Chris Jericho on MMA Fighter Using Walls of Jericho in Fight, Fozzy’s Success, & More [VIDEO]

Chris Jericho stopped by the 97.7 QLZ area backstage at Sonic Boom 2017 to chat about all things Fozzy and more.

I started out the conversation about the recent video on the net of an MMA fighter using his wrestling finisher, the Walls of Jericho, to end a fight:

I guess it would work. I just don’t how he could get that guy in that position. I bet you the guy who was in that position was like ‘how the hell did this happen?’

We moved on to talk about Fozzy’s recent success with the single Judas rising up the charts and the album, of the same title, coming out on October 13:

This record more than ever is very much focused on the hooks and melodies. Some songs don’t even have a guitar solo. We’re really focusing on the song itself and we wanted to put out an album that had, you know, 11 singles. And we think you really could have singles on this record.

Chris also talks about his book “No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life.” Check out the full interview below.

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