Target Turns Shopping Carts In To Mario Karts [PHOTOS]


How could this ever not end badly?

In honor of the release of Mario Kart 8 on Friday, April 28, 650 Target stores are turning their shopping carts in to Mario Karts.

This week you can pick what design suites you best and begin your shopping adventure… or race… whichever you decide. How they thought this was a good idea is beyond us. I mean, it’s a cool gimmick but let’s face facts – People are going to be racing up and down the aisles more than ever.


Look at that picture! They are totally inviting you to race the store!

Target also claimed they are working closely with Nintendo to get more of the illusive systems on their shelves for consumers. As we’ve seen with Nintendo lately **coughNEScouchCLASSICcough** don’t hold your breath.




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