[PIC] 2 Months of CrossFit Instinct Progress

Does CrossFit really work? 7 weeks into my training, I’m confident enough to say, yeah.. it does!

The first image was taken July 26, before I began training at CrossFit Instinct. The image on the right was taken October 1. I don’t know how much difference you can see, but I can confirm that I’ve lost 1.5 inches off of my waistline, and am seeing more definition in my arms and chest. The fat is lessening and the muscles are growing. What else can you ask for?

I’m also eating better (which obviously helps) but I am still eating more than just lettuce. I still have my meals where I’m not as “good” as I should be, but CrossFit has taught me it’s about moderation. I couldn’t keep doing donuts for breakfast and french fries for lunch.

Again, CrossFit works. Check out the link above if you’re interested in finding a better you.