Shinedown Returns To Studio, Readies Sixth Studio Album [PHOTO]

Shinedown returned to the studio this week and posted a photo to wet fans’ appetite for the next album.

Wes Styles spoke with the band over the summer at The Pageant and found out that bassist Eric Bass will be producing the album:

So, yeah, I’m stepping up and doing the whole thing and I’m gonna produce the whole record. But that’s actually lot of fun for me, because normally I’m not a proponent of self-produced bands and that sort of thing, but I think this band has a different mentality and a different approach to things. Most bands are looking to self-produce so they can become a spaceship and fly off somewhere and do whatever it is they do. For us, it’s always about the songs and the fans and just really trying to deliver great songs. So that’s never gonna away, never gonna change.

The first single should drop in January with full album in April. You can hear the full interview below.