Nintendo Returns to the Cereal World, LOTR/HBO

The Good, The Bad & The Nerdy for December 1, 2017

Congratulations to Marvel Studios. Their trailer for Avengers: Infinity War broke records this week as it quickly became the most-viewed new trailer in history, with 230 million views in just 24 hours. I’m confident I made up about 25% of those views. Now that you’ve likely seen the original trailer, check out the “easter eggs” you may have missed (or caught) in the video above.

Before it landed with Amazon, the upcoming The Lord of the Rings television show was pitched to HBO. The reason the popular subscription service passed on the show is because they “prefer to develop and handle their own properties.” Can you imagine how amazing the LOTR show would’ve been on HBO? *daydreams*

Nintendo has confirmed a partnership with Kellogg’s, revealing that their new Super Mario Cereal will be available as early as Dec. 11. (Don’t get between me and this cereal or I will end you. )

It’s a rare weekend for the box office as Hollywood is not releasing a single new film in wide release. Select markets have new films, such as The Disaster Artist, but it doesn’t look like Springfield is among them. Next weekend will be another quiet one. But in two weeks, expect some teeny-tiny movie called Star Wars: The Last Jedi to make waves at theaters.

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