Road Rage Is Normal For Most Drivers These Days – Study


Believe it or not, people are a lot angrier behind doing everything from swearing at other drivers, tailgating, and beeping aggressively.

A new study out of England talked with 2,005 adult drivers about their habit behind the wheel and feeling wronged by others on the road. Here’s a quick breakdown of the stats:

  • 57% act more aggressively while driving then anywhere else in their life
  • 31% admitted to swearing at others while in their car, compared to 12% who would do it face to face
  • 33% have beeped their horn agressively
  • 26% shouted at other drivers
  • 11% have tailgated another vehicle

So what does it all mean? If people don’t drive to our standards they are wrong and he hate them for it. Pretty simple to get that from the above stats, right?


[Sky News]