ROCK BAND Was Released 10 Years Ago This Week!

While GUITAR HERO had been out for some time, ROCK BAND was the first game to give you the chance to play every instrument in the band. Released November 20, 2007 it was hottest video game for that year’s holiday season.

Many kids begged their parents for it and countless 20-somethings waited in line to get their hands on it so they could waste endless hours trying to perfect each instrument. Heck, there were bars that would hold weekly ROCK BAND nights! Think open mic nights but with less talented people playing video games instead.

It was said that if you took all the time spent playing ROCK BAND or GUITAR HERO and applied it to actually playing an instrument, you’d be able to rather well. Let that sink in.

ROCK BAND was a huge hit and spawned several sequels along with many downloadable expansion packs. But like with any video game fad it faded quickly and soon the game’s gear was put in to household corners or sold off to video game resale stores. Yet ROCK BAND holds a very strong place in video game history. It broke records, created a culture all it’s own, and introduced audiences to songs or bands they may have never found otherwise.

Do you still have a ROCK BAND somewhere in your home collecting dust? Now might be the time to to get it out and revisit a ‘classic.’


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