The Good, The Bad & The Nerdy 11/29: The Flash Meets The Spear, The Last Jedi Runtime, Armie’s Big Oops

The Good, The Bad & The Nerdy for November 29, 2017

The upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi will reportedly be the longest film in the Star Wars franchise, clocking in at 151 minutes, 38 seconds. This tops the previous longest SW film, Attack of the Clones, but 9 minutes.

OOPS! There were some wardrobe malfunctions in the new film Call Me By Your Name, starring Armie Hammer. In an interview, Hammer and director Luca Guadagnino explain that his shorts were so short his balls had to be edited out of a few scenes during post. “There was a few times where they had to go back and digitally remove my balls from the movie,” The Social Network star admitted. “They were short shorts — what are you gonna do?” the interviewer intoned, “Short shorts and big balls is what you’re saying? Wow.” Call Me By Your Name is now in select theaters.

SPEAR! JACKHAMMER! Former (WWE) Universal Champion Bill Goldberg recently confirmed that he’ll be appearing in two episodes of The Flash Season Four. The CW has yet to confirm his casting. No word on what character Goldberg will be playing.

Three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis is finally opening up about his decision to retire from acting. He tells W Magazine that he didn’t originally intend Phantom Thread to be his last film, but that the experience of shooting it with director Paul Thomas, while wonderful, forced his hand. “I knew it was uncharacteristic to put out a statement. But I did want to draw a line,” Day-Lewis said about his decision to announce his exit in June. “I didn’t want to get sucked back into another project. All my life, I’ve mouthed off about how I should stop acting, and I don’t know why it was different this time, but the impulse to quit took root in my, and that became a compulsion. It was something I had to do.” Phantom Thread lands this Christmas.

Finally, in case you missed last week’s Deadpool 2 teaser trailer, here it is.. in LEGO form:

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