The Good, The Bad & The Nerdy 11/27: Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Character Confirmed, Jude Law to Join the MCU

The Good, The Bad & The Nerdy for November 27, 2017

Actor Jude Law is said to be finalizing his contract to star as the male lead, opposite of title character Brie Larson, for Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel film. Rumor has it he’ll be playing a character Mar-Vell, who is said to “have a connection to the Quantum Realm with the intergalactic character sent on a mission from the Kree race before taking on the identity of the deceased doctor. It is through a Kree device where Carol Danvers (Larson) is said to gain her powers before Mar-Vell acts as a mentor figure to the young superhero.” (Source)

Disney Pixar won the box office this weekend with the debut of the critically acclaimed Coco. The aspiring musician was able to topple DC’s biggest superheroes after only one week of release. Here are the results:

1. Coco — $49 million ($71.2 million five-day)

2. Justice League — $40.7 million ($63 million five-day)

3. Wonder — $22.3 million ($32.3 million five-day)

4. Thor: Ragnarok — $16.8 million ($24.3 million five-day)

5. Daddy’s Home 2 — $13.3 million ($18.6 million five-day)

6. Murder on the Orient Express — $13 million ($18.6 million five-day)

7. The Star — $6.9 million ($9.5 million five-day)

8. A Bad Moms Christmas — $5 million ($6.8 million five-day)

9. Roman J. Israel Esq. — $4.5 million ($6.2 million five-day)

10. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri — $4.4 million ($$5.9 million five-day)


Longtime The Walking Dead actor Lennie James, who plays bō-wielding Morgan, has been announced as the cast member making the jump from the flagship series over to Fear the Walking Dead. Immediate fan reaction has been mixed. I’d venture to say it leans a bit more on the disappointed side. Heck, even Lennie himself seemed a little frustrated when making the announcement on last night’s Talking Dead program: “From the very first moment that the whole suggestion of Morgan, my character, going over to Fear The Walking Dead — the hardest part of it from beginning until now has been leaving The Walking Dead.”

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